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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written November 8, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Obama looked 5 years older in his first press conference today than he did on election night. Would the Zetas like to tell us what he found out in his intelligence briefing? [and from another] Now that Obama is the new president, what does it mean for the cover-up? When will he be fully educated about the pole shift? The Zetas have hinted Obama has heard only rumors so far. [and from another] I would like to ask the Zetas if on Thursday's meeting Barack Obama was finally told about Planet X, and if so was that weighting heavy on his mind when at the press conference Friday the CNN reporter asked him if something out of the briefing gave him "pause" (I interpreted as "sobering") when compared to the pre-Nov 4th scenarios and how he seemed to take a big "gulp" after he declined to comment.

Be aware that if the soul of Obama, or the consensus of his guides, make a request that we not reveal a matter in his heart and mind, then we will not comment. That said, it was clear that Obama looked older and more tired during his first official press conference as the President-Elect than he had during any time during his candidacy. Yet the race was won, the election over and he clearly gained. What was causing him loss of sleep? There were no foreign policy revelations that he did not already suspect. Biden has a good finger on what goes on around the world and what the various players are up to, so there were no surprises. Obama also did not learn any revelations about the Bush administration, about Bush and company crimes, as this is not the CIA's area. That would be the purview of the FBI and the Justice Department. But he did learn with certainty that a planetary presence is in the solar system, with an outcome not yet determined. He had heard the rumors, and there were people on his staff who had read and relayed to him information about ZetaTalk, but this was his first official confirmation. Why would the CIA relay this? All national security matters outside the US boundaries are the purview of the CIA. Just what this will mean for the cover-up, and how Obama will handle any announcements to the public has not yet been decided.

Now that power in Washington has been secured and is pending in transition, will the Zetas be allowed to relay what has previously been withheld due to the ominous establishment? Can withdrawal from Iraq start in 2009?

Withdrawal from Iraq has already started as all could see the handwriting on the wall. Troops have increasingly been kept on their bases, and the Pentagon has been drawing up plans to comply with Obama's directives of withdrawing all combat forces completely within 16 months. What Obama decides to do, and what his appointees execute, is not something we can predict. This is, as we often say, in the hands of man. There are monumental forces that affect any agenda at either the federal or state level. Each human also has an agenda. Each elected or civil servant has an agenda. All of this is outside of any official agenda an agency or office is supposed to have. Rather than envisioning a cover-up being lifted, or a particular announcement by government officials, we would suggest that the reality may be a series of steps taken by individuals. Government will be in a reactive mode, more than a proactive mode. Government cannot save, rescue or support its public, and this limits any official steps it is likely to take.

In MN there is less than a percentage point difference between Coleman and Franken. MN votes on paper and runs them through the ES&S optical scanners which MI has now claimed failed the preliminary accuracy tests. With Obama's overwhelming influence, this seems strange since Coleman was losing ground fast coming up to election day. With the Zetas blocking election fraud, was this one allowed so an automatic 'hand count', by state law, would be mandated and expose election rigging? Will other 'close' races be exposed in other states like Alaska, etc? Will the hand count finally address the Fraud (since many other states had issues), and be publicized widely enough to overturn use of computer voting before the next election?

Election fraud was effectively countered during this 2008 election. The pre-election polls and exit polls compare well to the actual count across all states except Alaska, which was affected by the race having been called early while their voting day was still in progress. Why vote, when it will not matter, was the conclusion of many. Recounts are not a complete recount, but only a sample count, and if the sample is similar to what was recorded originally then the entire precinct is not recounted. The recount is unlikely to make a difference in this particular race.

As the time approaches, what do the Zetas see as far as what industries or sections of the economy will prosper? Survival businesses? Farms? Something new? Barter shops?

In the short term, all economies will try to prosper in the manner they have in the past, and not retool. Major shifts in world economies will not happen before the pole shift affects all economies. What will survive is, as we have stated, small communities where the residents work closely in teamship with each other, sharing all and working for the better good.

Also how do the Zetas read into the future?

