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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written November 14, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

The movie 2012 released, and compared to the ZetaTalk message there was very little concurrence. Yes, they showed the cover-up so complete that the common man only got warning at the very last minute. Yes, they showed heads of state and others being bribed into silence by getting a place on the arc or being assassinated if they leaked. Yes, they showed that the elite, the politically powerful and wealthy, will arrange for their safety. Yes, they showed ocean sloshing during a crustal shift, but the tidal waves were way higher than ZetaTalk predicts. Other than the firm cover-up and the reference to Hapgood's theory, there was little truth in the film. The satellites continued to function. There were no hurricane force winds even during the crustal shift. California crumbles into the sea even though it is in a compression zone where the land is rising. No reason is given as to why a crustal shift would happen due to some emissions from the Sun! No logic is given for the new geography, except to somehow reference Wisconsin (where Nancy lives) repeatedly. Where the politically powerful and wealthy managed to survive, those who prayed, and the Church, were wiped out - an odd moral to the story. Everyone dies except the greedy and selfish and the little guy need not even try.

This has been our complaint about the spate of 2012 related movies of late - almost everyone dies so the common man need not bother to try to survive. In the movie Knowing the Sun sears everything on Earth to oblivion. In 2012 Seeking Closure it is an asteroid that wipes out mankind, quite suddenly. In the upcoming When Worlds Collide it is only a handful that manage to escape the Earth, which is destroyed in a collision with another planet. In the movie 2012 the Sun goes rogue and only those in secret government boats are presumed to survive the massive tidal waves that wash over the Earth during a crustal shift. We are here to tell you that even with a rapid crustal shift, the tidal waves will not be greater than 500-600 feet at the coastlines, and will dissipate quickly inland. Anyone watching this movie will conclude that they had better suck up to the rich and powerful or just party til the end, as there is no other recourse. Was this the intent? Yes, as those backing movies these days are so fearful that the common man will forget to pay their bills, riot in the streets, or make demands on the establishment that they would prefer the common man hold out no hope! The tone of disaster movies of late shows this panic in the establishment, in that it is different from the tone of previous disaster films. There NASA or a team of scientists, usually from the US government, saved the day. Day After Tomorrow had the globe surviving a sudden climate shift. In 10.5 geologists figure out how to stop the US from unzipping. In The Core a stopped rotation is corrected by intrepid scientists taking a trip to the core through molten lava. Deep Impact has NASA dismantling a killer asteroid, with the public accepting with amazing grace the announcement that only a million people, chosen by lottery, will be taken into government bunkers. In Volcano lava bubbling up in LA is diverted to the ocean, with scarcely more than a traffic jam as a concern. History, and geology, tell you that the Earth has periodically experienced a crustal shift, with predictable and survivable devastation. So why is your government, and those among you who are wealthy and powerful, so determined that you hold out no hope?

You mentioned on October 31 ../index/zeta540.htm you mentioned that "hemorrhage viral infections" or the plague cause bleeding in the lungs, but did not address the issue of whether someone has deliberately spread illness. Later, on November 5, you detailed how the plague would be spread by hankies held over the mouth, after handling dead rats from traps, and stated that the plague was not being deliberately spread. ../index/zeta543.htm. But again you did not address the issue of whether any other illness is being deliberately spread. Is it? And by whom? Why all the secrecy by the WHO?

Opportunists abound. When the plague showed up in western Ukraine those elements wanting martial law to be invoked in the UK and the US jumped at the opportunity to spread fear. Yushchenko is a known puppet of the west, and having been poisoned once in his life is very pliable. The plague caused by the bacteria Y. Pestis was to be called a result of the swine flu, which would be rumored to have mutated or strengthened. The numbers are exaggerated, and doctors wanting to ascribe deaths to the true cause of Y. Pestis silenced. Will the WHO clarify the situation? They were assigned to determine if H1N1 had mutated, not to clarify the situation with the plague, and will be silent, not wanting to become embroiled in a political mess. If they state that the plague has caused the majority of deaths, and all the deaths where bleeding in the lungs has occurred, then they are calling Yuschenko a liar. The UN is not noted for courage. The truth will gradually emerge via the Internet, and from neighboring countries which are having similar problems though not with the gravity of the onslaught in the Ukraine. All this will make the citizenry of many nations highly suspicious of government pronouncements. Rumors abound, but are not taken seriously unless some government action incites suspicion. Why is the swine flu vaccine being pushed when that flu is so mild? Why are some countries insisting it be mandatory? This of course is the fault of the WHO, who declared a pandemic, thus setting off all manner of government actions in countries trying to be in compliance with UN treaties. It is also the fault of the WHO that an honest explanation for their actions is not forthcoming - that they fear another genetically engineered virus will be unleashed. Now to top it off, the WHO will not clarify what is causing bleeding lungs in the Ukraine, leaving speculation to run rampant. All this will feed thoughts of global conspiracies, poisoning via the vaccines, and suspicion of the WHO, the UN, and any government seeming to cooperate with pandemic requirements. Thus those who hoped to incite martial law have done the opposite of what they hoped. They now have awakened an alarmed and watchful populace.

