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ZetaTalk: Elite Exodus
written June 11, 2003

I live by a small airport close to Palos Verdes in Southern California, Torrance Airport. It can handle some large aircraft but as I said Iíve never seen this much Lear Jet activity and Iíve been here for 18 years now. I live in an apartment with a direct view of the flight paths so I can see them clearly. The airport is mostly for private propeller planes that people just fly around. These last few days however Ive seen lots of Lear Jets flying in. Now this may not seem strange but when you consider we only see about 2 of these a month flying in it starts to strike me as a bit odd. Now Palos Verdes and the surrounding immediate area of Rolling Hills is a very rich area. Everyone there is loaded. The houses are all mansions overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

We have often referred to the establishment as the arm repressing information about Planet X, repressing any possible panic in the populace, while they themselves know and can prepare. We have, when questioned, referred to this establishment as representing the wealthy, those with corporate clout on an international level, the politically powerful, and the banking establishment. These individuals know each other, the connections obvious.

Thus, they work as one, as what we have called the establishment, and the arrival of Planet X to wreck havoc on their comfortable lifestyle and ability to control circumstances is not to be an exception. They know each other personally and thus find the information about the approaching monster and the time frame for destruction on Earth shared, naturally, between business interests if not between friends. How would this tight group respond in the last days? They would rely first on governments they control, and the media they control, to repress news. This has been done through the major media outlets, where no news of the Second Sun seen around the world, or the mothership sightings during the last few days, is being mentioned. This has been done through the major world powers by agreement to act as one so as to avoid premature panic. After all, the devastation might not hit, and then panic would be regrettable, so best wait until sure. Countries not among the powerful industrialized countries can invariably be bought or intimidated.

But when the news can no longer be suppressed, when the media is being considered irrelevant by their failure to address the issues, when information sources such as the SOHO or quake statistics begin winking out and closing down as the dichotomy between truth and fiction can no longer be maintained, when earth changes such as rotation slowing and stoppage that are undeniable are upon them, then what? Martial law is an option for few, and only if definite dates and times are known. Troops needed to hold Martial law so the establishment can escape to their enclaves will not cooperate once rotation stoppage is obvious, as they will themselves panic. Media distractions have been done to the point of no longer being effective. Terrorism threats have been called so often, without basis, that the public is casual about them, not taking them seriously, and the agencies involved likewise only paying lip service to the steps involved in alerts. What is left? Slipping away in the dead of night to the enclaves, like rats silently leaving a sinking ship!