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ZetaTalk: The Scapegoat
written Jan 5, 2004

Throughout 2003, cooperation among world leaders was garnered by a promise that the passage of Planet X would occur with little more than minor earthquakes and tides and meteor showers, and the admonition that the greater threat was panic among the masses who would desert their jobs to loot and pillage and make unreasonable demands on their leadership. The leaders agreed, especially since they were bribed and threatened to encourage them to do so. That odd meeting in France, over a year ago, where all heads of state were in attendance to ostensibly talk about Iraq and mending fences, had a different agenda indeed. Now that earthquake damage has become a daily affair, along with exploding gas lines and fields, plumbing water main breaks, dropping structures and bridges, and high tides washing inland even when the land there is not sinking, all this cooperation is weakening. What can be expected?

The Plan
The wealthy elite have almost single handedly managed the cover-up because they control the media as well as those currently in possession of the White House and its perks. This includes controlling major media outlets both TV and printed matter, NASA and the observatories they in essence control, and any threats of invasion or retaliation the US could bring to bear. Their goals were to avoid panic up until the end days, and to murder hundreds of millions around the world in coastal and river basin cities by trapping them under the auspices of Martial Law so as to reduce the rioting hungry. Survivors inland who presumably had more useful labor skills than soft city dwellers would be forced into labor camps because the elite would have food stores, and thus become slaves.
The Muscle
This plan required the primary military might, the US Military, to be firmly in hand and obedient, but by August 2003 revolt was irrevocably in process. Thus, the motive for the wealthy elite to support the White House crowd has evaporated. Since the Federal Reserve is almost exclusively funded by a single wealthy family, the House of Rothchild, they have paid for the sustained DOW by stock manipulation and propped up the failing US economy by an almost zero interest rate to US banks. Now that the US Military will not support the conquest of oil fields around the world, nor be used as a private militia for the wealthy, the House of Rothchild will look to itself, as other houses of wealth around the world are doing.
The Scapegoat
This withdrawal will result in a collapse in the US markets, already bankrupt but swaggering and making claims to the contrary. A further assault on the leadership of the Bush/Blair alliance will be the intentional scapegoating of NASA and its handlers when emerging evidence of the Planet X complex can no longer be denied. NASA knew all along, had a firm hold on information because it was deemed a national security issue, and their masters, the White House, was holding the line. A scapegoat is deemed necessary to focus the inevitable anger, but also to allow a quick cut to the chase.

The wealthy elite, who in essence have run the world by virtue of their immense wealth and what it could buy or bully, have resigned themselves to failure to escape the Earth for the upcoming cataclysms. They were promised an escape to Mars or the dark side of the Moon, by Service-to-Self aliens who lied about their intentions, as by the rules only those humans in the Service-to-Other orientation are offered any kind of lift. Stuck on Earth, with increasing evidence that underground caverns are not safe, they are now keenly interested in pockets of survival groups that they can rely upon in the Aftertime as a starting base for a new economy. The target are those intelligent enough to understand the explanations of the upcoming shift, resourceful enough to arrange survival, and skillful enough to establish thriving communities after the shift. This requires media exposure, previously heavily suppressed, akin to the recent New Zealand TV clip which was well received by the public. How to get past the blame game and into survival discussion? Burn NASA, burn the White House, and move on.