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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written December 19, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Most of political problems of Republic of Georgia are connected with its conflicts with separatist regions of Abkhasia and south Osetia. Even if the de facto government of this regions claim their people want to be independent from Georgia, everybody knows all this (separatism) is financed and provoked by Russia. I'd like to ask, is there any chance this separatist regions become a part of Republic of Georgia again as they were earlier in the history?

Not for long. The pole shift is coming!

Why do so many pedophiles live in Northern Europe, especially in Belgium and Germany?

Pedophiles develop everywhere, regardless of the culture being permissive or restrictive. There are some countries where they can be more open without fear of prosecution, and these countries may find that pedophiles have migrated to their more friendly arena.

I have read that USA has the highest prison population rate in the world and this amount is even raising. Why?

Availability of funding for prison's, private prisons making a profit, laws that are such that even small non-violent crimes result in prison, fear of minorities such as blacks or Hispanics such that judges and juries put them away on a slight, and many other factors.

I have read on ZetaTalk that early Zetas in the 3rd Density had lots of wars and they even destroyed their planet. The reason of the most wars on the earth in our history was material wealth. But since Zetas do not use money or something similar I'm asking my self what were these wars for? What was the reason of the wars between the early Zetas?

All 3rd Density cultures has some sort of equivalent for money, but our culture is now 4th Density Service-to-Other and we do without.

It seems that in certain areas, both Obama and the Zetas tend to support the Puppet Master and his agenda. As the zetas have themselves mentioned, personal discernment is important when reading and interpreting ZetaTalk. Again only in certain areas and only in areas where there is the potential for mutual benefit for mankind and the Puppet Master agendas do the agendas seem to intersect. Will there come a time that it will be both appropriate and timely, once the collapse gets underway that Obama will be free to truly go his own way?

This is very much in the hands of man and thus not something we can predict. It is not simply a matter of a dance between the Puppet Master and Obama. Literally millions of individuals, all with varrying agendas, are involved in what will unfold.

Could the Zetas tell us to what extent Planet X was discussed behind closed doors at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this past week? Was there agreement regarding what to say, if anything, about the presence of Planet X?

Planet X is always discussed when heads of state can meet face-to-face. As before, when we were asked similar questions, there is no change in plans. All major players are terrified of alerting the public, and their terror gets more extreme the more Planet X and its wafting tail make their presence known. The Norway swirl, the continual presence on SOHO images, all this is making the matter a white-knuckle affair for heads of state, NASA, the military, and the very wealthy. They don't want the truth revealed, and fear retaliation against themselves if it is revealed. In the near future, any revelations will not come from this strata of society, but may come from the Puppet Master, as Nancy has recently learned.

Since the beginning of December Planet X became to be sometimes seen at Stereo Ahead. Why do not the cover-up-makers "erase" it from the photos?

NASA and their partners face the same problem with the frequent appearances on SOHO. When Planet X was in a singular location, the program routinely erased what was there and replaced it with the anticipated star background. Plumes from the Sun and passing planets complicated this routine, but could be anticipated and programmed in. But when too much activity occurs, there are mistakes. There are videos on YouTube which show Saturn transiting, then disappearing, then transiting again. This is the obvious hand of an air-brush job, and horrified those at NASA. Now there is too much motion, Planet X appearing all over the place, due to bobbling of the satellites and also the Earth and Planet X. The new approach is to have downtime when something appears.

The Zetas, you can tell in several lines there will be a 2010 defining/critical year for a situation with Planet X?

No. We cannot give away the timeline in any manner, as we state repeatedly every week.

It would be great from you zetas to give us some clues (help!!) about how a regular technician mind can develop a free energy generator (using magnets for example or something else) so the generator will be ready for helping the survivors after pole shift. Is that possible? By sending some pictures/blueprints/ideas, to Nancy's mind. By doing that, you are going to help alot of people and Zetatalk will spread immediately all over the globe? Or its not time yet for people to have this kind of technology?

It is not possible because it would not be used solely for the benefit of Service-to-Other individuals! Obviously, it would be used to aid those in the STS, who would loot and attack the good hearted thus, with our help. Please think about this! This is outlined in the body of ZetaTalk.

Since Zetas communicate telepathically, is every single thought of a Zeta able to be read telepathically by other Zetas, or are only selected thoughts passed between Zetas? I recall the Robert Louis Stevenson aphorism, "We all have thoughts that would shame hell." Perhaps 4th-density beings have only pure thoughts?

We have explained in the body of ZetaTalk that newcomers to 4th Density are often embarrassed to discover that their thoughts are read by all, for this reason.

Were any UFOs shot and put to "Google Earth"? There are some screenshots from this program pretending to show UFOs flying over the Earth's surface.

This is possible, yes, but we will not have our time taken up addressing every suspect shot. There are more important things to do.

Why was not Planet X seen during different kinds of eclipses since 2003 ?

Due to the necessity of maintaining the Element of Doubt about both the alien presence and Planet X, for those who would go insane if they could not cling to denial, times such as eclipses are arranged such that the Moon is in the right place and any dramatic appearance of Planet X diffused.

