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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written April 3, 2010 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Please tell us about the 21 years after the poleshift. What will the aftershocks be like in the hours and days after the hour? How will it be for the 3 1/2 yr as Nibiru completes its orbit and then heads back? Will the last year of it heading back compare with the last year before it got in - or are the space friends holding us into seasons and that won't happen again? And what about the second pass and years following?

We have stated that the return of Planet X is done at a more sedate pace, so that it is not zooming into the inner solar system and then suddenly putting on the brakes. On the first pass, it has come from its essential dither point between the Sun and its second foci, the Sun's binary, so has traveled, suddenly, a longer distance than it does on the return trip. When Planet X is that the dither point, it is some 9.37 Sun-Pluto distances away, but when it is at the turn-around point before its return passage, it is only 3.6 Sun-Pluto distances away. These distances are traveled in a few short years, and high speed is attained on the first pass, rivaling what humans term the speed of light. Of course the speed of light is not the fastest pace physical matter can travel, as there is little friction in space. This speed is not attained on the second pass, the return trip. Why is it that the past few pole shifts, notable in the memory of man as the Flood and the Jewish Exodus, do not include devastation from a second pass? This is because the return trip does not bring Planet X into the orbit of Earth, nor does it create a lingering passage as the first pass does, a slow creep past the Sun. It thus does not lose momentum, and leaves the solar system rapidly. However, its presence during the years following its first pass, during its return pass, and for some years after will not be without impact on the shattered Earth. But the minor tugging that occurs will go unnoticed by the survivors, who will be dealing with aftershocks from the time of the first passage, a magnetic core swirling about and trying to stabilize, and the everyday concerns about simply feeding and caring for survivors. Planet X will not be your concern.

On Monday [Apr 5], there is supposedly a video to be released at the National Press Club showing a Pentagon Cover-up of a horrific Massacre of civilians and journalists. Another site, which is fairly accurate and usually ahead of the game in releasing news, is saying WikiLeaks is a CIA run operation with an agenda. Having a "Leak" organization operating is, in itself, an indication someone 'higher up' is in control rather than the general public. Trustworthiness: Does the CIA run WikiLeaks as a 'tool' to control an agenda of its own including ratting out the US Military's sins? Truth: If there is a Massacre video to be released, is there a meaning other than information to the Public?

Most certainly, and a website releasing leaked information would be smothered in tracing devices so that the source of the leak would be known, and quickly known. Thus, even if a site were not run by an agency such as the CIA, it would be allowed to continue only because those agencies did not find it a threat. There are many military massacres, as well as rapes, acts of genocide, and false suicides of those who would expose such matters. This is purporting to expose a single massacre, with information that will be disputed by the military, and there the story will end - he said, she said. Do the agencies, the CIA and DOD, want to close this site down? In fact, they learn information, as all those who would have the tendency to talk are not known to these agencies, and in the blab fest there will be those who come under surveillance because they joined in.

Fresh Kills Landfill, the graveyard of 9-11, is due to be reinvestigated for more human remains. Mayor Michael Bloomberg indicated he wanted to find all the human remains. Will scientists be allowed to examine the debris for explosives, and if so, will they find enough evidence to re-open 9-11 investigations?

Yes, and no. They will be allowed to participate, but nothing new will be forthcoming from the rubble, which has been mixed up too thoroughly to be claimed as evidence.

Is President Obama opening up oil and natural gas drilling in the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and off the coast of Alaska for reasons other than increasing U.S. energy resources? Since his plan includes conducting seismic surveys, I'm wondering if at least part of his rationale for drilling in these remote areas is to measure and monitor Earth changes triggered by Planet X?

Obama is aware of the coming pole shift, our predictions, and the assessment of those in his administration. With an abundance of caution, a wise executive would take the steps he is taking. If shipments of oil from the Middle East are not possible, or perhaps even from sites such as Venezuela, then these other sites, newly discovered, would be tapped. So goes the logic.

