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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written November 7, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Tell, Zetas and Nancy, what sections of your site in your opinion, now and in the future will be the most important? And whether it is reasonable to us, to people to keep your knowledge and to bear a word in the future, after shift of poles? It not a personal question, I know, many cannot keep your huge information at themselves in a human head and consequently, it is necessary for us to know, on what sections of a site it is better to concentrate, and what will simply distract us.

The compilation of ZetaTalk does not do guided tours because what is important to one person is not important to another. Each individual would choose a different section or page as the most important information. No generalizations can be made.

Zetas, one month or two months prior to shift of poles if site ZetaTalk will work, you declare that there were 1-2 months before shift of poles or is persistent, up to the end will be silent?

We have stated that by the time the last weeks arrive, that satellites will be nonfunctional, that emergency management teams will be exhausted, and mankind without doubt that the last weeks had arrived and it was time for them to head for their safe places if not already there. Under these circumstances, who would be maintaining the servers and lines that the Internet requires? Certainly, international email or webhosting will suffer. You should certainly not be looking to Nancy or ZetaTalk messages by this time. Expect disruption well before this time, and start to rely on yourself!

Tell, here the person (on myself I speak) can close eyes at any moment and inside of itself (the heads) to see pictures, sounds - memoirs. And whether can do the same of a shower when is between lives? When it recollects - it sees all inside of herself or before herself. How the memoirs works for it?

The soul is able to go out of body and return to update the human brain, bringing back sights and sounds and smells. It records, and remembers, all these senses and more. How this occurs we do not know.

Whether the soul can see all sub-atomic particles what only exist, or it also is limited as a human eye?

There is no meaning to the memory of sub-atomic particles, so the soul would not engage in anything that silly. Memories with meaning are not recorded in this manner.

If Advice of the Worlds does not allow to come for the borders to all alive essences, whether that interferes it also with showers which have left the body after death? If the soul will want "to take a walk" temporarily on the Universe, Advice of the Worlds to it will stir? The soul itself solves, how long it can walk?

Young souls are allowed to linger after death if they have concerns about loved ones or unresolved issue. This is a ghost. But young souls are not allowed to leap into travel in light form, as advanced souls can do. No skipping steps.

The Zetas have told that the Earth will pass in 4th density partially. Its part and the Sun part remain in 3rd density in which I assume there are people in black, the yeti and reptiles. Why the Earth and the Sun will not be moved to 4th density completely, and named essence will not be moved on other planet to 3rd density?

Those portions of the Earth and Sun that remain are to simulate normalcy for that intelligent life that will remain, such as the Annunaki. When they make a passage, they will assume the Sun had died, and thus the Earth likewise. They are not making the transition to 4th Density with humans.

Would such construction stop lava flowing from a volcano? If yes why? How does it work?

Man cannot do anything but run from an exploding volcano, and any musing about an ability to do otherwise is folly.

You can find on this page a picture of an alien made by Filiberto Caponi . He doesn't seem to be a liar so I don't think it's a fake. My question is, is this alien so called Man in Black?

All manner of earthly creatures, shriveled and mummified, have been asserted to be alien bodies lately, in step with the increase in interest in UFOs and the alien presence. Aliens do not allow their bodies to be captured or left behind. Except for the occasional alien skull, located from eons ago when a member might have been exploring and gotten lost, there is no evidence of alien life lying about, bloated or mummified, for humans to discover! These are frauds.

A question about the pole shift: If you look at any rotating sphere you will see there two points on the surface with the slowest rotation speed. It means if the sphere stops rapidly these two points would take the lowest stress. So I wanted to ask - would during the big earthquake exist two points on the earth, where we will have the lowest damage?

There is a myth that during the pole shift, there will be two spots on Earth where there is no movement, and thus no wind and no quakes. This is not even logical, if one would take the time to think this through. The reason this myth persists is that some people hope to escape the ravages of the pole shift. The whole Earth moves, so all plates are smashing into each other, and the atmosphere moves likewise without convenient little blockades to stop air flow, so the whole Earth experiences hurricane force winds as well.

Many fortunetellers (they are women often) and healers claim they are "hereditary". It seems that their "gift" is inherited genetically. The connection between telepathy and fortunetelling is quite clear if one is aware of Zetas' statements. But I would like to specify the connection between telepathy and healing cause I can not see any logic here.

Faith or belief that laying on of hands or by other means a human can heal another is wishful thinking and the power of the human will to muster strength to overcome, at least temporarily, any weakness from disease or disability. If these claims run in generations it is because the child sees the success in the parent or other adults in the family at perpetrating a hoax.

At a past ZetaTalk Zetas said that the 2012 prediction could be a white lie as well. Back in 2003 we understand the reason of the white lie, and it proved to be worth. The people who understand they convinced. In the case of a second white lie what could be the new reason? Of course you can't say what the reason will be. But at least you could say to us if there are more reasonable reasons out there for a second white lie.

To encourage mankind to prepare, to relocate to their safe locations rather than linger in comfort along the coastlines, and to get their hands dirty in gardening and herd and flock management rather than being lazy procrastinators.

Why ghosts can leave material traces of its existence, and what stuff they are made?

