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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written May 16, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

I have some questions about the famous "skinwalker ranch". I have read the books relating to the matter. I have also listened to scientists who have witnessed the anomalies there. What is the skinwalker ranch, who are those creatures who are being seen there? Where are they coming from? Can you go into detail about this ranch and explain from your angle that what's really going on there? [and from another] In Utah, there is a well-known area in the eastern desert that has been named the "UFO" or "Paranormal" Ranch. There is a long history of portals appearing above ground, strange creatures running about, and some of the most fascinating things I've ever heard of. A team of researchers finally moved in and closed off the area, but so many people are wondering what is going on out there. My second question is about the tunnels beneath Salt Lake City where there have been many eyewitness accounts of reptillians, completely startled to see humans. Many of these accounts took place during the construction of a mall, where basement tunnels led to sealed areas that are now closed off. My last question: the Mormons own some massive vaults within caverns in the Rocky Mountains that aren't so secret anymore. Some stories have emerged describing aliens performing some work in these caverns, and I wonder if there is any truth to is.. especially since my last contact with an unknown entity or entities took place right outside the entrance to one of the largest caverns. [and from another] Skinwalker Ranch is a ranch reputedly located in the Uintah Basin of Utah; it is allegedly the site of a series of paranormal activities. A precise site has never been publicly confirmed (coordinates from WikiMapia site the ranch at 40°15'31"N 109°53'16"W), but the ranch is supposed to cover 480 acres (1.9 km2) relatively near to the Utah cities of Roosevelt and Vernal. Its name comes from the "Skinwalker", a supernatural being in Ute folklore. In some Native American legends, a skin-walker is a person with the supernatural ability to turn into any animal he or she desires. Similar lore can be found in cultures throughout the world and is often referred to as shapeshifting by anthropologists.

We have mentioned that just prior to the Roswell era, Service-to-Self aliens contacted the US military and as a result, MJ12 was formed. We have also mentioned that the ambassadors from the Service-to-Self are not allowed to slip back into 4th Density while on duty on Earth, as the Service-to-Self are not into cooperation and communication with each other and thus screw up, killing themselves during density shifting. Thus, their masters forbid frequent density shifting and require them to stay in 3rd Density, where they can be visible to humans. We have also mentioned that the Chupacabra handlers were at times seen by human, which is against the rules that the Council of Worlds has laid down, which forbids conscious awareness of alien visitors. This occurred because those in the Service-to-Self are not inherently conscientious, being self focused, and screw up, once again, failing to create a screen memory for those humans who catch a glimpse of them.

Given this setting, could Service-to-Self aliens, living in underground tunnels in Utah, be seen by humans? Clearly, this is what is being reported on the Skinwalker Ranch. Where MJ12 has disbanded, those humans who were members of MJ12 and thus allowed conscious contact with aliens can continue to communicate directly with the visitors. Those members of MJ12 who were ultra-right and leaning to self-protection at all costs have been enamored of the lies the Service-to-Self spin, and thus are protecting the underground facilities where these aliens continue to live. Utah has these enclaves. Dominated by their religious elite and by ultra-right leaning politicians, the good citizens of Utah will have one more problem to deal with during the last weeks before the pole shift and during the Aftertime - the bad vibes coming from their underground visitors and the howling disappointment of those in leadership positions who have realized that the Service-to-Self lie, and that they have been given false promises of rescue and safety.

Please tell us what happened to Claudie Haignere, the French astronaut. She was hospitalized and supposed to have been restrained as a result of some strange circumstances and an attempted suicide. Apparently, she may also have cried 'Earth must be warned' before being taken away in Paris last December. Her laboratory mysteriously burned down the same day last year. Where is she now and what did she discover and from who?

Those presenting evidence of Planet X on the Internet are often taunted that if such a thing were in our solar system, then where are the comments from astronomers or astronauts! Here is an example of why astronomers or astronauts do not speak out about Planet X. She is dead, of course, though if she were more restrained she might have only supposedly have had a mental breakdown and forced to spend her remaining years in an asylum. Word gets around, as the field of astronomy or those professions that allow one to see the view from above the atmosphere does not have that many professionals. Thus, they are silenced.

Can the zetas comment on the communication and Internet outages this week? Tail or wobble related?