Might this be an experimental step toward survival communities? [and from another] Detroit Wants to Save Itself by Shrinking [Mar 8] Blighted city considers plan to turn large swaths of land back into fields [and from another] "Michigan would seem at first glance to be a problematic state, as it is surrounded by water. However, the Great Lakes do not hold the quantity of water that the oceans do, so our warning about tidal wave effects along sea coasts must be modified. Those along inland lakes such as the Great Lakes should position themselves 50 feet above the normal lake level, and be at least 10 miles from the shore line, to avoid temporary inundations. Where Michigan is also at the end of the St. Lawrence Seaway, which will tear further open during the shift, neither land or bucking plates will affect this state."

Razzing urban blight and installing gardens in an urban area is indeed a survival community step. This is one way those in the know can encourage self sufficiency, without breaking the cover-up over the presence of Planet X.

4th density aliens are so much smarter and technologically advanced than humans. I imagine that a STO human living in a Hybrid community would have all their basic needs provided for them by the aliens in the community. (All assumptions.) I imagine that such a human would feel kind of guilty if that was the case. Being that a STO human would want to be of service, how would they, other than emotionally? I imagine it similar to Nancy being able to do more work solo then when getting help. In other words, how would the human help the Zetas and the Hybrids? I'm sure they wouldn't want to feel like leeches.

A Service-to-Other person never wonders what they should be doing, or how they could help. What needs to be done is obvious, in all situations, and they volunteer. Try that yourself. Look around you and see what others are struggling with, whether they communicate this to you or not. After you have done this, you will have the perspective that a Service-to-Other individual has.

Can you tell me if Baja California, in the high Sierra, on the north side by the US border, would be a good place to ride the wave once Planet X appears? Elevation 1300-1500 meters, or 4500 feet above sea level. 100 miles from the sea. 100 miles from the San Andreas fault line.

Absolutely, and because the prevailing westerlies will have a different course after the pole shift, these deserts will eventually bloom too, so gardening will be possible.

The Zetas said that the description of the Devil is not far from a real creature, and that "this" creature lives and breaths today. (Not on Earth.) Does this mean that some 4th density aliens are able to live for thousands of years, many times longer than a Zeta.

By "the creature" we did not mean that particular creature but the species. The species, on a prison planet, exists today.

The Zetas will tell to us when the Earth will come to August position - as you tell a position of the poleshift? Or it corresponds with the timeline about which you should not speak? If it does not correspond with the timeline the Zetas can specify a position - the poleshift will be in second half of the August position / late August or in first half of the August position / early August (if to move back that we do)?

This will gain you nothing, to inch back through August, always trying to determine if the position means that the pole shift is imminent. Haven't you been told often enough that a timeline will not be given, that you need to tap around to try to find a way to tweak it out of us? Do you take us for fools?

I think it is interesting to note some parallels between the Lincoln presidency and the Obama presidency. Not only did Lincoln, a Republican president, preside over a national event most historians saw as the United State's greatest threat to its existence since its formation, but he also tried to assemble a bipartisan cabinet similar to what Obama attempted to craft. Lincoln vigilantly tried to bring parties and people together for the betterment of everybody as it seems Obama has attempted. As a result, he was viciously demonized by many on both sides of the aisle with cries of "State's Rights" and secession, akin to what Obama is experiencing today. "President Lincoln, Judge David Davis later recalled, 'swore in his soul he would act justly; he said he intended to appoint Democrats & Republicans alike.'10 Even before he left Springfield, President-elect Lincoln had a revealing conversation with his friend Joseph Gillespie:
I remained in Springfield several days on this occasion, and was in almost constant contact and association with Mr. Lincoln. 'Do not leave me,' he said repeatedly. 'I wish I could take all you lawyers down there with me, Democrats and Republicans alike, and make a cabinet out of you. I believe I could construct one that would save the country, for then I would know every man and where he would fit. I tell you there are some Illinois Democrats whom I know well I would rather trust than a Republican I would have to learn, for I'll have no time to study the lesson."]
Just an observation.