The zetas have claimed that the moon bombing was an utter failure, that the elite were to get the message to start informing the public about the poleshift. Yesterday NASA made a big deal of how they found approx. 24 gallons of water on the moon, and how this was like finding gold. On a related note, NASA has also gone out of their way to refute the premise of the "2012" movie, causing thoughtful talking heads to wonder why, since they've never felt compelled in the past to make a big public splash over a movie. They also have taken pointed aim at Zetatalk and unequivocally denied it as an "internet hoax", lumping it in with any talk of the Mayan calendar date as "rubbish" and worse. Do they take us all for fools, or are the simpletons they haul out to pooh-pooh really that stupid as to disbelieve any talk of "Planet X" or "Nibiru" themselves? Don't they realize that when the SHTF, they're likely to find themselves on the business end of a pitchfork by such out-and-out lying?

Those who have gone to work for NASA, which is under contract to the US Government but utterly controlled for decades by the CIA and other security agencies, have been hand chosen to not question their orders and have tunnel vision. They of course signed national security agreements when they took employment to pretend that UFOs do not exist, and therefore the alien presence is a myth, and most certainly to deny unto death the presence of Planet X in the inner solar system or even the possibility that it exists. They have been given promises by the elite of personal rescue during the hour of the pole shift, though none of these promises will be kept. Whether these automatons are acting like the puppets they have been chosen to be, or have been bribed, the result is the same. Nothing but lies.

The government of Russia speaks about reduction of quantity of time zones in the country. The president in the message to Federal Meeting has designated idea of optimisation of a country government at the expense of reduction of quantity of time zones that will allow to manage "a smaller difference in time". Really it is the true reason? Or the reason consists in approach Planet X which slows down rotation of the Earth as time updating already occurs? Probably with time updating don't consult? If the designated reason is true, why it was required so a lot of time for understanding of result from reduction of quantity of time zones?

This is as suspected to confuse those within Russia during the time when slowing begins. Half the country will be awake and going to work when it is dark, and the other half working past dusk, so just when noon is supposed to be overhead is not clear. This proposal will not be accepted by the Russian people well, and is unlikely to be implemented thus.

In an earlier chat, the Zetas stated one of the effects of PX's presence in the solar system is the disturbance of particle flows with one symptom of that disruption being changes in asteroid trajectory. According to this article, our scientists were caught off guard again by another renegade asteroid. Is this latest event another product of PX?

Yes, and this trend will continue to increase. Earlier such debris was called space junk, until this excuse was overused and the public beginning to raise a suspicious eyebrow. Then the increase in fireballs was noted by the public. We have often stated that the debris in Planet X, the moon swirls, are likely to be called an asteroid swarm when they become noticed. They are getting the public ready for such an excuse.

You have mentioned during the global volcanic explosions we will have strong winds on the earth. I would like to ask, what will be the wind blowing direction for the region between Black Sea and Caspian Sea. Would it be from south-west to north-east or from south to north?

Place the globe in your hands and turn the bulge of Brazil toward the N Pole. Where is the Black Sea during this movement? It will be from your NNW. You can do this without asking ourselves and busy Nancy for an answer. Think!

Did I understand it right that we all will be able to see Nibiru with the naked eye 7 weeks before pole shift? Am I wrongly informed?

We have made this statement, and stated that none will be confused about the source of the Earth changes or what is to occur during the last weeks, and have also stated that the last weeks will fit into a magnetic trimester, which is 4 months long.