And going to get worse.

Obama seems content to not expose the worst of the Bush administration abuses (murder of us citizens, torture, martial law attempts, 911, financial theft, etc.). The list goes on forever. Is it truly in our best interest for us to remain ignorant until the shift makes the issues irrelevant? No truth for the masses?

Obama and the leaders in Congress agreed among themselves that they had immense problems to address, and that in order to address them they needed to prioritize. The choices were to prosecute Bush crimes (or tie the Congress up in impeachment arguments after Congress went to the Democrats in 2006) or address the economic problems, the health care crisis, and the banking crisis. Those in leadership positions are also aware that Planet X is looming on the horizon and they will soon be faced with even worse problems. How to help the populace when the grid will be down, food will not be distributed, and food shortages will be acute? Obama has decided that Michelle's garden and encouraging windmills is more important than prosecuting a handful of criminals. However, that said, when the groundswell presses those in leadership, prosecutions will result, as is currently the case with the torture issue.

Since the Zeta clone themselves, are there ever Zetas who are born with genetic defects? I'm sure they take great care in their work, like with density switching.

Cloning is one way to avoid genetic defects, and we certainly are not all clones of each other. Nancy can tell you she met a Zeta with defects, an early participant in our hybrid program. This Zetas had a small body, like a human child, with the huge head we Zetas have, and thus could not walk or even sit for any period of time. Our attitude toward genetic defects is that this is an opportunity to be of service, to figure out a cure, prevent future occurrences, and love those afflicted. This is our attitude.

Zetas stated that American Indians are mostly STO. Why are they exactly? Why does it happen so? Why is one nation more STO than other?

We have stated that soul mates are souls that request to be incarnated in proximity to each other, and as long as their lessons can proceed, these wishes are often granted by the Birthing Guides. The same can be said of the American Indian and Bigfoot souls, who are transplants to the Earth. They request to be near each other on subsequent incarnations, and these wishes are granted, as they often have common lessons to be learned, common issues to resolve.

Greetings to all from Kursk! It would be desirable to learn (find out): if at insufficient autohypnonosis to address to aliens with the help of telepathy to reach a level when the person becomes visible, but on the greater abilities do not suffice, what to do (make)?

Nancy's understanding of this question is that you are asking if a contactee cannot self hypnotize him or herself, by what means can they recall the visitation. Visitations often slip through to the conscious during dreams, such that dreams carry part of the story. Simple meditation, where one relaxes completely and clears the mind is another route, and is in fact the precursor to self hypnosis which starts with relaxation and clearing the mind. If contact is pressing, the individual desiring to remember, then the information comes through, even in day dreams. There is little stopping it, in fact.

As I understood the poles changed their places for 30 degrees during the previous pole shifts. Why does they do the same for 90 degrees this time ?

We have explained that the severity of a pole shift depends on where Earth and the other planet are at the time Planet X enters the inner solar system. If the Earth is very close to Planet X during a passage, there can be a sharp pole shift with a sharp correction, which results in only a small crustal shift. This is what happened the last time, during the time of the Jewish Exodus. This time around, both the Earth and Venus and the Dark Twin pulled in front of Planet X, and got trapped in the eddy flow of particles coming from behind Planet X. This has slowed Planet X, and also ensured that the passage will be complicated, slowed, so that the crustal shift will retain its full shift and not correct with a bounce back.

I have a thought: here, on the Earth, the insects have souls of 2nd Density of some level, the reptiles have these souls of higher level, monkeys have these souls of more higher level and then - bang ! - the jump to men with the souls of 3rd Density. Is this idea right ?

No. You are crediting homo sapiens with higher intelligence because in your lifetime, your cultural experience, your evolutionary history, this is the case. We have explained that prior to man evolving, intelligent reptiles roamed the Earth, and their IQ was no less than humans at present. On worlds where the evolution of species cannot proceed beyond the insect level, intelligent insects evolve and are dominant, and their soul development and IQ are no less than humans. Think big, not small, when addressing these issues.

Greetings from Germany. I would like to thank you for what you warn mankind of a great catastrophe. I would like to ask you, what will happen to humanity after poleshift. What is the path of development we would go. I think this is a chance for all of humanity to change their views on the environment, economy and other equally insignificant topics.