Well said.

An elderly friend of mine died last week after several months of deteriorating health. She had no local relatives. Her son phoned from across the country to tell me she had been admitted to the hospital earlier that day with pneumonia and that she was sleeping at the time. I had visions of her being frightened and confused all alone in her hospital room when she woke up, and I felt I should go be with her. During the 40-minute drive to the hospital, I actually talked out loud in the car to my friend, telling her I would be there shortly and that I would sit by her bed to comfort her and to serve as her advocate. Unfortunately, she died less than 10 minutes before I arrived at the hospital. My question: Can humans choose the timing of their deaths? For instance, was my friend aware on some level that I was on the way to be with her, and could she have intentionally chosen to leave her body before my arrival so that I would not experience the trauma of her last few minutes or so that she would not feel compelled to stay in her failing body simply to please me?

The soul of a dying individual is often not in the body at the time of death. We have explained that some souls move on to their next incarnation even years before the physical death of the body, which might be in a coma. Pneumonia is know to produce coma well before death. Thus, saying goodby, the soul visits those still incarnated, who might thus have conversations with the departing soul.

I am a little bit confused with the spiritual orientation of Bill and Hillary Clinton. The last is working with Obama, and so must be a kind person, the first as you said was "hoping for positive PR, so that when the truth about Planet X came out, a fact known during (his) presidency, (he) might be forgiven by more people" - not a kind person as I see. But all the same they both live "hand in glove" as one family - these two maybe different persons - good and bad, Can you clear up the situation?

Welcome to the confusing world of spiritual orientation. Particularly on a mixed world, this is the case. Even those who are highly Service-to-Other do not always agree, so are not always in synch with each other. Service-to-Other means thinking of others 50% of the time, but what about the other 50%? Service-to-Other are not without penchants, desires, faults, failures, and tendencies.

Can the Zetas say why did so many genius writers, painters, scientists etc. have mental disorders (deviations)?

There are several reasons for this perception. One is that those who do not suffer from mental illness can proceed to take jobs that are consider crucial to keeping society running. They can become doctors, lawyers, firemen, policemen, plumbers, electricians, teachers, administrators, etc. Those with mental illness, thus, who have talents, plunge into the void left, which is the creative arts or the sciences, which often require deep thinking without the distraction of a day job. The second reason is that manic depression, needing lithium, is not so much a mental disease as a deficiency disease, as without lithium the person is suffering a deficiency. During genetic engineering, DNA with creative potential was included, for the benefit of mankind. When this DNA expresses, if lithium is not in abundance in the diet, mental illness results. Thus, the creative arts and fields requiring a creative leap in thought often have a high percentage of those who are manic depressives.

Will the desire of some countries to enter the war after the shift? Those who suffer less.

We have predicted that WW III will not erupt going into the pole shift, though there will be plenty of sabre rattling, because all countries will be dealing with internal unrest and there will be no prize over the border as all counties will be dealing with crop shortages and the like. After the pole shift, there will be such disruption that war of one country against another will be out of the question. It will be local gangs, looting, that will occur.

What was the real purpose of the emergency Federal Reserve meeting this monday morning? There are rumors the end is very near for these corrupt banksters.

Yes, the banking industry is bankrupt, as could be ascertained during the Wall Street crash in the fall of 2008. Derivatives, composed of mortgages claimed to be of good stead, were sold around the world when the mortgages were without substance. It is a house of cards, as if the true value were known, the books adjusted to reflect the true value, pension funds would be devastated. Thus, the falsehood is carried forward. Meanwhile, China will no longer buy bonds from the US, as they will be worth less when cashed in than when purchased. And the very wealthy, the House of Rockefeller and the House of Rothchild, who have been funding the Federal Reserve, have also become much more cautious. We have predicted that the banking industry will not collapse prior to the pole shift, despite the books not reflecting true value. After the pole shift, it will not matter, and there will be no banks and no way to collect debts.

