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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written August 29, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Can the Zetas comment further on life in survival communities after the shift? The have said: to be out of heavy traffic, be prepared to live without any help, prepare, prepare prepare in general, etc. My question is more along the lines of how long should a survival community plan to exist? Until all members of the community die out? Longer if successful ways to support children can be established? Until all STO communities "merge" with hybrids? 5 years? In theory I understand the usefulness of survival communities to teach lessons about sharing and teamwork to the survivors, but if a community is largely STO to begin with, what is the purpose of this effort? To establish a basis for STO Human Hybrid interbreeding? To have souls acquainted with other lifeforms in preparation for future incarnations? Parts of the bigger picture here still seem a bit elusive to me.

What is the purpose of a survival community, you ask? What is the purpose of your life today? Same purpose.

Without getting into the specifics of who or when, can the Zetas comment on their view of the progress of various disclosure efforts by governments related to UFOs that are still gaining traction? There seems to be an obvious ramp up with a peak planned within the next few years. The Zetas have mentioned that TPTB are allowing this in the hopes of Aliens then assisting humans re the shift, but it seems more likely that this effort will be more transformative in nature versus protective as I suspect that has been the plan all along.

There are many attitudes among those who recommend disclosure. Some simply feel that mankind deserves to know the truth, which is being kept from them by the authorities, those in the know. Others feel, as we have mentioned, that disclosure will allow a closer association with helpful aliens who might assist, and that those in the establishment will be included in that assist. Some even harbor a wish to be taken off the Earth before the pole shift, and returned when the dust has settled, imagining that such an offer might be made. There are those who hope to profit by disclosure, writing books which at least they can write, revealing their special insights. Many agendas.

As the Zetas have mentioned many times, it seems to me that a prudent person would be especially careful about having too many paper assets just now in time as opposed to real assets (Land, tools, animals, shelter, primitive utilities, seeds etc.) Further comments or does this still cover it?

We have stated that those who have land in a rural area, out of the traffic lanes, learn how to garden and save seed, house flocks and herds and learn how to use hand tools will not regret this. Those who hold onto paper assets, what is called precious metals, stocks and bonds, and art work will be disappointed. This continues to be our advice.

Greetings from Amursk! Tell, if in the third density in a galaxy appears and the massive black hole which can lead to the big explosion in this place starts to grow, whether that interferes Council of the Worlds to prevent destruction of schools (planets) together with a life occupying them?

Black holes are not a surprise, as they do not develop suddenly. Intelligent life is moved if threatened, transplanted. We, the Zetas, were transplants to our worlds in Zeta Reticuli. The Men in Black and the original American Indians were likewise transplants to your Earth.

Whether Can on describe more in detail your "fiery squalls" which will arrive from planet X; during shift of poles? How much they are dangerous also what their sizes? Really the trench described by you, can protect from these "fireballs"?

Firestorms during the hour of the pole shift are caused by petrochemical components in the tail of Planet X. This is the source of oil on Earth, not the assumed remains of dinosaurs. When these petrochemicals pass over the heat of volcanoes, which are all exploding during the pole shift, they coalesce into gas and oil which is flamable. If there is oxygen in the area, and lightning or some other spark, this can flame out and drop like a blanket of fire. This is of legend. If the oxygen is depleated, then the oil drops to the ground and seeps into fractures, thus oil pools underground. Those in a trench, protected by a sod covered board or a metal roof, will not burn, nor will they be without oxygen during such storms.

The ashy gloom from volcanoes, will surround all planet within 20 years, or only separate areas?

Downwind from volcanoes, the ash cloud will be heavier than other areas. Some places on Earth, not downwind from volcanoes, will even have sunlight in the years after the pole shift. Moses was reported to be in the Valley of the Shadow of Death for 40 years, but was downwind from the volcanoes in the Mediterranean. We have stated that in general gloom can be expected for 25 years, diminishing during that time steadily. Some will have more, some less.