We, the Zetas, anticipate what will occur in the future by our knowledge of science (in the case of geological changes) or our awareness of what plans are in the minds of man. We differentiate between a certain prediction, such as geological changes, and those predictions which are subject to the free will of man, i.e. in the hands of man, for this reason.

Would the Zetas please help clarify the recent phenomenon of Orbs. Example: I've read them to be everything from dust particles illuminated by camera flash, to vehicles/merkabas, to disembodied or departed spirits/souls. They don't look like dust particles to me.

These have appeared on film without any plausible explanation such as lens flares or smears on the lens to explain their presence. A given camera will capture them, and then in other scenes no such orb will be in evidence. It is not a camera malfunction. We have explained that spirits can affect the environment to some degree, in changing the temperature of the air or affecting other particle flows. Thus, they are able to manifest as ghosts at times, cool the air in a haunted house, or otherwise create a visual impression for the humans in the vicinity. These spirits can also affect the air that the camera is capturing, creating a type of fog.

Now that Obama is president elect, will he make it to the White House? Will his election bring about martial law and the use of the FEMA camps?

The federal government still has the same mission statement that it has functioned under during previous administrations. Laws did not change instantly with the election of Obama. Earth changes will bring about catastrophic disasters within the US that will cause FEMA to be called into action. However, the desire to effect martial law in the US was a Bush administration objective, and will be absent in an Obama administration. Any secret arrangement that the Bush administration arranged with Halliburton, to build prison camps for instance, or any secret executive orders written by Bush to effect martial law at a whim, will be reversed under an Obama administration. Obama has already alluded to that in his public statements, re the executive order reversal.

Does Obama actually have to take office before the Zetas can tell us more specific timelines for what awaits us?

As we have stated, you should not assume a more specific timeline will be forthcoming just because Obama is in charge. The factors that the Council of Worlds takes into consideration are that panic in the establishment should be held in check, so that those with guns, those in charge, do not panic and mow down civilians out of fear that the public will create mob rule. Disclosure of the truth about Planet X will come slowly, with many test steps taken along the way.

The Sun seemes to be very much out of place still in the US. Any comments from the Zetas on this or the recent Dallas earthquakes?

As Nancy has recently documented the Earth wobble is not only still in place but has increased in violence when the magnetic N Pole of Earth is pushed away on a daily basis. This is happening primarily over the N American continent, and needless to say this is stressful on the rock strata. All of this will only get worse, as time goes on.

What does the future after the pole shift hold for Obama? Will he and his family be protected?

This family is entirely Service-to-Other, and as such has many options in the future.

Obama won the presidency as the Zetas said he would, (in a landslide) however he does not have a filibuster-proof majority in the senate. My question to the Zetas is this. Will the Republican party try to use this to hobble President Obama or will they recognize his leadership and his intent and help him do what needs to be done.

One only needs to watch the Republicans on the talk shows to realize the party is in disarray. They have fallen fast from the days when Karl Rove's vision of a permanent majority in Congress and the White House was the mantra. They are still in shock. We predict they will not operate as a whole, as in the past, but splinter. The Obama administration will work with moderates who have the interests of the country in mind, leaving the extremists to pout and rant.

Can you tell us please if the incredible rainfall in many parts of the world, causing a considearble number of deaths and damages, are due to the wobble you were talking last time, or is it just a coincidence?

At the start of ZetaTalk we predicted weather extremes such as drought and deluge. We predicted high tides not related to tsunami, earthquake or storms. The reason for all these effects was of course the Earth wobble, which puts the atmosphere in turmoil - driving the Earth under her blanket of air and roiling the air and pushing land under water to create high tides. This will only get worse as we proceed toward the last weeks.

I have a question about the Martian sky, basically what colour is it? It seems there is evidence for a blue sky but why does NASA insist that it's red. Did they fake early landings by reddening pictures of Earth deserts, and now they need to continue?

Mars has an atmosphere similar to that of Earth, as there is some water vapor present and the sky above is of course the same sky that Earth has above its surface. NASA for many years denied that Mars had any water, and now must live with this lie, squirming, trying to explain the recent photos.

How many satelites/moons does Nibiru have?