For about the last year or so, I've been sending out earthquake notices to friends and acquaintances. I've already dealt with the obvious, "That's what the earth does!" and "She's just letting off steam. Nothing to be concerned about." I am hoping they will, in time, come to their own Ah Ha! Moment. Recently I decided to provide a map of the tectonic plates: I didn't exactly find the listing of known Faults I'd hoped to find, but I did share the result of one search: My question regards the fourth photo down, on the right, with the following tag line: "A fault in the Grands Causses as seen from Bédarieux, France. The left side moves down while the right side moves up. The warping of the rock layers on the right is likely due to drag folding." Just by looking at it one can't help but determine it took a massive amount of energy and force. Can the Zetas say whether this is evidence of a previous pole shift?


Recently, after an incident that occurred to a family member, I've noticed that on many times I'm able to read his/her thoughts, and at times other people's as well. Is this an example of aliens helping me with upgrades ( i.e.telepathy) for the future?

This is an example of a human finally listening to what has been in their head all along. Telepathy can be resisted, or it can be accepted.

Recently a nuclear scientist, Lachlan Cranswick, has come up missing, mysteriously, in Ontario, Canada. Can the zeta's say if he stumbled onto something?

It was no secret that Bush did not discover WMD in Iraq, as he claimed he would, but not for lack of trying. There were radioactive soldiers, on a CIA mission, who came back from Germany to the states so radioactive that their relatives were not allowed at their bedsides. Debriefed in Germany, they reported that they had nuclear material to be planted and then to be discovered, but something went wrong. The nuclear material was never found because benign aliens, given an exemption from non-interference by the Council of Worlds, removed it. This incident was in the alternative media, and not a secret. This was not the only attempt to plant WMD in Iraq, and those in the know about this are at risk as those in the Bush administration fear investigation, discovery, and prosecution. He was snuffed, for this reason. He knew too much.

Sun will not be long time after the shift. Might not STO zetas to disperse the clouds of ash?

We are not allowed to detail just how or when or where benign aliens might assist Service-to-Other communities before or after the pole shift. This is giving away the plot, and thus inviting interference by Service-to-Self aliens working in conjunction with Service-to-Self humans.

Would it be accurate to say that anyone leaning more to the STS side would increasingly show signs of that orientation towards family members/ other people as showing last ditch efforts to be controlling and manipulative knowing there time is coming to an end?

Stressful times do tend to show one's true mettle. When times are good and there is plenty, then the manipulation of the Service-to-Self can garner them a little more of the lot, and those they deprive are not too distressed. But when times get tight and all are starving or struggling without, then the Service-to-Self person cannot manipulate his environment as he wishes. Service-to-Self, when deprived, are angry, and don't hesitate to show this.

Most human diseases from bad food. And the wild animals do not get sick as a man. Is this true?

Those wild animals that can eat rotten food are adapted to do so, having the digestive system that will handle any toxins. Man creates his own bad food, eating what he assumes to be good, what perhaps smells fresh, but has bacteria that will be toxic. E-coli, for instance, does not occur or rarely occurs when cattle are allowed to range feed, but breeds in crowded cattle pens where the cattle are wading in their manure.

How can some one tell the difference between "receiving the Call" vs. wishful thinking with coincidence? I have been having odd thoughts lately and I can't tell if I am picking up clues from others sending out a Call or something else trying to influence me into a direction I so long for or if these are just coincidences because I have been thinking about them for so long. How can we tell things like this apart from one another?

This information is in you. If you gave the Call sincerely, meaning you actually met with aliens for a consultation, then this is in your memory banks. Consult you subconscious!

Sorry if this has already been discussed, but I find this article very telling. Is NASA trying to tell us something? And why won't we have any results until mid-2013? [and from another] Sun's Nemesis Pelted Earth with Comets, Study Suggests [Mar 11] A dark object may be lurking near our solar system, occasionally kicking comets in our direction.

