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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written January 9, 2010 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

With the ongoing depression/recession I can't imagine why someone would step down from a job that pays well. "The median expected salary for a typical Sheriff/Police Chief in the United States is $93,980. This basic market pricing report was prepared using our Certified Compensation Professionals' analysis of survey data collected from thousands of HR departments at employers of all sizes, industries and geographies." [and from another] Some 26 examples between April-September, 2009.

Everyone has their eyes on those in top government positions or in Congress or in NASA or the very wealthy or those running large corporations. Are they retiring or disappearing from public view, suddenly, in great numbers, and is this a clue that the pole shift is imminent? Thus, a recent exodus of police chiefs almost escaped notice. Is this merely coincidental, or is there a reason for the exodus? Those in law enforcement at the local level consider the community their home, and those they must muscle in any confrontation neighbors. Thus, when new rules come down from the state and especially the federal level on what to do during rioting or mass migration, the expectation that local police will have to turn their guns on their friends and neighbors runs against the grain. Emergency management meetings and notices are not public fare, and thus the public is not aware of the chatter. The economy falters. Individuals stressed by job loss and home foreclosure are exploding into rage and turning this on themselves and others with increasing frequency. But it is the anticipation that major flooding or earthquakes will produce massive numbers wanting to migrate within the country that is the prevailing concern of late. In these cases, migration is to be blocked and controlled. Guns turned on families with babes in arms is not something these police chiefs signed up for, and they are declining the new rules by retiring, their only option.

Based upon the future geography the Zetas have provided, I have estimated that latitudinally, my location will end up being somewhere between current day San Diego and Central Mexico. While designing a moderately large scale water distiller, to provide for many, including crops and animals, obviously one must take into consideration the water source, i.e., rain water or stream water. Rain water would be much easier and far less expensive, thus, preferable. Recognizing the wet climate that will follow the passage, rainwater seems to be a no brainer at first, however, how long can one expect an ample supply around the world and in particular at those latitudes and how long must one distill if no volcanic fall out is directly due west of ones location?

Water distillation is only required for drinking and cooking water, not for crops or washing. Volcanic dust will be prevalent in the atmosphere, creating gloom for approximately 25 years after the pole shift, on a diminishing basis during this period.

Any hidden reason for all of the congressman to announce that they would not stand for re election as they did this past week?

Many in Congress have been informed either directly or indirectly via rumor and innuendo that the cataclysms will not be mild, and those they govern will be desperate for answers and help. They don't want to be in the position of refusing answers, uncomfortable in a lie, and especially don't want to have to share their survival preparations with demanding taxpayers. Retiring puts them out of the heavy traffic lane.

Armageddon week on the history channel is pretty edgy in terms of its message and content re a "pole shift magnitude disaster". Obviously the pole shift was not called out but fairly dramatic content was presented. 1) is this type of show effective in making people aware? And 2) how do those that put these shows on avoid the wrath of TPTB that still want all possibility of a shift like disaster hidden from the common man?

History Channel need not fear reprisals from the Obama administration, which is encouraging more open discussion on these types of possibilities. Under Bush, there was a lot of repression and pointed national security directives, which were withdrawn when Obama took office. There is a type of test being done, wherein public reaction is gauged, and then the program is reset to be more pointed or less, depending upon reaction. There are people who listen in during café and bar conversations, and others who monitor email for key words to find those email discussing the show. They are learning what we have stated, that the common man is not the element that will panic. It is those in control, the establishment, who panic because they fear being called to account on their lies, and fear the common man making demands upon them.

Do higher density STS entities genetically engineer species for the exploitation of young souls?

Those in the Service-to-Self are not allowed to genetically engineer species on 3rd density worlds, which is where young souls are sparked. They do however genetically engineer those species which house the souls resident on their prison planets. Generally, this engineering is to make them less empathetic, and more suitable for the tasks they are assigned by those in charge.

Here in Europe we experienced severe weather conditions during past weeks: at first a warm October/November, then suddenly a cold and snowy December (it snowed and was very cold in areas that weren't used to that and even where I live, which is a flat land), then at the beginning of January we experienced heavy rain and lots of areas flooded. Still the situation is difficult for some regions and now metereologists expect the weather to become cold and snowy again. Do you expect this winter to slowly get better before spring arrives?