Ghosts are spirits, souls who are lingering, concerned about loved ones or wanting resolution of an issue that occurred during their life. Spirits cannot harm humans, cannot throw things as in poltergeist activity. Poltergeist activity is caused by a living human, usually an angry teenager, using their brain waves to move objects. Spirits can, however, affect particle flows to the extent that the room may feel cold, or the lights flicker.

Can the Zetas give us examples of civilisations which collapsed during the last pole shift, apart from the already known collapsed civilisations like Egypt, Maya etc. ? Where can we see the ruins of those civilisations?

The history of a civilization will not record a collapse during a particular pole shift unless that civilization was advanced at the time of the shift, and thus greatly affected during during the shift. Egypt took a census, collected taxes in the form of grain and geese, and all this went to heck during the time of the Jewish Exodus. The Maya also obviously were affected in the past, as an examination of their ruins shows. Why did they abandon their cities, is the question, as there is no obvious reason. There were great cities in China which have no explanation for their ruin, and the legends of Atlantis are well known. Outside of Egypt, there were no civilizations advanced enough that their recovery was not swift. A farming community could return to farming, and history would not show ruin, for instance.

A week or two ago, there was some weird activity in Niagara Falls, Canada right near the tourist strip, when a light was seen in the sky, not moving and sometimes reflecting off of nearby casinos and other buildings. Here are some articles-with videos- to clarify., What was this?

Not all UFOs are sheathed in plasma or zipping about in daylight, so as to be easily seen. There are people who do not get out during the day, or do not pay attention. Sometimes, if you want to get attention, you appear to be trying to hide. Then there's lots of talk.

The Zetas have recently updated the progress of PX's 270° roll to: "…195°, as it has done in a dither at times recently…" (Magnetic Twist, 10/29/09) and the Earth's orbital position: "…since been pushed back to almost the August position…" (GLP 10/17/09). The Zetas have previously reported that: "…the roll should proceed 195° before rotation slowing to a stop leading into the pole shift would occur. At this point you're into a roller coaster ride and it's a very short time until the pole shift itself." (270° Roll Progress, 4/21/06). And that the Earth will have been pushed back to the August position at the time of the Pole Shift. Are the 270° roll and orbital position updates examples of the Zetas being more specific regarding PX's timeline, due to Obama taking office? Can the Zetas say if a PX and/or Pole Shift announcement is pending?

In the past we were being asked about the progress of the 270° roll, almost weekly. We stopped giving updates in May, 2007 when we estimated slightly less than 150°, and refused to comment after that. Our reasons were many, and included not wanting to clue the establishment into any pole shift timeline. We have stated recently that Planet X and the Earth are dithering in their dance with each other, and that Planet X especially is dithering while increasingly pointing its N Pole away from the Sun and in the direction of Earth. Beyond that, we will not be more specific.

Any comments on the latest magnetosphere anomaly?

Indeed, the lack of a S Pole in the simulated magnetosphere, or the simulation showing a twisted magnetosphere, shows that Planet X is no longer pointing its N Pole off into space, but including the Earth in its influence.

The Zetas talk about gloom and drizzle everywhere post pole shift. At the new equator will things be better because of the stronger overhead sun. Will tropical crops like bananas grow?

There will be places on Earth where occasional sunlight will break through the gloom, and other places severely affected by the gloom. Downwind from active volcanoes will bring ash, but those areas not so located can expect overcast days but not dead vegetation. Those crops not doing well unless in direct sunlight will not thrive in gloomy locations, while others will. You do the research on these matters, determining where the winds will flow in the Aftertime, and determining what crops would be best for your new climate. You must take responsibility for these efforts. Must we hold your hand?

Could the Zetas tell us the reason for this acquisition? Somehow I doubt Buffett is investing in the (betterment) of the country's future. [and from another] Billionaire investor makes $34 billion bet on the U.S. economy's future. Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has agreed to buy Burlington Northern Santa Fe in a deal valuing the railroad at $34 billion. (article goes on to say).. It would be the biggest acquisition ever for Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

Today, humans migrate by using superhighways or roadways, but if the US were to be under some form of martial law, the roadways would be blocked by checkpoints. Moving people and goods for the wealthy, such as select survival camp workers, could occur via the rails however. These would have few checkpoints or at least those that could be bribed or directed to serve the wealthy. Buffett is anticipating this need.

Have been reading about praying in the ZetaTalk archives, and I have a question. Do prayers for strangers in need help them? For instance, do prayers for victims of tragedies, such as this week's Fort Hood shootings, help make these terrible situations better, or do prayers to protect public individuals like President Obama help? Conversely, are these individuals' spirit guides already doing all they can to help so that additional prayers are not necessary?

This depends, but in general healings or protections are not done just because someone asks for another. Most people think they are being Service-to-Other in their concerns for others, where they are at most being simply interested in the outcome or thinking they are glad not to be in the other person's shoes. There are some Service-to-Other requests for others that qualify for intervention, but this is where the person giving the Call, or prayer as you phrase it, is willing to put themselves in the other's shoes, willing to sacrifice themselves, and this desire is not simply a posturing.