Can the zetas comment on the Fort Hood shooter? Motivation reasoning etc. Was it considered a revenge killing or a Service to Self planet audition?

Despite Fox News speculation, he was not an arm of some terrorist organization, nor was he a Manchurian Candidate. He was repressed all his life, by his religion and the military life, and had many resentments. He was unmarried, though an attractive and educated man earning a good living. Why was this? Thus, teased about his heritage, he became a boiling cauldron, without outlets of any kind, and finally, as they say, went postal.

After scouring through ZetaTalk, regarding abductions there are some seemingly conflicting statements. Is it truthful to say that the STO Zetas do not perform "invasive" abductions that "steal" genetic material from the humans, that instead the humans involved volunteered to help parent the new form of humanoid scheduled to replace homo sapiens, and that any "brutal abductions" are those performed by the STS elements of the former Majestic and/or their STS ET allies, and then only with the permission of the (weak) soul of the human involved, who hasn't learned they can "just say no"?

Yes. Well stated.

Is it true that Google has suppressed many images of the second sun, when using the search strings "2nd sun" or "second sun", albeit leaving some of the earlier and more well-known images up? If so, does this indicate that the folks who run Google are now "aware" of the coming passage, or are they only reluctantly following orders?

We have mentioned that the media - the talking heads on TV and the printed page - have long been instructed not to talk about the Second Sun or even the bizarre weather. All is normal, they chirp. In that the Internet has become the big threat in the absence of truth on the major media, this was obviously going to become the next gateway to suppressed information about the presence of Planet X. Try using other terms less obvious for what you seek, and you will find the information is out there!

Can the zetas please comment on Obama's closing of Gitmo and moving the prisoners to an Illinois prison? Is this a good step and a promise from his campaign that he is keeping?

This was a campaign promise. He and his administration have tried to get other countries to accept ex-prisoners, with some success, but not all are welcome elsewhere.

Why has 'Traitor Joe' Lieberman become such a curmudgeon, going against an honest health-care reform when in the past he was very outspoken for it? Has he just become bitter since losing the Democratic primary in 2006, or is there more to it? The Zetas have said in the past he knows of the coming passage, yet he is acting more STS with every passing day.

We have stated that a person's orientation can be determined by their actions, when the chips are down. Now that he is becoming fearful of losing his place in the Senate, he wants to collect promises from those he think can save him when the last weeks arrive. This has nothing to do with right or wrong and certainly shows a lack of courage. It is self focused.

What orientation is JR Ridinger, President and CEO of USA-based international Internet marketing company. If there is wherewithal to his current marketing goals, is there a practical way his team's concepts can be translated into a post-shift, local cashless distribution system?

Judge a person by their actions. We won't have this chat turned into a question and answer about every person's orientation, as if we did this, this is all we would do.

There is a strong theory going around that NASA has destroyed the moon, or atleast knocked it off course, and will crash into the earth on November 20th, 2009. Do the zetas have any insight on this, or solutions to fix this circumstance?

The Moon is in its orbit due to many factors other than a mosquito bite on its surface.

The Zetas have said they will offer advanced technology to selected Service-to-Others communities after the Pole Shift. What types of technology will be involved?

Unless you are in a Service-to-Other community, are Service-to-Other yourself, and the pole shift has occurred, this should not be your concern.

Why did the Council allow humans to be enslaved by the anunnaki in the past? Didn't any STO alien groups try to intervene and protect us?

The rule on 3rd Density worlds such as Earth is at present, is total non-interference. If the Council feels the balance between influences toward becoming Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other have been skewed, then they intervene. This was the reason the Annunaki became quarantined from the Earth, to allow man a more balanced environment.

We know that sometimes TV and movies are used as outlets to get information into the public mind about things the goverment may not feel comfortable coming forward with such as the Alien presence and the coming pole shift as we see with movies like 2012 and the Road. However I was wondering do shows also get cancelled sometimes because they come to close to the truth. The show Jherico that was on CBS I think had a plot about terrorist attack using nuclear weapons on America that turned out to be fueled by rouge factions of the American goverment trying to establish some kind of NWO. Given what the Zetas have told us about the previous administration I guess I'm wondering do shows like this get cancelled just because of bad ratings or because they are too close to the truth?

Ratings almost always drive the decision making process. Where national security is an issue, the show never gets onto the schedule in the first place.