We are periodically asked about the weather, though we have repeatedly stated that our predictions in 1995, when ZetaTalk first began, will hold. We predicted increasing drought and deluge, switching about, becoming more intractable and this occurred. We predicted temperature swings, and this occurred. We predicted that the seasons would begin to blend into each other, though this has not yet occurred to meet our prediction, though it will. We predicted snow in summer and this has occurred. We predicted crop shortages caused by all these weather extremes and this is no longer denied by the authorities. We predicted in January of 2009 that the northern hemisphere would have colder then normal weather because of the push away the N Pole experiences during the Earth wobble, and this has occurred. We also recently stated that a prediction for colder then normal weather did not mean a steady state, as swings are to be expected, in line with our earlier prediction that the seasons would blend. Thus, you should expect more cold and storms, but also unexpectedly warm weather!

In your opinion, will be a big downturn in the global economy and US economy particularly before the pole shift?

At the start of ZetaTalk we predicted an economic depression and the globe is in a second Great Depression, thought this is not admitted by the authorities. We predicted that the globe would not recover from this, going into the pole shift. There will be more job loss, as companies find they cannot survive without an economic recovery to pull them out of a morass. There will be higher prices for such items as food and fuel, where fuel must be imported and the price is affected by the value of a dropping dollar. There will be increasing catastrophes such as flood and earthquake damage, causing demands on government and insurance reserves, and forcing families to move in with each other.

Can it be said that thoughts are things? For example, does the energy created by loving, kind, and compassionate thoughts radiate beyond the individual who has these thoughts and positively affect surrounding individuals, animals, and situations? Conversely, do negative thoughts spread beyond the individual who has these dark thoughts and adversely affect things?

Thoughts are things because they are accompanied by brain wave activity, which is a thing. Telepathy is communicated through via brain waves which are transmitted by one brain and picked up by a receptive brain. You can think of this like a radio station transmitting radio waves, picked up by radios in the area. Telepathy caries more than a concept such as intent, it also carries emotion, or physical distress such as a cramping stomach or nausea. So by your definition, it can be positive or negative.

You often stated that the Alps will be a safer place for people when the moment arrives, since they are old mountains. But what about the so-called pre-Alps (the Dolomites for example)?

As with the Appalachian mountains in the US, mountains that are not actively undergoing mountain building will not roil during the pole shift, though some shifting or adjusting can occur along or between rock sheets jutting out of the Earth. The African plate rolls, but this causes a pulling apart at the Red Sea and a ripping apart at the Afar Triangle, the African Rift zone. The Mediterranean slip-slides during the rolling of the African plate, which will of course rip any cables laid in the Mediterranean and will adjust the floor of the Mediterranean, affecting any land directly on that fault line. But outside of flooding of lowlands, and escape from exploding volcanoes, Europe will not experience the geological changes many other parts of the world can anticipate.

With all the weather changes around the globe would you say we are at a "7" yet?

Because of weather? No.

I am not asking for interpretation per se. But I had a recent dream in which I sat on the ground, with a child (not of my own bearing) interacting playfully with a young calf. Its wet nose in our faces. And when I chanced to turn around I saw two greys sitting on park benches watching us. I had no ill feeling of the matter. But, I was quite conscious of the fact (during the dream) I'd been allowed to see them. My question is: this is the first of this kind of dream I've ever had or "remember" having. Am I being allowed to remember a specific occasion? Or was I allowed my vision of them (in a dream) because I'm ready for some of the things to come?

Your dream was undoubtedly influenced by a contactee status. Your subconscious saw your visitors, so you do have a memory of them.

A good Q was raised last chat. A man is attacked by a pack of the wolves and he can give a self-focused Call if worrying about himself or a Call of STO nature if worrying about those who depend on him. But what will be a nature of a Call, given by him if he is thinking about himself and others simultaneously?

Obviously, a man being attacked by a pack of wolves will not be entirely without worry about his tearing flesh and his chances of survival. But the question was not about that, it was about the reason for a Call being given. If he begs for help, there is a reason for this, and that was the focus of our previous answer.

I have a little bit odd Q also, sorry. Many people believe that things can take new qualities after people use them. E.g. to say primitively if I start to wear a shirt of another person, his / her "energy", "spirit" is passed to me. That is why some people refuse to wear others' clothes. That is why one believes in "concealed" power of things or believes exactly this thing brings him fortune. Another stories tell us about diamonds, whose owners suffer troubles. So my Q here is - can we "pass" some "energy", "influence", "qualities" to the things while using them and can these things influence us with such "qualities" ?