Planet X, aka Nibiru, has at least a couple dozen moons that are large enough to warrant that term. It also has lots of debris that includes large boulders. Just what the number is in this or that category is irrelevant. When the Planet X complex is close enough to be visible to man during the last weeks many of these moons will be discernable in their moon swirls, seen as tiny dots.

The gas prices are going way down and the economy seems alright around where I live working at an Ocean Spray company with cranberries, all right with cheese in terms of Wisconsin food's go. So what is going on here?

Consider yourself lucky.

How fast is telepathy? Let's say a Zeta was going to I guess tell another Zeta everything that was said during one of the presidential debates. Would it take them a matter of seconds, not having to communicate with words?

Telepathy is instantaneous, from man's point of view.

I was wondering where you think we are headed with this ban on gay marriage. The gay community seem angry and ready to put up quite a fight.

In the final scheme of things, it will not matter. Those who love each other will support and live with each other regardless of legal status. This is true of heterosexual coupling too.

Do you believe that in the high mountains of Europe (France, Switzerland, Austria) are actually living ET?

We have stated that there are over 1,000 different life-forms visiting Earth at present, such that there are over a billion visitors, more than one for each incarnating soul on Earth. Clearly, the countries of Europe have their share of these visitors. ETs do not need a spot on the surface of your Earth, living in 3rd density, during these visits. Those who are Service-to-Other visitors, who compose the majority, simply move back into 4th density. Those who are Service-to-Self visitors do not switch density as often as they do not work well as a team and mess up, killing themselves, so are required to remain in 3rd density by their overseers. They are likely to be in deep caverns or above the atmosphere in mother ships during that time.

Is Governor Palin going to run for the Alaska Senate and how will she do? [and from another] What's Sara Palins future outlook? Is she really planning to run for President in 2012 even though she made a lot of mistakes?

As we have stated, Palin is a very immature soul and she is highly ambitious. She will choose the path that will give her the fastest track to the office she thinks she is entitled to - the presidency. Presidents in the past have been governors or senators, so both routes are possible. What route she chooses is her choice, and thus free will prevails. We thus cannot predict with accuracy, nor do we think this is a matter than anyone should spend time on. She will not matter, in the future, even in Alaskan affairs.

What is the future of the auto industry. It does not look good.

Obama and the state of Michigan are of course concerned about the economy there, and will bolster the auto industry by allowing it to retool and develop more efficient cars. This will occur regardless of any certainty that a pole shift is in the near future.

Does Obama suspect that he is a star child? Was his "séance gaffe" a hint to his personal beliefs? He is known to be inspired by Lincoln; GMS has written that Obama is Lincoln reincarnated. Is GMS correct, or was he more or less speaking figuratively?

Obama was also Lincoln, as is obvious to many, including Gordon Michael-Scallion (GMS). Most Star Children recognize early that they are different, and sense the reason why. In Obama's case, he was a walk-in during his teens, so was able to choose the body and life circumstances for his mission. In such cases, where a walk-in occurs, the human body and mind sense a change, and seek an answer for this, arriving at the conclusion that they have a new soul within.

Has John McCain completely lost it? Or is he taking the loss well? [and from another] And where's McCain? He has not been seen since he lost the election?

As we stated, McCain did not anticipate losing, and left in shock for home after the loss. He has emerged to help a senate race in Georgia, but is still sorting out how to operate in the future. His public persona will be as was explained during his concession speech, to claim all fault for the loss as his. But privately, he is raging and turning that rage inward. Thus, we have predicted health problems for McCain as a result of this unexpected election upset.

Will Obama be President when Planet X hits? Zetas said 2012 was way off, Obama gets sworn in on the 20th January 2009. So unless Planet X passes before January Obama will President?

We have stated that the last weeks will all occur within a magnetic trimester, and that the pole shift will end close to the end of a magnetic trimester (April, August, or December end). This obviously precludes a pole shift within 2008, which was admitted as we referred to the pole shift occurring in an Obama administration earlier. We have stated that the pole shift will occur before 2012, the attempt at an alignment with the Gregorian and Mayan calendars having been done incorrectly. Thus, Obama will be president of the US when the pole shift hits, barring unforeseen occurrences.