NASA is trying to go back to the situation they enjoyed in the early 1980's, when they were first searching for Nemesis, a gravity pull out in the direction of Orion that was causing the outer planets to perturb in that direction. When Planet X, inbound at the time, was discovered in 1983, they went underground and effected a cover-up. Now they are faced with the embarrassment of having Planet X and its Moon Swirls appearing on SOHO and Stereo images, and searching for an out. The plan is to announce that they have discovered a massive stealth planet in the inner solar system just ahead of when the common man can see this in the skies for themselves. This plan will not work out for them.

A review of the USDA (Dept of Agriculture) shows that grain production has either maintained levels or even in some cases exceeded the levels of years past (with the exception of sorghum - which fell to a 40-yr. low in 2007). Is the USDA also involved in the coverup? Are the statistics false?

Yes. What will occur is that the price of food will rise, so that the public eats less. Food will not be put on the shelves as formerly, so that the shelves will often be bare.

How short a gap will the Pacific get? And just how wide will the Atlantic get after the shift? Could the lands touch?

Have you checked the New Geography map that Nancy took pains to provide? Have you read the Pole Shift section? This website is not maintained, provided for you, because those putting the effort forth have nothing better to do with their time. You are supposed to do your homework!

Did ancient Hindu know about Nibiru passage and portrayed it as lord Shiva' cosmic dance?


What will be the biggest event of the year 2010 A.D?

One of the events that was presented in the holographic presentation that Nancy attended last November will surely occur. Just what else might occur, or which of these events we are referring to, we cannot say.

A hard as I try to develop STO in myself, I run into situations with other humans that make me want to slap them because of their ignorance. I experience anger and I am shown how far I haven't gone with my evolution. Q, Do Zetas ever loose their tempers? How do 4D entities respond to these situations?

We don't get physical, as there is no point. This is counter productive.

My question is not about the pending pole shift, it is about the soul's transition. A new soul born as a human on earth has approx 70 years, (if survivng), to to determine it's orientation, STO, STS, undecided. I understand that a soul may experience 1000 lives before determing orientation. But a new soul born as a Zeta would have (aprox) 400 years to determine it's orientation. As human, the learing curve is great. Would a young soul, given the extended life time and experience of more mature souls (such as the Zetas), have a direct and long lasting effect of the orienation choice made by the new soul born as a Zeta? Or do Zetas have a school house planet, like Earth, where young Z souls determine their orientation without the solidifying influence of a extended life span? And what about young Z souls born into a STS orientation? Further, do young Zetas reincarnate into human like species and visa verse? Our life time as humans is short, while other life times are long. What is the reasoning behind all this?

Your confusion stems from a lack of understanding on the difference between 3rd density worlds and those of 4th density. 3rd density worlds are those where the stuff of souls can gather in an intelligent species and form into a new soul. This is called sparking a soul, when the challenge to that particular intelligent life is such that it presents a puzzle to the stuff of souls, else the young soul dissipates and aborts. The reason that the stuff of souls can spark a soul on 3rd density worlds is because the physical bodies on 3rd density worlds are heavy and slow. On 4th density worlds, the stuff of souls cannot get a grip, as it moves too fast in comparison to the stuff of souls, which wisps away. Once a soul has sparked in a 3rd density body, it continues in that form, finding another and another body to incarnate. Once ready to graduate to a 4th density world, the soul is strong enough to survive in a 4th density body, which is less heavy in comparison to the soul. We, the Zetas, had our 3rd density worlds, and were less intelligent than we are today, and did not have the life span we do today either. Our 3rd density experience was not unlike yours.

I was just pondering if there would be an increase in contacts that will be happening in "real time" and that we will consciously remember as they would be happening during the day while we are awake? Will the Zetas show themselves, or would such contact have to happen after the pole shift?