The soul of the former person, or the person themselves if still living, may be aware that their objects are being used by another. If this is something they desire, then no negative vibes will be sent, but if the former owner was possessive or mean spirited, then negative vibes may be sent. To the extent that the new owners are sensitive to these vibes, they may thus feel odd about using the objects.

Here is a link to the article hinting at recent discovery of Earth's Dark Twin. Was it really found by scientists? If no, then can it be found with our earthy accessories soon ?

NASA and the Hubble masters have been aware of the Earth's Dark Twin for many decades. But it will not be "found" by them as MJ12 sent military men to accompany Service-to-Self aliens there, and this colony did not fare well. Even though such an admission would not be required in any admission that the Dark Twin exists, this clouds the picture. Then there is the issue of the Earth's stopped orbit, which has brought the Dark Twin up behind Earth in their shared orbit so it is not opposite the Earth, behind the Sun. Questions would be raised, potentially, and this comes too close to discussing the presence of Planet X. Thus, all will remain an unspoken issue.

If Ahmadinejad is so STO, why is Iran in the throes of such massive civil unrest, with the rallying cry on the streets "death to the dictator"? If he won the election fair and square, why did the clerics see fit to commit voter fraud, unless they were simply fearful STS hiding behind this puppet of theirs?

As with the case of Obama, who is supposed to accomplish miracles, pass laws bypassing Congress, and dictating to the Judicial system what judgements they make in the process if necessary, this is narrow and childish thinking. Obama can only execute what laws the congress enacts, and cannot dictate. Iran's president Ahmadinejad likewise is limited in what he can do. Both leaders attempt to work within the restrictions, to accomplish as much good as is possible, given the situation.

If Bush had clones, why doesn't Obama have clones?

Do you have clones? Why not? Such is this logic. Bush had a father who desired to be in control when the time of the pole shift arrived. He wanted to be in control of the largest military in the world, sit on the oil fields, and be king in the Aftertime. Obama did not have such a father.

If the Puppetmaster served on MJ-12, he must have been familiar to George H.W. 'Poppy' Bush. Though Bush is STS and the Puppet Master Undecided, does Poppy fear him, scorn him, act obsequiously towards him, or what? Can the zetas give us an idea of the relationship between these two individuals? It seems that Poppy was supposed to be a puppet, but apparently the Puppet Master was aware of the fact that a set of zygote offspring was arranged for Poppy to use in his plans to seize power at the appropriate time (inferred from the claims in Zetatalk that Bush clone #3 sought asylum with the Puppet Master). Is this because Poppy was lieutenant #1 to the Puppet Master at one time and they have had a falling out since then?

Perhaps Nancy could write another script for this drama. Of course they knew each other, and had interaction. We have endlessly explained that the Puppet Master does not dictate what goes on in the world! This is childish thinking, that Obama must make things wonderful, that the Puppet Master can snap his fingers and the world will fall into line. It is like herding cats. There are millions of agendas involved, thousands of direct participants to be coordinated and most importantly convinced of a direction. People can agree, but not fully cooperate or not fully understand what is being asked. People can agree, but subconsciously resent a request and sabotage an action. An intelligent Puppet Master gauges what the other truly wants and finds a way to blend the goal such that the Puppet is eager and truly cooperative. We suspect this concept is too complex for most to follow.

Will WW3 start this year?

No. And as we have stated since the start of the ZetaTalk saga, sabre rattling will increase but war of this scale will not occur. Countries are dealing with food shortages, economic disasters, and there is no prize across the border as all countries are distressed.

Are Hillary and Bill Clinton Satanists?

No. Never.

The cold spreading "downwards" from the North towards South ... that's magnetic movement, ain't it?

Indirectly, magnetism has something to do with it. Planet X is pointing its magnetic N Pole in the direction of Earth, causing all those twisted magnetosphere simulations where the S Pole of Earth seems to disappear periodically. The Earth wobble is more violent, creating a vertical jet stream for the N American continent. The Earth's N Pole is pushed away, daily, so the northern hemisphere is getting less sunlight overall. That's the relationship of your weather in Sweden to magnetism.