I use to think it would be impossible to move everyone away from the coast lines in the US before Planet X hits, but now that Obama will be President I think it is possible. Will Obama announce evacuations from the coast lines before Planet X passes or will the elite's plan of blockades still take place?

And where would you put those millions? In other states? What should be recognized is that most government operations - including law enforcement such as police - are local or state level operations. These will be in charge as disasters pile up, and states will begin to ignore the federal level as they come to realize what is happening. There will be travel restrictions and blockades, but beyond this most people will refuse to believe what is happening regardless of any public announcements. Denial will be at a high level, and as we have stated numerous times, those in denial only harden in their stance when the facts unfold.

When the Bush staff, the Obama staff and Biden say there will be a terrorist attack soon, will there be? How do they know? Why do they all agree?

You are not accurately relaying the facts. Many, including Biden, have referred to the fact that new presidents are often challenged, tested, by those in other countries. They are likewise tested by those within their own country. Thus, Obama and Biden can expect to be tested by other countries, special interest groups, by Republicans wanting to see how firm Obama will be, and even by many Democrats with their own pet projects.

Some say Obama will eliminate free speech on talk radio that is conservative, and that he will make any negative comment about anything "hate speech" punishable as felonies, and that he will either eliminate guns and ammo or tax ammo beyond anything affordable. How do you see Obama and the 1st and 2nd amendment? [and from another] In the last several days before the election both Obama'a grandmother in Kenya and Kenya newspapers stated unequivocally that Obama was born in Kenya. Yet to my knowledge no US court has thrown out an elected candidate in US History. So the Supreme Court is considering the Berg case, how will that work out? [and from another] What is with the images of Obama with a halo, in priestly garments, giving blessings, with christian symbols and votive candles sold with him on it looking like the Messiah. He joked he was born in a manger. Does he honestly believe and do the Zetas treat him like a Messiah? Or is this a white lie and he is the Anti-Christ? I hear both sides argued even now after the election. Why is that in the equation?

We will not take the time to respond to every silly rumor about Obama that has been floated on the Internet. He taught law at the university level, and understands the United States Constitution better than most. Fear mongering was used by the Republicans during the general election, and these charges should be seen for what they are. Lies were spread about his legal status as a citizen, with an attempt at a court case to cloud his status as the Democratic nominee, attempting to force the Democratic party to accept Clinton instead. This did not fly. For those who are fools and truly cannot embrace change, the Anti-Christ rumor was supplied.

Was Dan Rather set up in 2004 on his National Guard reporting of GW Bush? "New court documents filed in Rather's ongoing $70 million lawsuit against his former employer reveal a list of figures the network considered appointing to the panel, including right-wing firebrands Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and Matt Drudge."

The Bush administration and their allies pulled all manner of dirty tricks to remove those media voices who were reasonable and reporting the truth, and to frighten those remaining into compliance with the Bush message. Those times will seem like the distant past, soon, as changes are coming in step with the changes in the White House.

Will communism return in Russia?

Communism as a concept was not flawed, but the implementation assumed that all men would care about the common good and not seek to promote themselves unfairly or be greedy. Service-to-Other communities in fact work in a manner not unlike communism, with all stepping up to the plate to take on responsibilities when the need is there, all sharing, and none resentful. However, this type of community setting depends upon the spiritual maturity of the community members. Service-to-Other communities will operate in this manner, but those communities that have a large percentage of spiritually undecided members will tend to operate like the communities of today, with class consciousness and an uneven sharing of goods and wealth. Those who are highly Service-to-Self will of course operate more like a prison culture, with brutality and a pecking order established.

On election day celebrations occurred around the world when Obama won. It was a most exciting time to see the expressions of happiness that brought tears of joy to many. Could the Zeta's let us know what was happening in the Higher Realms and did the consciousness of the planet take a large leap forward in the transformation process?

Such moments are times when many souls touch each other and this is not forgotten. These connections will be needed in the near future as the Earth is headed for very troubling times.

That was a huge blizzard in the Dakotas - 4 feet with 20' drifts. Is that what the northern US can expect, giant storms? And with the Sun being quieter when it should be in a historic high, will the tendency be for deep snows? Now the news is the Alaska Glaciers are growing. Doesn't that end the CO2 global warming debate once and for all?