Before Obama was sworn in, the zetas hinted that they "might" be more forthcoming about the timeframe for the shift. What caused them to turn more cagey since those pronouncements? Too many BushCo moles still in place?

The totality of our statements on more disclosure about the coming pole shift pointed to the establishment worldwide being willing to be more honest with the public. What Obama is encountering is not just the reluctance of the CIA or the Air Force to have egg on its face regarding their former stance on UFOs. It is the fear among those in power in the US and in many other countries that admissions about the presence of Planet X in the inner solar system would result in panic in the people. A hint of this fear was shown in leaked information about the UN meeting on disclosure of the alien presence held in February, 2008. As we pointed out, there is no reason to fear panic and economic collapse simply because officials admit the UFO presence. What they fear is the public taking those individuals who claim direct information from aliens, and talking about pending global changes, being taken seriously. They fear the ZetaTalk message. Until the establishment, worldwide, is ready to be honest with their public about possible earth changes, the cataclysms as we have described it, there can be no additional information relayed by ourselves.

Before Obama was sworn in the Zetas made the famous "6 before the end of the year [2008]", a confident statement and not "we guess". [and from another] Are we at a 7 yet?

But we can say this. We are not yet at a 7.

Do the Zetas have any comment on Malalai Joya, often called the "Bravest Woman in Afghanistan", who, as a member of Parliament, famously risked her life to speak out against warlords in the Afghan Parliament never tried for their crimes and continues to live in Afghanistan despite constant death threats to speak the truth for her people, never moderating her message. It seems to me that she is inspiring a great many of the common people of Afghanistan who have been oppressed, to speak out and is having (hopefully) a profound STO impact on a region in dire need of it. Here is a youtube video of her calling out warlords.

This is, as you have pointed out, a true example of a highly Service-to-Other individual.

During and after the Pole Shift, many of us will lose loved ones. For those of us who believe in heaven or in reincarnation, we will be comforted that the human loved ones we lose will live on and that we might meet them again. My question relates to nonhuman loved ones who will die, such as dogs and cats. The Zetas say dogs and cats do not have souls, so what happens to their energies after death? Do these animals live on in some way? Will humans meet them again once we leave the physical plane?

We have stated that only creatures who can contemplate themselves as individuals, who are conscious of themselves as such, can spark a soul. Dolphins, chimps, dogs, pigs, horses and such, however sentient and loving, do not have this capacity. However, once a soul is sparked it can choose to incarnate into an animal, for a lesson or to be close to a loved one. The soul in all cases is treated as a human soul, or as a soul sparked on another world, as an entity from that world. It is not treated as a pet soul by the Spirit Guides.

It's been said that we being in Afghanistan is fuel for what is basically just a civil war. With the earth changes looming, is Obama leaning towards getting those troops back for the emergencies about to occur in America?

Obama is in a pinch, in that his campaign promise was to end the War in Iraq and give Afghanistan the attention is needs. Since Bush/Cheney stirred up a hornets nest over there, and Pakistan has the bomb and is not all that stable itself, he cannot simply walk away. He is listening to his military advisers, and will do whatever it takes to resolve the situation into something manageable.

Is there a source of information on the same material as Zetatalk, that is considered equally valid as that website in the view of the Zetas?


Right after the pole shift and a bit of settling, will the flying saucers be as common in the sky as jets are now?

Absolutely. Such sightings will be considered a source of reassurance to survivors.

Is Gov's using mind control on the people at present? An abundance of Chemtrails spreading over Colorado in association with Haarp?

The US government, nor any other government or entity, does not have the capacity to exercise "mind control". Nor is there such a function as "HAARP" which can produce earthquakes. There have been attempts in the past by the CIA and like enterprises to attain mind control, which have failed. Such rumors are spread by humans who wish mankind to have more power than it does, or are trying to intimidate other humans into inordinate respect for the government out of fear. If they had such power, they would be using it, and as they are not currently using it, they are certainly powerless in this regard.

How emerged so much water on Nibiru surface if it is a star. Where the water on Nibiru came from. I don't think there is any water for example on our sun or any other star.

Water planets develop after a Big Bang simply because there is an abundance of the elements needed to form water in a given location when a planet is forming. There is immense variability in what constitutes a planet. In your solar system you have gaseous and solid planets, water planets and dead planets without water or atmospheres. Matter pulls toward similar matter, clumping, as we have explained in the Science section of ZetaTalk. It likewise is repulsed at the same time it is attracted, which is one reason magnetons keep on the move. Why this is so, we cannot say. It is part of God's plan.

It seems the media is back to generating fear over alien contact with the new shows/movies "V" and "The Fourth Kind." I thought we were supposed to be moving toward disclosure of alien presence. These shows seem to indicate an opposite direction. Any comments?

Any time there is movement in a positive direction, those fearful of what this will mean for their lives push in the opposite direction. This is, in fact, a sign of progress, as unless disclosure were not progressing in many parts of the world, this fear would not be arising. There are those who have lied to mankind for decades, on the excuse that mankind could not handle the truth. They would look foolish during disclosure, and hope such fear producing tactics will make their stances look wise. They are losing this battle.