As you consider, if at the person it turns out to leave a body, or at least trying to make it it feels separate of the body, whether that the best is a way to learn is at the person of a shower or not? After all if at the person it is impossible to leave a body or if he at least does not feel on-tihonku separating from the body for certain this person has no soul. And whether employment on an exit from a body can light soul?

You are asking if the experience of going out of body, astral, can spark a soul that did not formerly exist. The answer is no. It is also not a test as to whether a person has a sparked soul incarnating at the present time. Most incarnated souls have no experience with going astral, nor can they learn this at will.

How much hot also it will be how much cold within 3 and 5 days of darkness and 6 days of a solstice in the west?

We have stated that freezing and frying will not occur during the 3 days of darkness or the gradual return to a normal day that follows, the 6 days of sunrise west. The oceans and the atmosphere continue to swirl and flow, distributing heat and cold. The heat and cold will not be outside of what mankind experiences today.

With the 2nd Trimester (most active one) ending shortly, have we moved further up the 1-10 scale? If not, will it take a major event to push it higher?

We are close to a 6 on the scale of 1-10 at present. This is not likely to recede.

Does this article have any relevance to PX? "Astronomers observed a huge scar on Jupiter on July 20, thought to be caused by a comet or asteroid impact. Now a similar scar has appeared on Venus. "

When Planet X was outside the solar system, at a great distance from the solar system in fact, we were asked about various perturbations and the warming of Europa, a moon of Jupiter, and the noted warming of Mars. How could such things be occurring when Planet X was at a distance? Our answer was that the equilibrium of the solar system was being disrupted. Like a large spider net, where one single strand somewhere gets tweaked, this is felt throughout the net. Debris in the solar system has been knocked off its normal trajectory. Particle flows, most of which man is utterly unaware of, are crowded or swirl in atypical directions. All this is occurring, and yes, due to the presence of Planet X.

Can the Zetas tell us why the US military is flying unmanned predator drones between New York and Ontario to "evaluate whether the Predator is necessary for the U.S.-Canadian border"? After all, a peace arch at the boarder crossing in Blaine, WA claims we are "Children of a Common Mother" and "Brothers Dwelling Together in Unity."

The US military is not concerned about the Canadian citizen. They are concerned about who might use Canadian lands to invade the US. The border between Canada and the US is long and goes through remote lands, sparsely populated on both sides. This is their concern.

Is it possible to have a young soul merging with an old one within the same body in the same space/time? Kinda like a "wanderer" but with the soul at birth still there.

It is possible for a body to have more than one soul incarnated, though this is quickly put right by the Spirit Guides. But in the confusion after the pole shift, when many souls will be suddenly freed of their earthly form, this is a possible temporary situation. The stronger soul wins, pushing out the weaker soul, but if the weaker soul is the intended incarnation then the Spirit Guides come to the rescue in these matters.

Is there any way to have a quick and efficient improvement to modern society without war and/or destruction ?

What would be the difference between having a corporation or government agency run by Mother Teresa or run by Dick Cheney? If all corporations and governments were run by highly Service-to-Other individuals, you would have that improvement, as the profit motive would be removed and caring for all would be the agenda. This is averse pollution and a destructive me-first attitude so often in place in human society. However, this is unlikely to occur, at least in human society as it exists today. The Earth of the future, however, will be both efficient and caring.

Why are Earth's non-hominoid animals, such as dogs, cats, cows, chickens, and pigs, considered to be 2nd density and therefore not "intelligent" and not worthy of hosting souls, but non-hominoid animals on other planets, such as octopi and insects, are considered 3rd density and intelligent and worthy of hosting souls? Is the Universe saying that a planet's most "intellectual" species are its most valuable? Isn't the universe an all-embracing web where all creation is equally exquisite?

For a life form to be intelligent enough to spark souls, it must be able to entertain the conscious awareness of itself as being separate from others. Many intelligent creatures can use logic, but they do not have this level of awareness. On other worlds, the intelligent species that developed to this level is most often a water baby - a fish or octopus or jellyfish - because most worlds are water worlds. Next most common are worlds were reptilians are the intelligent species, because this is the next type of species that develops. Earth, in the past, had a reptilian species as its intelligent species, before man evolved as a hominoid.