The Earth is in a Tranformation, on many levels. The Earth's Transformation was scheduled at this time because the dieoff from the passage of Planet X was anticipated to be so great. Earth has been scheduled to be a home for those in the Service-to-Other, where their souls can reincarnate, and thus the Zeta/human hybrids have been developed for mankind's next leap forward into a more intelligent and empathetic body. At the same time, those souls on Earth who are highly Service-to-Self will not be allowed to reincarnate on Earth, but will be taken to prison planets after they die, and in some cases, before they die. The undecided will be allowed to reincarnate on a water planet, as a type of intelligent octopi. Thus, becoming a Service-to-Other planet, those on Earth will find they no longer operate on the basis of money and debt, but on the barter system, and this moving rapidly to all taking care of all without any payment demanded. Those who are highly Service-to-Other will find themselves encountering visitors from elsewhere, and becoming galactic citizens and living in high tech cities. This is where mankind is trending.

In some chat, you said all that people can learn and see during clinical death, it is possible to see and learn by other ways. I would like to know how and in what way this is possible. Of course, if you can tell it.

Man is a combination of a soul and a physical body, which itself is a combination of a subconscious and a conscious. All parts of this awareness can share information or withhold. The soul can decide to withhold information from the body it incarnates, or be open and share. Near death experiences are those where the soul is communicating to the body what it experienced. Most who flirt with death do not have this type of sharing. Likewise, the subconscious can be aware that the human is a contactee, is regularly being visited, but deny this information to the conscious. This is a choice of the human, and their circumstances, with input from the soul. Thus, you have the knowledge of past lives and perhaps contactee experiences, but you must resolve arguments between the many parts of yourself in order to fully be aware of them in your conscious.

Since the hybrid program was stopped, have there still been contact in between human donors and their offspring, and their descendents? and after the PS will there be conscious contact with the humans donors/parents and their hybrid relatives?

Visitation between donor parents and their hybrid offspring has always been a matter of choice by both the donors and the offspring. Both must want this for introductions to occur. Likewise, conscious contact is dependent upon many factors, including whether the human is living in a group that will attack honest admissions about contact or will be accepting. The community matters. Given everything being optimal, after the pole shift, it is possible for donor parents and the offspring to be living together in high tech cities, with full conscious knowledge of their history.

Do 4th Density Service to Self groups get to live on planets with 2nd Density animals? Similar to how the future Service to Others Earth will also have 2nd Density animals. And like with cattle mutilations, are STS aliens free to torture animals throughout the universe, in 2nd Density worlds? I certainly hope not.

The prison planets where those who are highly Service-to-Self are imprisoned restrict their activities so they can only affect those who are likely highly Service-to-Self, in other words, their prison mates. It is part of their lesson, in being so restricted, that they are affected by others like themselves, and can affect others like themselves, solely. Just as these individuals cannot simply mass land and invade other planets, and are restricted to waging war amonst themselves, in similar manner they are not given the outlet of being able to dominate and intimidate other species.

Why is the US still bombing the heck out of Afghanistan with 145 civilian deaths the past month by one account. [and from another] KABUL (Reuters) - U.S. air strikes earlier this month killed 140 villagers, an Afghan government investigation concluded, putting Kabul starkly at odds with the U.S. military's account.

One must not assume that simply because Obama moved into the White House than every action and every actor down the line automatically came under his command. He gave the order to exit Iraq and calm things down in Afghanistan, where the Taliban were once again resurgent and Pakistan next door very unsteady. Do you think he stands over every junior officer and watches what they do? Do you think he has been cloned many tens of thousand times, each clone needing no sleep? It takes time for the chain of command to become such that the wishes of the Commander in Chief are carried out in the manner the Commander wishes. This is still not the case for this new administration.

Why has Obama reversing some of the ruling regarding military tribunals for some inmates at Guantanamo Bay?

Obama is stuck with the mess inherited from the Bush administration. Gitmo is full of people who have been tortured almost into insanity. At the very least, they are highly resentful of the treatment they have been given. There is historical evidence that simply releasing the inmates can create a backlash, as these individuals at times are seeking revenge. This of course plays into the hands of people like former VP Cheney, who would claim that the US was safer under Republican leadership. It is all a catch-22. By giving the Gitmo prisoners the rights they deserve, and quickly via a tribunal that does not have the clogged calendars that civilian courts do, the anger can be vented publically and thus is less likely to explode in increased terrorism abroad. This is the logic.

