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ZetaTalk: Yellowstone
written Dec 5, 2003, during Lou Gentile show.

We have indicated in the past that Yellowstone would not be exempt from erupting during the pole shift, and this still stands. But the eruption will not be what many fear. It has evidence of being a super volcano at a time when the world was in complete global turmoil, not due to a pole shifts but due to impacts and being careened out of its orbit and closer to the Sun. The injury to the crust so deep it almost reached the core. So clearly that was an exceptional situation, not this situation. What should be born in mind is that this is a subduction area, with layers of the North American Plate pushing all the way to the Continental Divide. Even though Yellowstone lies in an area which is a hot spot, there’s enough crust flakes overlapping that it is not just a direct siphon of lava to go kaboom in an explosion. But it will cause ash for some 100 miles in all direction, bad enough that life may be snuffed in those areas. So we would recommend anyone wanting to survive the shift itself, not to be close to Yellowstone but to allow a 100 miles buffer, more miles would be better.

Below recorded during May 30, 2004 F2F Live Radio broadcast

We have stated that Yellowstone will become an active volcano during the pole shift, but will not meet the fear of many that it will become the super volcano that it was in the past. It is more to ooze than blow and will give plenty of warning well before it starts to ooze which we do not expect to be until the Earth is grinding to a halt during rotation stoppage. Right now the West Coast volcanoes, including Yellowstone, are increasingly worrisome but this is being held back from the public because the government does not want to explain how Global Warming is causing all this. Its all tied together. The cover-up is so tightly interwoven that everything that would point to the existence of Planet X and the cover-up is held back. But when it gets to the point where it is worrisome there will be no denying it, because local people will begin talking about it. Treat it like any other volcano with respect to when you should move away and the worry about being down wind and out of the way of the lava flows. In this case you must worry about before the pole shift and after. Before the pole shift, the Westerlies are blowing from West to East, but at the pole shift you will have a 90d switch and your North becomes West. So you don’t want to be anywhere in that swath in either case.