During the coverage of the death of Teddy Kennedy, I learned that he had received some award from Poppy Bush in 2003 for his "service", and considering how much Teddy knew about who killed his brother Jack (the Zetas have mentioned that he contracted his brain cancer due to his self-guilt over having told JFK Jr. the truth behind his father's assassination and how that led to Jr.'s death), was this some sort of genuine gesture of remorse on the part of Poppy, or what? Does anyone near the helm of the Bush cabal ever feel anything like remorse, or are all these issues done to ingratiate themselves or with something more devious in mind? Is it possible some of them might come around to rejecting the STS belief system?

The senior Bush, Poppy, is hardly inclined to become Service-to-Other, being a hardened Service-to-Self and highly experienced at operating in that mode. Gestures from the Service-to-Self are always with some agenda in mind. Indeed, John Jr.'s death was not an accident but an assassination, as Ted had informed him of the real reasons for his father's assignation, the real culprits, and John Jr. was inflamed and determined to do something about it. Thus, Ted carried a burden of guilt, which often causes the immune system to drop, allowing cancer to develop and flourish.

Here's a question I have about one event: In the Urals, is the so-called Mountain 9 dead. It was named so because if it will go 9 people, they all must die. So in Soviet times and has happened twice. The last time a team lost Dyatlov, all this was secret, and those people who participated in the investigation, in time to kill. To explain this incident no one could, so interesting to know why this happens?

We are presuming you are asking why people go missing in the Urals. There are similar cases in places within the US, in the west. If the government has bunkers they do not want the public to know about, and the citizens go poking around, they disappear.

It has long been rumored that the CIA operated through and with large US companies like GE, Coke Cola, Disney, Bank of America, etc. A few years ago an article claimed the IED's used in Iraq were identical to explosive devices manufactured in South Africa and linked to the US, the CIA and the apartheid crowd. It seems interesting that, in his feud with MSNBC's Keith Obermann, Fox's Bill O'Reilly should drop an innuendo that GE is under investigation for making components for roadside bombs (Improvised Explosive Devices) used against our soldiers. First, is there any substance to the accusation? Secondly, if so, are the rats turning on one another, similar to the apparent full court press to now make Cheney the ultimate scapegoat and framing Bush as the voice of reason during his administration?

The public has long sensed that wars are for the benefit of the military/industrial complex, or for land grabs or oil grabs or simply for the glorification of a particular leader or for corporate interests. If a reason to go to war is not at hand, this is manufactured. This is as old as time. So why does there seem to be scapegoating at present? During the Bush Cheney era, those in power assumed they would stay in power and their allies went over the line in many ways. Now Blackwater and Halliburton are in court and losing business, and the matter of who authorized torture not likely to be ignored. This matter has come up before in these chats, where we mentioned that assassinations are likely during such times, those in the know about election fraud suffering a plane crash, or those in the know about Enron deals having a heart attack. By this, the guilty hope to evade justice.

Based on a little tidbit of information from Cliff High on a radio show about the "secrets revealed" part of the web bot project I got an FDA approved Scenar device built in Holland on the Russian design. Have had amazing results on long term back pain with the "tricoder" type device that seems to look a lot like the one Dr. "Bones" McCoy used. Curious if the Zeta's know if this was back engineered and want to recommend you look into the device for yourself? Find it, like many others, to be almost like a miracle gift from the universe and I don't say that lightly either. For those not familiar with the Scenar history and use I'd highly recommend you google or look up all the internet chatter on it and youtube videos. BTW, the web bot project has issued a warning about very unusual weather for the SE USA for the next two weeks that just showed up on their radar.

We have mentioned that no technology was secured from aliens, either by gift or by reverse engineering. This stands true today.