I am a practicing oncologist in Canada. I can't help the feeling that we may be missing the most effective mode of cancer treatment compared to our current methodology (ie. chemotherapies, radiation, etc.) I have read your section on cancer (with regards to the soul deciding to give up on life) and understand the content. However, in pediatric cases and other young adults, have the souls already given up before their life really began? Are the Zetas aware of a more effective modality in treating carcinogenesis/propagation of the tumor?

We are not allowed to interfere with mankind's schoolhouse, which has challenges and grief, opportunities to love one another, opportunities to suffer so as to have empathy when seeing others in the same situation in the future, opportunities to sacrifice our own comfort to ease pain in others and the like. Could we make every child beautiful and intelligent and create a painfree life for all? Absolutely. Will the Council of Worlds allow this? No.

What will happen if the soul is unhappy with the body, which embodies?

You can imagine that highly Service-to-Self souls are not content in a body which will not attain a powerful position in life, by which that soul can intimidate others or charm them into cooperation. Souls are forced into the incarnation their Spirit Guilds choose for them, and are not allowed to leave. If the human is about to commit suicide, then the soul is jumping out of the body and is allowed to do so. But this cannot be faked, the Spirit Guides are not fools. In these circumstances, if other spirits are about willing to incarnate into that body, then a Walk-in by a Service-to-Other soul or possession by a Service-to-Self soul can occur.

This week we were treated to a spectacle that showed Obama and his administration, together with the Democratic leadership in Congress, roll over to the STS special interests, basically agreeing to coerce all citizens into buying their over-priced product by mandating it without the so-called "public option". Polls taken in the wake of this sell-out show mega-majorities (nearly 9 out of 10 Democrats, nearly 3 out of 4 independents, and even a slight majority of Republicans) disappointed, dismayed, disgusted, shocked, and angry at this new mandate to purchase from the insurance "industry". I know the Zetas have touted Obama as a "star child", but he acts more like a caveman - caving in to any special interest that raises the slightest objection, except of course the aspirations of the people who actually put him into office. Without asking what Obama's thinking on this is, since the Zetas will never do that, is this what we are to expect of STO "leadership"? Or do the zetas know something we don't that would explain this travesty? Surely these vast majorities of the people aren't all stupid humans or are simply naive, with too-high expectations? Maybe the rationale should be "don't let the perfect be the enemy of the crap we're forced to make you swallow".

We keep repeating, when asked this type of question weekly, that Obama cannot make things happen from the Oval Office unless Congress passes laws first! He is taking what he can get, and will use that as a base to lobby for changes in the law as it is shown that the profit makers cannot restrain themselves or comply with the law as written. Do you understand the Constitution, what the separation of powers means? He could of course refuse any bill that the Congress presents to him, and then there would be no opportunity for change. Is that better, in your opinion?

If one studied the entire content of Zeta Talk thoroughly, is it possible to extrapolate out for oneself the poleshift timeline?

No. As you might imagine, we have been careful, and our skills are vast in this regard.

Have heard Clif High talking about the change in color of the sun recently and I have to agree with him. In my long ago youth it was yellow and now it seems white and turning blue at times. Would like to ask the Zeta's why the sun is changing colors? Also, would sun spots at the north and south poles of the sun be another sign of pole shift on earth?

When light is shown through fog, it diffuses, and when sunlight comes through the tail of Planet X is likewise diffuses, thus the Sun appears more white. Many chemicals are in the atmosphere of Earth from the tail of Planet X, and this puts halos around the Moon and Sun and causes neon clouds, among other effects. The pole shift timeline cannot be inferred by the appearance of the surface of the Sun, no.

Do the Zetas have anything to say about a Christmas hammer this year?

We are not allowed to predict when earthquakes or volcanic eruptions occur, nor the locale likely to be affected. Beyond this, we have stated that the end of magnetic trimesters is a vulnerable time for the Earth, as in the December 26, 2004 tsunami quake, and the end of December is the end of a trimester, though some effects can happen just after the end, as in the January 8, 2007 Earth Fart day.

What's speed will debris to the earth during poleshift? How do we cope for debris?

This will occur in the manner you experience fireballs and meteors today, with the exception that there will be more of this during the pole shift. Take sensible precautions, but for large boulders that survive and thud to Earth, there is little that can be done. If sheltered against a cliff, so that debris bounces off the cliff and away, some impacts can be avoided.

I've been hanging around here since the spring of 2006, and my original question has yet to be answered, though I have been flamed, deleted and banned for insisting. One last time, for old time's sake, would you answer my question before I fade away forever. My question is this. If as you and the Zetas claim, the earth is stalled in orbit, how is it that ancient monolithic structures designed to capture specific celestial phenomenon continue to mark those phenomenon with precision as they have for thousands of years. Tens of thousands of tourists and new agers travel every spring equinox to Chichen Itza to watch the descent of the serpent, marking the solar equinox. This would not be possible if the earth and the sun were not in the correct positions. If the phenomenon failed to occur, there would be a lot of people freaking out about it on the internet. They would see it as a sign that the end is nigh.