Are we now going into a busier trimester than the past one?

The summer trimester is the most tumultuous of the magnetic trimesters. Beyond this we have no comment.

If Planet X was really next to the Sun then more than one person at a time would be able to take a picture or a video of it at the same time. But we never see that, and we never will. Just one set would be all it takes. The same image from at least 2 cameras of the same thing. It's also been brought up that in the pics and videos that have been presented as evidence Planet X would have to be about one quarter the size of the Sun. That's much bigger than what Nancy has told us.

What you are seeing when you see the Second Sun is not simply sunlight bouncing off the corpus of Planet X itself, it is sunlight bouncing off the dust cloud, which is immense. So your answer to some of the amazing shots of the Second Sun is now that they cannot be believed unless several people simultaneously take the same shot or video? This will not convince you, nor silence the paid debunkers. They will just try to raise the bar again.

Zetas, you have stated that PX is to the right of the Sun, and sets before the Sun, yet rises after the Sun, and to the right of the Sun, correct? I don't understand how this is possible? Let us say that a person is witnessing the Sun set while on the equator. At the same moment, on the other side of the Earth, yet still on the equator, someone is watching the Sun rise. Is PX below the horizon for both observers? Is PX to the right of the Sun for both observers?

You are obviously asking these questions from the standpoint of someone not familiar where the Ecliptic is during the day in your view. Get a simply planetarium program such as Skymap, and type in various times during the day, and see where the Sun is in relationship to the angle of the Ecliptic and nearby planets as the day progresses. If an object is to the right of the Sun on sunrise, along the Ecliptic, then this relationship holds throughout the day and into sunset. Don't take our word for it, get educated! Which is what you should have done before posing this question in the chat. The Ecliptic appears on a slant, both at sunrise and sunset. Thus which sun rises before the other or sets before the other is determined by the slant.

The Zetas said "Don't be downwind from a volcano, is our best advice. Burping volcanoes diminish as the years past, but may be present for decades in some areas, in others no more than months." ../index/zeta507.htm But the Earth will tip over 1/4 turn, so if the air masses stay in place, won't those not currently near a volcano find themselves under the volcanic ash anyway?

Our advice has been to be 100 miles from a volcano, and avoid being downwind. Air masses do not stay in place, as what is now called the prevailing westerlies will return, but what is now west will become south and what is now north will become west. Thus, you must calculate the direction of your winds.

The information you have shared with us is amazing, and I thank you for your honesty. But answer me this. It seems, to me anyway, that sometimes your replys seem so condescending. Your superiority is obvious, so why the "off the cuff" remarks in many of your replys? It hurts your know. There have been many times that I would have asked questions but was to scared of the humiliation I would receive from your response. Insecure, yea, probably, but how many of the people of my planet are not? When I see someone putting down another I feel empathy or try to help in whatever small (or otherwise) way I can. You speak of hybrids of the humans and Zetas. But I don't see the empathy much in this joining of the two races. My greatest hope is a world of open minded, loving, caring, sharing. Well, you get the picture - "imagine all the people, living life in peace". So then I will ask you for my own selfish/human/juvenile reasons - what planet do you see in my future?

Consider what Nancy has set out to do with ZetaTalk, and what we the busy Zetas might be trying to accomplish. We have a growing number of contactees that have pressing personal issue and are worried about helping their families and mankind in general during what are going to be times of pain and terror, starvation and lack of hope. Then there is Nancy who is now old and sick and works endlessly, pushing herself to do more than she should, and also trying to prioritize her work. She puts out a newsletter and runs a chat, does videos and answers email, and of course does interviews. She barely has the energy to brush her teeth, but gets requests not only on email but in these chats which are inconsiderate. People do not read the website she has to meticulously put forth, do not do their own research, and insist that we the Zetas be the parents they longed for and hold their hand on every issue! If you want to be served tea, then look elsewhere, we are doing real work.

What are the Zetas and other aliens going to do after the cataclysm here on earth. Just watch or what.