Watching the "protests" of stupid Americans, as Bill Maher and the Zetas pointed out a couple weeks ago, are we to believe that most of these people are simply undecideds, headed for a water planet and therefore not worth getting angry over, or are they solidly STS now? On CNN I heard a Baptist minister in Arizona preach a sermon in which he vented so much hatred towards Obama and was so proud of it, I saw so much red I was ready to go down there and personally beat his face in with a tire iron but then felt so depressed afterwards and angry at myself for allowing his hatred to rouse similar emotions in me. It makes me want to not tune in anymore but I need to get a better perspective on this phenomenon. Are these people simply too insecure in the face of change, and ignorant of the real culprits behind their dissatisfactions?

In the past, during difficult times, witches have been burned when their only crime was having insights or being independent thinkers. During the Dark Ages, the church burned men at the cross or drew and quartered them if they asserted the world was not flat, but round. Religions have been used as the basis of war. The jews were a scapegoat during WW II so that Germany could focus its anger at their economic difficulties away from the government and onto a scapegoat. At present, the US is in an economic depression. It is not only the job loss, the perceived asset loss, but the grim future that is affecting many. They are turning their rage at whoever is in charge.

Any input about these quakes happening in the US?

We mentioned during these chats, where the weather or the quakes or whatever come up frequently as a question, that this should not be a surprise. We stated that the weather would become more erratic, the seasons almost blending into one another, but the questions come regardless. Likewise with quakes, which we mentioned had become exponential rather than linear. Those quakes which in the past were imperceptible are now perceptible, and can no longer be entirely removed from the USGS databases as they are obvious to the public. Quakes are thus recorded for areas not expecting to be on a fault line, and the public is becoming alarmed. Other than public awareness, there is nothing NEW here, nothing that should not be expected from our prior predictions, which, as usual, have come true.

Why are there yet so many people who don't want to hear about these things. Like there are those who say they don't want to hear this kind of news because they want to remain postiviein the light so to say and they think that by hearing this kind of news they will be affected by negativity. Or as some say, because of the lightworkers te transition will be less worse etc etc. Are this signs of some kind of insecurity or is it simply part of human behaviour, or a less devoloped soul, being undecided. Or is a combination of various factors?

There are those who cannot handle bad news, even if this means they will not know the truth, and call this being "positive", as though walking in ignorance is a positive thing. Those who acquaint themselves with the facts and prepare for the future, as a means of caring for others whom they feel responsible for, are called "negative" for entertaining the possibility of bad times on the horizon. This is equivalent to the woman who serves tea and cakes and refuses to notice that the river is rising until it floods her living room, compared to the woman who notes the rate of rainfall and the rate of rise on the river and alerts her neighbors so they all can move to higher ground. It is not "positive" and "negative" but fearful timidity versus taking action when presented with the facts.

Will the IHC institute movie prove the existence of Planet X as much as Zetatalk or will it be a watered down version? They say it's going to happen in 2012, is it possible it will happen sooner in the year of the predicted end of the mayan calender which is Dec. 21st 2012?

This is yet another site hoping to lead mankind when it is obvious the Earth is in the last weeks, or heading in that direction. The problem is that all such measures are only a fraction of what ZetaTalk offers. They may plagarize some of what ZetaTalk has stated, but this is still a fraction of what ZetaTalk offers. Primarily, ZetaTalk offers the truth, and all other such copycat sites are still evading the reality of a passing planet that is already in the inner solar system. Despite their claims to be an assist to mankind, their authors and handlers are basically from the establishment, and thus self serving.

It is written in Zetatalk: "Humans are aware of a reception line awaiting them when they die, from the reports of Near Death Experiences - a long tunnel with a bright white light at the end, and those now deceased who were close to them waiting or beckoning." ZetaTalk: When We Die. My Q. is: If our deceased close friends and relatives are long dead, and possibly already reincarnated in other human bodies, living their next lives, how can they be there "when we die", and looking like they were in their previous life?