Could the Zetas please comment on the validity of messages that animal communicators say they receive from non-humans such as dogs and cats? Is this method of communication similar to the telepathy used by the Zetas to communicate with humans, or is human-to-animal communication not possible?

Telepathy between pets and their masters, or pets and other humans, is quite possible, and common.

Over here in the Netherlands, temperatures are more springlike then autumn like. And this also counts for other parts of Europe. Intense weather conditions in Wales and southern England brought an abrupt end to an unusually mild autumn, with isolated flooding in south-western England and severe winds in coastal regions. Drama was not confined to the south-west, however, with a fast rescue craft from an unnamed North Sea oil rig running aground at Britain's most easterly point. [and from another] Is this because of the wobble within the wobble where warmer air is pushed over the northern hemisphere or is this because of the earth is almost pushed back into the August position?

This is the effect of the wobble, which we asserted would become more violent. The magnetic N Pole of Earth is pushed away, forcefully, and then allowed to bounce back into position later, forcefully. The Earth meanwhile is trying to maintain its normal position, align with the Sun's magnetic posture. It is the force of the push that is steadily changing.

Having read several Zecharia Sitchin's books and ZT articles I found that according to his theory and your comments Annunaki left the Earth at some moment in the past. Yes, they left pyramids and other complicated constructions but as for archaeology that is not enough to prove they were here. They had to abandon or accidentally lose some machinery or instruments, to leave consolidated footprints. At least, we must observe material evidence of their activity on more substantial scale that we do now. Nothing of that. How can you comment my arguments?

It is well known that the rocks in some structures in Egypt and Central and South America are too large to be moved, even with today's technology. Is this not evidence that something other than modern man moved them?

Hallo from Germany. My questions are: Can you explain what is wrong in Africa? What is it this Giant Crack.,2933,571347,00.html?test=latestnews Will be the crack increase?

As Africa rolls, the top part of the plate moving east and the tip nailed in place where it touches the Antartica Plate, it tears apart at the Afar Triangle, the Rift Valley. Yes, it has been and will increase.

Will objects from Nibiru's tail fall at terminal velocity or will there be some arriving at the surface of the planet at greater than terminal velocity. This would greatly influence the construction of our safe locations.

Assume debris in the tail of Planet X to drop through the atmosphere as fireballs and meteors do today. The atmosphere slows the fall of objects, and even though the atmosphere will be reduced to some extent by being ripped away by the whipping tail of Planet X, it will still be in place to slow the fall of objects.

I saw a map today that showed a large portion of the Midwest declared agriculture disaster areas for 2009. I know that growing difficulties will increase as we head into the PS. Now, yesterday I received a call from our state Ag enforcement department wanting to know about my farm and what I grew, etc., that I thought was rather peculiar in that I have not been called about these matters in previous years. My question is, are the Federal and State governments planning to take over farms?

You are very intuitive, as contingency plans are indeed being formulated. This goes beyond taking over farms, which the government does not want to do. They would rather have you manage your farm, under their directives. There are matters such as starvation, where certain crops go further even though not as profitable for the farmer. There are matters such as taking farmland that has been idle and putting it into use again, regardless of any contracts that have been signed between the farmer and the state or federal government. Relocation of people displaced during massive earthquake damage to cities might occur, with tent cities whereby refugees do their own gardening and manage herds and flocks, is also on the books, under consideration.

Zetatalk states that when people die, they are met by light beings. But, when people have near death experiences, they are met by lost relatives. How is this possible if those relatives are incarnated to new lives?

The spirits that meet a soul after its incarnation is over can be Spirit Guides or the souls of those they have known in past lives or the life just past. As we have explained, when a soul goes out-of-body, or astral as it is known, the human body does not collapse into a heap, unable to operate, during the absense. The soul leaves, temporarily, for this duty and then returns, under the guidance of Spirit Guides.

Hello star ancestors, We the Maoris live in New Zealand, my understanding the equator currently located over a Lemuria mountain range known today submerged by the bulge on the equator as the South Pacific Islands, when the shift occurs with New Zealand on the new equator, wont that cause the same effect of a bulge of ocean over New Zealand? Where should I move to? Tokoroa or Taupo? Or will you answer my "call" when the time comes?

You are correct that the sea level at the Equator is higher, due to centrifugal force pulling the water there. But New Zealand benefits greatly by the rise of the plate she rests on when it plunges under the Himalayas, gaining 500 feet in sea level from this tipping alone. This more than compensates for any rise in sea level.