As we have repeatedly explained, we and other aliens visiting Earth and assisting with the Transformation are under rules we must obey. These rules are set by the Council of Worlds, and if broken result in our instant dismissal from the vicinity. No exceptions. We are not allowed to interfere with the free will of man. We can offer those who are highly Service-to-Other a lift during the hour of the pole shift, but can go no futher to reduce the effects of the pole shift on the human race. The Earth is man's schoolhouse, and man is to rise to the occasion and help their fellow man. Thus it is our question to you as to what you will be doing during the pole shift. Standing around trying to save your sorry ass, or what?

"Correlation or resolution of ZetaTalk with the work of other channels or authors is not done unless they predict and have a prediction accuracy track record, as otherwise they are not a peer of ZetaTalk which does so." How many groups does the earth have that the Zetas would consider having an accuracy track record worthy?

Edgar Cayce, Gordon Michael Scallion, HalfPastHuman (webbots) are a few that we, the Zetas, have considered worthy.

Against a backdrop of a pending pole shift that's supposed to result in the death of literally billions of people we have this escalating argument over whether a small handful of alleged terrorists were interrogated too harshly by US officials. What are we missing here? Is this because the cabal was 'trying out' torture, to see if they could get away with it later on US citizens who might complain a bit too loudly if and when martial law was introduced? Or maybe because they were trying to establish a false link between Saddam Hussein and Al-Quaida in order to justify a war that was primarily entered into for purposes of control of mid-east oil following the poleshift? Made even more important by the discovery that the main claim of WMD was undermined by the findings of Joe Wilson, resulting in the outing of Valerie Plame earlier? Maybe a combination of these things, or something else we haven't been told about yet?

Those who are not intensely Service-to-Self have a hard time understanding the psychology of what those in the Bush administration did. They of course wanted to convince the public that 911 and the leadership in Iraq were intrinsically linked, which was part of the reason for torture. But the real reason for the increased torture is that it bred hopelessness and fear and anger among those hearing about the practices. This is what creates recruits for the Service-to-Self. They were also trying to create Manchurian Candidates among those being abused at Gitmo. This did not occur, but this was the hope, just as hoping to create a pandemic during the Bush regime so that martial law could be called and Bush installed as president for life did not occur. Should the Bush administration not be stopped and blocked, a dark cloud indeed would have descended over the United States and those parts of the world they could influence, akin to the Dark Ages. Torture, of any US citizen, at the whim of the President, was part of the horror planned to be inflicted on the citizenry at that time.

Why is Pelosi so timid about speaking out about how the Bush administration tried to make her and her fellow Dems party to the conspiracy?

Pelosi is explaining the facts and expects people to understand these facts. The problem is not Pelosi's explainations, but the media desire for a controversy to buzz up the talk shows, such that they give equal time to Republican lies with the truth. The facts are that in meetings where a limited number of House or Senate members are presented with strict national security issues the material cannot be share with outsiders. At most they can complain to the White House. The facts are that Republicans dominated the Congress until 2006, when Congress tried to reverse the torture rules but their efforts were vetoed by Bush, and this situation could not be overcome until 2008 when Bush was removed. The facts are that the CIA has no distinct list of what was presented during these private sessions and that other Congressmen have confirmed what Pelosi said. What do you suggest she do, shout? This is what the Republican's hope for, a show, to distract the public from the truth which is that this policy was a Bush policy, supported by Republicans.

Can the Zetas please explain what the Marfa lights are? [and from another] The Marfa lights or the Marfa ghost lights are unexplained lights (known as "ghost lights") usually seen near U.S. Route 67 on Mitchell Flat east of Marfa, Texas, in the United States. The first published account of the lights was written in 1957, and this article is the sole source for anecdotal claims that the lights date back to the 1800s. Reports often describe brightly glowing basketball size spheres floating above the ground, or sometimes high in the air. Colors are usually described as white, yellow, orange or red, but green and blue are sometimes reported. The balls are said to hover at about shoulder height, or to move laterally at low speeds, or sometimes to shoot around rapidly in any direction. They often appear in pairs or groups, according to reports, to divide into pairs or merge together, to disappear and reappear, and sometimes to move in seemingly regular patterns. Their sizes are typically said to resemble soccer balls or basketballs.