We have predicted weather extremes on all fronts - extreme drought, deluge and temperature swings. The Arctic ice is melting and all glaciers likewise, so any attempt to claim otherwise due to a temporary swing through a long, cold winter is deceptive. Global Warming will be used as an excuse until no longer needed. The alternative is to explain to the populace that there is a planetary presence in the inner solar system, and mankind does not know the outcome.

So whats up with Rice? What will happen to her? And as well why this? [and from another] Rice visits former bastion of Palestinian militants [Nov 8] Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice visited on Saturday a West Bank city that was once a bastion of Palestinian militants but is now held up by Washington as a model for self-government. Making what may be her last official visit to the Palestinian territories, Rice toured a hospital renovated with U.S. funds and met security chiefs in Jenin where Palestinian forces deployed in May to try to impose the rule of law.

Those in the Bush administration are trying to carve out a legacy for themselves. The entire affair was a disaster on all fronts. They know the Obama administration will pull out of Iraq and insist that Israel seek real peace with its neighbors, and are trying to pre-empt credit for some of these steps. This is not fooling anyone.

Earlier the Zetas said Microsoft's bid to buy Yahoo was motivated to monitor searches. Is Microsoft's now ambivalence to take over Yahoo in anyway connected to the Obama win?

Very perceptive of you! Indeed, those associated with the Bush administration and the McCain campaign fully anticipated they would be able to steal the election just as the 2000 and 2004 elections were stolen. Full steam ahead, as the same old crowd would be in control. Now there is a sense of confusion and dismay in these many camps.

While many of us are elated and reinvigorated thanks to the Obama victory, there's also a measure of angst in that it took an off-world soul (Obama) and the intercession of the Puppetmaster's agents to insure that this would be a victory for the people. For those of us that have kept the faith, can the zetas speak to this? The fact that it took a non-Earth soul to finally wrest the presidency away from the STS Coverup, and the fact that despite the arduous work of many humans to prevent vote fraud in the past, it occurred anyway and then to have agents from the richest and most powerful earthling engage in black-ops activities just to make sure the voice of the people was finally heard? Somehow it doesn't seem like "playing by the rules" gets us true justice.

Who is we and they in this plaint? Are not all Service-to-Other souls pulling together for the common good? Does it matter if a Service-to-Other soul was sparked on Earth or on another planet? Think big! Of course the steps many humans took to expose election fraud mattered! The public became aware, else why did they respond in such numbers to Obama's plea to vote early? The steps taken by many also made the efforts by the Puppet Master's crew that much easier. Is the Puppet Master not a person, like you, and those he hired who threw themselves into the activity with great enthusiasm not likewise people like you? There is no "we" and "they", only the Service-to-Other team.

Death Toll Climbs to 82 in Haitian School Collapse The death toll in the collapse of a ramshackle school in Haiti rose to at least 82 on Saturday when rescue workers uncovered a room with 21 dead, many of them children. The disaster struck as impoverished Haiti recovered from four tropical storms and hurricanes that killed more than 800 people and destroyed 60 percent of its crops in August and September. [and from another]

Haiti does not have adequate building codes, as they freely admit. In addition they have had flooding which undermines the foundations of buildings. They can anticipate more problems, and of course will fare poorly during the coming pole shift when few will survive.

What is the difference between being killed by people mowing one another down, or killed in unimaginable natural disaster.

Man expects natural disasters to occur, and during these times there is outreach, other hands stretching out to help. There is, in short, love extended to those in need, and all feel good afterwards for this expression. When panic and fear are in charge as in people being mowed down, the opposite of love is in force - abandonment, hatred, and a lack of empathy. The soul remembers all this, and thus the soul memory is important.

Why didn't the Zetas counter election fraud in 2000 or 2004?

We are not allowed to interfere with the affairs of man, unless granted an exception by the Council of Worlds. It was not until the Bush administration had tipped the balance between Service-to-Self and Service-to-Other behavior and opportunity on Earth that the Council granted this exception.