Why do humans, even Service-to-Other humans, gossip? Do 4th-density, Service-to-Other entities like the Zetas gossip?

Absolutely, with the difference that the person being gossiped about is fully aware of what is being said.

Is it possible to be STO and still scorn any warning about the poleshift? Even if disbelieving, wouldn't an STO person at least consider it or avoid getting angry at the messenger?

There is no incompatibility, as to acknowledge the coming changes requires courage as well as caring, and simply being Service-to-Other, caring about others as often as the self, does not mean the entity has courage. Courage is required not only on the soul level, but on the human level, so there may be discordance there. The soul is likely to be fully aware, having lived through prior cataclysms, though may have been unaware of the global impact. Floods and exploding volcanoes and intractable droughts and strange sights in the skies such as fireballs can occur outside of a pole shift, too. But if the soul in general lacks courage, fears pain more than it sees the opportunity to help others, fears they would not be up to the challenge to help others and might have to deal with guilt, for instance, it may not want to linger in this lifetime, and be hoping for an out. Then of course the human might have all those hangups too, and lack courage. If both feel this way, then even a highly Service-to-Other individual might be in denial to the end and beyond.

I have just got back from seeing the film 'The Road'. Its a dark film but I can't help but feel it is perhaps the closest a film has got to what things may be like post pole shift. Has Service to Self gangs, Service to Other people, good vs evil and cannabalism and other horrors taking place. However like 2012 for many people watching this it may make them think that there is no hope in a post catalysm world and they would rather die than live in the aftertime. For me personally it just made me more motivated to make the necessary preparations - a kick up the arse in some ways!! Just wondered if the Zetas comment on the film and the impact they think it may have?

Reactions to such a film vary as much as the individuals watching it. Those who rise to a challenge would be motivated, seeing the extent of the challenge. Those who are fearful or shrink from such a challenge would turn the show off and wipe the possibility from their minds.

Why did Giuliani decide not to run for governor of New York? He had a pretty good chance of winning.

He knows what's coming. What would you tell the residents of New York City, knowing what is coming? Where would you move them? Where would you house them? He doesn't want those problems in his lap.

In a large area in the Netherlands (de bollenstreek) there was a power outage, some 100.000 families where without power. The firm that takes care of the electrictiy in this area said that it was because of a yet unknown defect in a power station in Sassenheim. Was this just a normal power failure because not the whole of the Netherlands was affected or was something else to blame. As we also had problems with snow and wind?

When an electrical outage is declared due to an unknown problem, then electromagnetic pulse is always suspect. However, when utilities are dealing with cold or weather beyond what was anticipated for the infrastructure to withstand, then it is likely not caused by EMP.

If there was a current operation by highly STS individuals who were in active consultation with STS aliens to for example poison large portions of the population through hypothetically additives in the food supply or vaccines, are the STO aliens allowed to give details of an ongoing operation by the other side. In other words, are STO allowed to comment on ongoing operations by STS?

To do so is to engage the enemy, into a limited or unlimited engagement. This takes a great deal of resources from those Service-to-Other aliens who commit to this. This is why we declined to comment on certain operations, such as cattle mutilations, when Service-to-Self aliens were directly involved. This is a complicated situation, as there may be some Service-to-Self consultation involved with only certain individuals, so that in general Service-to-Other aliens can discuss the matter, the plan, with humans giving the Call. But if the entire operation is under the supervision of Service-to-Self aliens, involving all humans involved, then an engagement must be instituted for Service-to-Other aliens to discuss the matter.

When catastrophic events arrive, a massive die-off is always expected. But let's think about an entire family whose members die due to the same accident: are their souls allowed to stay together for some time after the death of their bodies, to interact with each other? Or are they "called back" to a new incarnation? And, last thing, how do they see each other (souls)? Like globes, lights or what?

Each soul is treated as an individual, not grouped, unless all so desire. Humans often see spirits as orbs of light, if the soul trying to communicate so desires, but this is for the human's benefit. Ghosts present themselves as their former appearance by influencing the mind of the human they wish to communicate with. They are not physically a ball of light or in the shape of their last incarnation.

The following paper attempts to draw a correlation between intense aurora and plasma phenomenon (Z pinch) and world-wide petroglyph as a physical record of their locations of occurrences. Any truth to the conclusions drawn by Mr. Peratt? Can the Zetas speak to those ancient glyphs as being human-made, on the whole, or done by off-world visitors as a visual record? Anything of use in the years to come?