Conscious contact, as we have explained, is very dependent upon the anxiety level of not only the individual contactee but also the community in which he lives. This is likely to start happening during Earth changes preceding the pole shift in certain locales, and certainly will occur after the pole shift in such locales as the heart and mind are open to surprise when the world has become a jumble, particularly if the encounter relieves their misery and worry.

Over the past few months I have been noticing an uptick in things like synchronicity, as well as odd feelings that seem to tell me that I am in the right place at the right time. My question is I am wondering with the passage of Planet X due at what could be deemed any moment, has there been a thinning of a veil so to speak between worlds, where counterparts in one of the many other universe's that is like ours but just a bit different ( string theory ) have melded together for an instant showing a brief glimpse of what is on the other side?

Parallel universes do not exist in the form imagined by man. Your world can leap into another density, but a world cannot be in two densities at once. When the leap to 4th density occurs for Earth, portions of the Earth will be left behind, as we have explained, but this is not the parallel universe that is theorized by some.

Can you tell us what is in this coffin and the reason for its weight?

If gold and silver are considered precious metals, then why not lead? Opening the casket is unlikely to resolve the mystery.

Recently on the GLP forum, an individual started a thread in which s(he) revealed a lifelong feeling of being an "observer", as well as feeling somewhat different, as in "not quite belonging". Possibly because of some very early childhood experiences that were incredibly comforting and helpful, I slipped into a lifelong role of observer, just like the poster mentioned earlier. Since early 2008, when I first discovered the Zetatalk material, I've been drawn to your answers to questions concerning human motivation, belief systems and behavior. They have more depth than anything I've read anywhere else. But, no where in the material have you mentioned why some humans would feel like observers, watching life from a distance - feeling incredibly curious about human behavior, while feeling different - not superior. Is this delusional thinking? Do many people share this sense of being an observer? Would you care to comment?

Such individual are afraid to engage in what would be termed life, declining to take risks.

Being from Orion do Zetas contain DNA from the Reptilian race?

We, the Zetas, are not from Orion. We come from the constellation of Zeta Reticuli. Likewise, you assume that any intelligent life from the constellation Orion would be reptilian or hominoid. Stop assuming, as you're not doing well at it.

In order to help humans point-design effective wind turbine power generator systems for the post Pole Shift environment, how will the projected loss of a large percentage of earth's atmosphere by Planet X's passage alter sea level atmospheric pressure numbers and related wind power generation calculations (i.e. "x" amount of wind power capacity at "y" altitude above mean sea level, etc.)? How many years will it take for earth's atmosphere to recover half of what it loses by Planet X's passage? How many years to recover 90% of what earth loses during Pole Shift? Some rules-of-thumb factors would be very helpful to many people.

Loss of your atmosphere will not be perceptible at ground level in most cases, as it will not be so extreme that it would be equivalent to one climbing from a valley into a high mountain peak, several thousand foot climb. In fact, by being slightly thinner, it will sustain more movement, and thus the winds or breezes will be slightly stronger, and thus your windmills will compensate overall.

Are the Lake Erie UFOs legitimate?


A truly objective and comprehensive assessment of ZT would reveal an astonishing mathematical improbability of the accidental correctness of so many diverse forecasts and predictions. As such, what are the mathematical odds that ZT would so correctly project and forecast a plethora of such diverse, multidisciplinary topics prior to being verified by earth's current events and cold blooded event stream analysis? Is it in the quadrillions or septillions to one against? Meaning so mathematically improbable as to be almost impossibly an accident for so many diverse items to be so correctly forecasted and projected? What would Star Trek's Spock say the odds are, an estimate, please, to help the Doubting Thomases tweak their thinking caps to the ON position?

You have stated the argument well. Any number we would provide would be rejected by our protagonists, and multiplied by our fans, so there is no point. Those who have bothered to ponder ZetaTalk accuracy have concluded that Nancy is either a team of government agents with immense resources available to them, or is indeed in contact with ourselves. Those who find our message too scary go into denial, and do not bother to become informed.