Humans are familiar with the term "ball lightning" which can roam around the rooms of a house before exiting and is quite visible. Electrical discharge, which does not dissipate but lingers as a charge which seems to perpetuate itself. Lightning is attracted to points where it can ground, and likewise ball lightning can accumulate due to water levels in the ground and primarily due to the lack of other outlets in the vicinity.

I noticed the video of PX was removed from YouTube. Is this because there was no good way to debunk it? Not enough room for doubt?

It is now at where others who realized the video could disappear have arranged a copy. This video is in enough hands that it will not disappear from the Internet. Nevertheless, those intent on fogging up the sunrise and sunset with chemtrails saw the danger in this video, which is indisputable evidence of the Second Sun. Where YouTube claims the video was removed by the user, this was not the case but was a hacked procedure so another seemed to be the user. Such maneuvers no longer impress the public, who is wise to this, and thoroughly resents the attempts to manipulate what the public can know. Such maneuvers only convince the public that a cover-up is in process. Why would a user withdraw a video that had taken 23 minutes to make, with and without filters, including careful steps to show what was and was not a lens flare? As with the intense attacks that Nancy receives, this only succeeds at convincing the public that the subject is real and is truthful. Debunking fails, yet again.

Can the zetas comment on what causes a psychopath? Is it nature or nurture or karmic? Can they be cured?

Psychopaths are described as humans who have no empathy, have no physical reaction to pain in others, and can lie without a physical reaction such as shame, etc. What is being described is the classic Service-to-Self entity, who has trained the body being incarnated to not react. Not every Service-to-Self soul can attain this type of control over the incarnation, so some give themselves away when they lie, or struggle to suppress the normal human response toward empathy. Can a psychopath be cured? Obviously not.

There was a story on Yahoo News (May 15, 2009) about a 13-year-old boy with "a highly treatable form of cancer". A Minnesota judge has ruled that the boy's family can't refuse chemotherapy treatment. Child protective services decided that the parents were guilty of medical neglect. The parents and the boy want to use natural healing methods, which are more in keeping with their religious beliefs. It seems that, over the last few decades, big government has often gotten involved with private and personal decisions. I've read what the Zetas have said about cancer. What could we learn from this situation? Would the Zetas give some insight into what's going on behind the scenes?

This is a catch-22 situation for the authorities. Let the boy die and be accused of neglect. Override the parent's wishes and be accused of interfering. To their way of thinking, allowing the boy to die is no different than leaving a child in the hands of a parent who might beat him to death. Same end.

You said a shade like dawn or dusk would be present, for how long? Eating wild edibles and worms. is that not good enough to stay healthy? You said leakout is most likely. But you also said for the most part Earth will be caught by surprise. I'm lost.

We have stated that the volcanic gloom after the pole shift will last 25 years, at a diminishing rate, and will be less in those parts of the globe no afflicted with volcanic gloom and heavier in those parts downwind from volcanoes. We have stated that weeds have vitamins and calories and worms and bugs have protein and fat. This is obviously not the preferred human diet but the fall-back if other sources of food are not available. The Earth is in human hands, and unless humans make announcements or leak the truth, the populace will in the main be caught off guard and find themselves in the last weeks unprepared.

Do you think spreading the word through universities and schools is even close to being viable? I am planning on going to my ex high school when food shortages are rampant, and teaching them gardening. I want to sort of do that with my university as well. Could you say how severe food shortages will be. Will it not be enough for everyone to embrace gardening. I know you've said people would start gardening, but would the majority of cities already be embracing gardening before the last weeks or when PX is visible?

Any efforts you make will be helpful. We have said that starvation will be rampant, and this is primarily because half the worlds population is currently living in cities, or close to that percentage. Many city folk have no concept of gardening or hunting or fishing or raising flocks or herds. Even if they have a concept and some knowledge and skills, they have scant opportunity to create a survival situation. How would one raise chickens and have a family garden on Manhattan Island? Obviously, you cannot simply herd billions of people into the country and get them into gardening and saving seed in a few weeks. Legal issues would be raised, demands for social services would be make, and no progress would result. Those who are giving the Call and getting the word from their alien visitors are making preparations as it is possible to do so with their lives. They are relocating or finding rural contacts, for instance, and starting gardens, following Michelle Obama's example.