You certainly have not been asking this question since 2006 and denied an answer. Can you not do anything but lie in your attempts to earn your pay? As we have stated, repeatedly and in the body of ZetaTalk, closely watched affairs such as this are arranged, if only by bending light, which is easily done, so that those who cannot deal with great change do not go insane. At some point, when the last weeks are near and there is no point in trying to protect those who cling to denial and no need to worry about the panic those in power may inflict on their citizens, the full truth will be allowed to be discerned.

And what of the new telescope that went up this week WISE to hunt for brown dwarf stars and binary star systems? At 2:20 in this NASA WISE video they admit they are looking for PX/brown dwarf :

NASA has always had to have a plan for what they would say to the public if and when Planet X became so obvious to the public that they could no longer deny. This was their plan. They sent up an infrared probe, and discovered it. Tisk. There all along and appearing on SOHO but just now they've found it!

Do zetas talk to any other humans? If so, how may we contact them?

We, the Zetas, have contactees within the N American continent, which is our region. There are over 1,000 life forms, sorted into over 40 working groups, attending Earth at this time. If you are a contactee, you are put in contact with others who are likewise contactees. Many meetings are being arranged.

I live in Los Angeles and for the last several weeks, the spraying of the skies has been non stop. Every little piece of blue sky is now white. I know you said awhile back that the spraying wasn't harmful. Can you tell me if the current spraying is still benign? And can you tell us why the spraying is happening?

Chemical poisoning is not occurring, though this was the original intent of chemtrails under the Bush administration. Chemtrails at present are an operation of the wealthy elite, allowed to occur only because they are hiding the presence of Planet X from the public, a matter which both the government and the wealthy elite have as a common goal at the present time.

Can undecided's become STO in one swift incident of self sacrifice?

There is of course that moment when the threshold of being 50% concerned about the self and 50% concerned about others is passed. But what in actuality occurs is a dithering, where the entity is Service-to-Other, then returns to undecided, then crosses the line to being Service-to-Other again, until the dithering no longer returns to undecided except, perhaps, during a rare moment considered an exception and thus tossed out as an exception. Thus, if you are hoping that many of your friends can suddenly make the leap, this is unlikely, as it is a long process, that dithering.

When earth is pulled toward PX and we move closer to the sun, will our planet stay in the new orbit, or sling back into an eliptical orbit?

The Earth will return to her orbit, which is controlled by many factors, not by a single instance of perturbation by the presence of Planet X.

When a person has a strong feeling that another may be a highly STS individual and living close by, would prompting that STS person to leave the area be a mean thing to do since that STS person might actually "change his colors" when the PS occurs and then see that survival depends on everyone helping each other instead of the "kill or be killed" mentality?

In general, those who are Service-to-Other give too much latitude to those who are Service-to-Self, so are manipulated by them, precisely for these reasons. They wring their hands, claiming they are being misunderstood and not given a chance and the like. They are very skilled at this, having learned how to act through many lifetimes. We have stated that those who are suspected of being Service-to-Self should be given tasks that are distasteful, tasks that would otherwise have to be done by Service-to-Other individuals who would not complain. The Service-to-Self can act, but will not maintain an act for long, and can be caught in manipulations fairly easily when they think no one is looking. It would be unlikely, for instance, for a Service-to-Self person to work in the sewers, effectively, for months without trying to swap jobs with another or getting someone else to do their work. This is not their nature, to persevere, but rather to look for the easy route.

It may have been addressed but the irony of both phenomena occurring on the same day is interesting, is it not? Perhaps there is a relation to the two? Was the thing over Moscow pointing? It was "pointy" looking. If the spiral was a wormhole opening, did it collect anything? An asteroid? I am curious as to if a wormhole was opened to divert an "inbound" that would have affected Moscow. [and from another] Can we expect any more Spirals, if so where? Or any other signs from the skies?

The Norway swirl was not a wormhole, but was, as we explained, a magnetic swirl grounding in the center where the neon corkscrew emerged. The only relationship in time to the Moscow holograph produced by UFOs was to lessen the shock of the first magnetic swirl to occur and be photographed so dramatically. Other than to encourage the residents of Moscow to look at the skys and wonder, so as to be receptive to the telepathic message the UFOs were sending, the points in the tetrahedron had no purpose. Yes, there will be more spirals, and other signs in the skies which we prefer not to divulge at the present.

Can Zeta really read the minds of all people or only when the call is put out? If Zeta knows all about who did what to whom.why can't they make a list of all major missing persons and out the murderers and let us know which of the missing are indeed alive? Not all in one burst, but 10 a week would be brilliant help for us humans that do care and need relief from their misery.

Yes, we read minds readily, and this is why protecting those individuals the Council of Worlds allows us to protect is so readily done. We know what is planned, and who is behind it. As we stated earlier in this chat, we are not allowed to interfer with the will of man or with his environment, without the express approval of the Council of Worlds. This is your schoolhouse, where you are to learn how to help your fellow man and to take action. We are not here as your parents.