Petroglyphs drawn by early man on cave walls or as symbols in more recent times are not simply decorative, nor are they meaningless. Cave men drew what evoked strong emotional response. A successful hunt, a family group, or the terror of a large predator. That the Sun and Moon and stars are missing from cave drawings is because these did not evoke strong emotions. Any analysis of petroglyphs should take this into consideration. All else is theory.

According to recent news article, both Wal-Mart and H&M trash and slash unsold clothes. Why wouldn't they just give the perfectly unsold clothes to homeless people or poor people in need of clothes? They cut the fingers off gloves and trash them, and slash shirts and pants before putting them out for garbage. Why not give them to people in need instead of taking up space in a landfill?

These practices are designed to prevent employees from deliberately ordering more clothing than can sell, so the excess can somehow be directed to employees or friends of employees. This is entirely a profit motivated practice, thus, and like many corporate decisions, not for the welfare of man.

I recently watched Food Inc, which informed me on how messed up our food industry is. 70% of fast food meat has been 'cleansed' in ammonia, and that's nothing compared to the rest of the story. Monsanto has the power to harass and sue simple farmers who keep seeds. Can the Zetas please comment on the effect of genetically modified crops and Monsanto's mafia style tactics? Farmers can't keep their seeds without being harassed by ex-military/police and taken to court by an army of lawyers! The Zetas manufacture their food in a proper way, ours is a dictatorship of multinational corporations.

This is the difference between a 3rd density world, where highly Service-to-Self entities can develop and push themselves into control positions, and a 4th density world of Service-to-Other cultures. If you think your 3rd density world is a mess, you should see the practices on 4th density Service-to-Self prison planets!

Is NASA's STS-126 patch depicting Nibiru with the red cross in the upper right?

Yes, though they would deny it.

Can the zetas say what their "counseling" includes? Just telepathic communication or including visualizations?

A wide range of contact - face to face human to alien, telepathy between human and alien, soul-to-soul communication between human soul and alien soul, holographic presentations by aliens, and group meetings between human contactees on space ships or elsewhere combined with alien interaction.

With all these police chiefs retiring so they don't have to use such force what do the Zeta's see as coming from this? Just replacements that will tow the line and shoot to kill if told to do so?

In some cases, yes. But in others, a revolving door, as the new chiefs discover what is expected of them. Some jobs will be hard to fill.

I've been researching the Apollo moon landings and I have a question. Zetatalk says the the apollo astronauts did in fact go to the moon but the video was faked. Can you tell us if the NASA astronauts used the equipment and technology that was pictured to go or did they use different equipment. Have other astronauts gone to the moon from earth that we haven't been told about.

Of course they used the equipment that was planned and presented to the media as exhibits. Why would it be otherwise. Have they been to the Moon since, on secret missions? Yes, but this was limited to the years following the Apollo missions, not in the recent decade.

Can the zetas address the concept of the NWO (New World Order; nothing in ZetaTalk except unconnected comments here and there)? Many folks think that the signs of coming economic collapse and current misery, as well as attempts to poison the population, are simply efforts by the PTB to gain absolute control over the people. While this may be true to some extent, is it not true that the "NWO" is more of a collective approach to maintaining the coverup and ensuring (they hope) continued PTB control of Earth not only post-shift but in the chaotic run-up to it? Sorting this issue out could help determine where the Puppet Master fits in the PTB since we're now expecting him to help break the coverup's stranglehold.

Not all individuals intent on bringing the world under one governing body are evil. However, in that highly Service-to-Self individuals seek utter control, such a body would be tempting, and take-over attempts would be endless. Consider the US, which developed the largest military in the world, as large as all other countries combined. In the years leading up to the time of the pole shift, the US was taken by coup, by election fraud in 2000 and 2004, so the oil fields of the Middle East could be secured by the Bush family and their cronies. We have addressed the issue of plans for chemtrails poisoning the population, vaccinations selectively poisoning the population, work camps turned into slave camps, and world domination by control of black gold, oil, anticipated to be the next currency after the pole shift. All these plans have failed, though were contemplated and set in motion in past years. The Puppet Master has never been a fan of any NWO concepts, as he prefers to operate where competition can be used as a tool during his dealings.