The Spirit Guides can collect those wanting to greet a departing soul, and then return them to their bodies when the passage has occurred. There is a misperception that a human whose soul has temporarily vacated is incapable of continuing to function. That human may feel more bland, but other than that, does not notice that its soul is temporarily gone.

How long ago did most of you graduate to 4th density? How do you experience the moment of death? Is it painful or joyful? Are you in control of the process of your reincarnations?

We have mentioned, in the Density section of ZetaTalk, that the move to 4th Density is transparent to those who experience it. If anything, they feel more spiritual, less aware of their physical body, in 4th Density. Other than this, life and death, joy and pain, are equivalent to life in 3rd Density.

Greetings from Shumerlja! Is it possible to learn from where there were Slavic tribes? And why Russian such hardy?

When we depicted the races of man we mentioned that White Man crossed over the Mediterranean from Africa, as at that time the Mediterranean was a swamp. One branch of White Man went directly north, another round into what would now be termed Russia. During subsequent ice ages, life became hard for early man in those lands subject to winters, and the ability to plot and plan were qualities that bode well for a tribe. These tribes survived and prospered. This is likewise true of the intelligent Chinese and Japanese, who are more logical and hardy than their southern equivalents of the same base race.

Do enormous electrical storms follow heavy chemtrail spraying? I witnessed this very event in Eastern Washington State two weeks ago. For a moment there I thought Tesla was sending a message!

There is no relationship. Heavy lightning storms are on the increase due to atmospheric turmoil, as was explained recently in the chat.

Will the death of Senator Kennedy have any impact on politics here in the US. Will it hurt or help President Obama, especially in light of all the media attention on the senator's work to improve the healthcare industry for the common person?

It is known that Ted Kennedy's personal mission was the passage of healthcare reform. He is likely to increase his influence in this arena by his death, more so than he would if alive. Beyond what a vacant seat in the Senate might bring, this will not affect the Obama administration, in our opinion.

The zetas have explained the formation of Manna previously. Will the existence of this edible hydrocarbon be widespread enough for people in general to look for it specifically? Or will it be too rare an event to think about looking for it? For those who are lucky enough to come across it, what does it look like, and is it ever toxic?

This is a rare occurrence, requiring a nearby volcano to form the carbohydrates in the main, and quickly disbursed after forming on the cool ground. One should not count on this, though it is reported in the Bible that this was sustenance for Moses and his followers. They were in a region that was afflicted by volcanic gloom, where more than ash was deposited on the ground.

I would like to ask if there is any way to control or ease the 'noise' that is similar to white noise that I and many others sensitive suffer daily and could you enlighten on what this actually is. EMF? No it's not tinnitus for those wondering. It seems to be tinny and fast then quieter alternative days?

Ear problems are frequent among contactees, who are taken up in ships for contact and then quickly returned to Earth. Most often, for experienced contactees, entry into the ships is not because a ship lands on the ground so a contactee can stroll in. The contactee is sucked up through the air, rapidly, while cloaked from the view of other humans. The air pressure change irritates the ears, and for some contactees this is a lingering irritation. Other ear problems are due to sensitivity to pressure in the rock strata, a type of earthquake warning system. Electromagnetic swings, likewise, irritate the ear channels, which are lined with nerves sensitive to air pressure changes, the means by which sound is transferred from air to nerve.

Have some feeling that after the shift there will be many deads because of imunity related disseases. Like auto imunise disseases or ilness like cancer With imune systems either in overdrive or closing down. Is my feeling correct on this. And is there a way to prevent this from occuring. Or is there nothing we can do to prevent this if this proofs to be right?

After the pole shift, and in fact well before hand, stress will take its toll on many. For many years now, this has been the case, with illness on the increase due to depressed immune systems. Auto immune disease indeed increases where tension and stress exist, as the body is hyper alert. As always, we advise that taking action to reduce anxiety is better than sitting and stewing. Focusing on what can be done, rather than what one has lost. Giving to one another is another way of reducing anxiety, though one is only reducing the pain and anguish in another, this often makes the giver feel as good as the receiver.