If we have heirloom seeds, what is the best way to keep them fresh for the year/years before pole shift and the years after the pole shift until Sun is strong enough to sprout/grow plants?

You must grow them out, periodically. The rule of thumb is that seeds will last for 5 years for seeds, but as those who understand the science will tell you, it is only a reduced percentage of the seed that is viable, year after year. Very dry and very cold, as in frozen, also extends the life of seeds. All this is known to man's science. But the best rule to follow is to grow crops that will grow in your new climate, even if meager. Save the seed from those crops first, eating what remains.

Does this lull that we would seem to be in benefit the STO side? People around here have gone from being worried to apathetic and ready to shop their asses off as they have been told the recession is over. Spirituality is not taking off and the lull seems to have no purpose. Can we not get on with it? Is there a purpose to the lull?

The pace of the coming pole shift is under the control of Mother Nature, and will not be hurried just because you are impatient. This is a natural event.

Zetas have stated that HAARP is not being used as mind control, but is mind control for PTB being used? Over past few years, lots of people seem to be experiencing same negative emotions at same time, same locations; suicidal, despair, hopelessness, etc. Suicidal hot-lines filling up. Any feed back much appreciated.

You are correct that HAARP is nothing but a monitoring of the Earth's magnetosphere. Mind control does not happen, as in Manchurian Candidates or implants. Is there despair, lately, when the world is in a second Great Depression and many people are sensing that their government is lying to then? Of course!

Besides having an open train of thought and studying meditation in Asia for many years and other personal methods of self exploration , I have found my self in a cross roads that lead me to this web site. I am changing, the way I perceive reality is changing especially time and speed. The other day I was simply driving my car and I had to pull over because I had a intense moment of realization of time travel, just because I looked at my GPS. Nothing like this has happened to me in the past. I clearly had a intense understanding of how I could manipulate time with use of machinery or just in my mind. I believe I have also developed OCD , I've never had problems with this before. Lately I am obsessive I dedicate my day to finding knowledge constantly on just about any subject I feel knowledge to the people is limited. I have destroyed my eyebrows. I developed an obsessions that makes me pick the hair out of my brow when I start to drift off in intense thought and its so hard to control. I also feel very different on the inside when I think about certain things or think I have found a piece of knowledge that's fits , I actually feel a vibration or connection to certain things like I have not in the past. Its not emotional but sometimes I get such a intense feeling its like a physical change. A couple of days ago I went to my family and told them my plans for the next couple years which involve saving money and moving to a diff country in about 18 months etc. I guess I am writing this in hopes of being turned on to even greater resources of knowledge. I just wish I had greater resources than the internet, knowledge is power and I know enough to know I'm not in any position of power, I feel limited mentally and physically by others perception of reality. Im not sure if its a question or cry for help but I know somthing is happening and I don't think its just inside of me. Sorry for the ramble.

If you were to ask a contactee how they knew they were in contact with an information source beyond what they had before, they would probably describe many of the things you have mentioned. Missing time occurs, often in such a way that the contactee is aware that something has happened but without the contactee having any solid proof they are a contactee. There are emotional adjustments. After awhile, it all becomes routine, but for a new contactee, it can be quite discombobulating.

If people start raising chickens in suburbs, would there be an issue of people being worried that the neighbor with chickens can cause bird flu, or do you believe neighbors will start to ban together to share their eggs, and crops in the suburbs?

Bird flu has ceased to be the concern it was early in the Bush administration. When is the last time you heard about flocks being killed off due to the virus in its midst? Years. The issue is more whether flocks can be kept in a suburb, as they are considered farm animals. Call them your pets, and treat them that way, and you may find you can get around these rules.

Is there any likelihood of the PS happening after the predicted end date of the Mayan calender, Dec. 21, 2012?

We will not give a time-line. We already admitted that our prior statement indicating that the passage was likely to occur prior to Dec 21, 2012 was a breach of that very rule (and thus the pole shift could occur after that date). Beyond this we cannot say. Could be any time. Watch for the signs, the beginning of the last weeks, as your clue. The last weeks will all occur within a single magnetic trimester. And the pole shift will occur at the end of a trimester, either the end of an April, the end of an August, or the end of a December.