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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written May 1, 2010 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

A blog was posted on the ning as well as to GLP. It is from George Ure's Peoplenomics. I would like to ask the Zetas if the information in it true, and would the Council of Worlds ever let a nuke option be used, and will the Council of World allow an intervention to stop the leakage. [and from another] Regarding the recent oil spill in the Gulf that's wreaked so much havoc; was this due to the approach of Nibiru and if so, how? I noticed that there was another leak, from a smaller rig in a shipping channel closer to shore, that didn't get much attention but could still leak up to 200,000 gallons. On top of that, the Billings Gazette in Wyoming reports that another 82,000 gallons of oil were spilled from a burst pipeline, operated by a Louisiana company; the soil contaminated from that leak will be treated as toxic waste. [and from another] Is April's explosion and subsequent sinking of the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico related to Earth changes? Or is it sabotage? Please explain what happened. Will the Zetas "neutralize" oil rigs before the pole shift so their oil doesn't leak and contaminate the environment during the shift? I understand the Zetas will be neutralizing nuclear facilities. [and from another] Is this Oil failure due to Earth' s crust stretching? Is it true that nobody can stop the oil Spill due to high pressure? Could it take weeks to stop?

There are several factors involved in the most recent oil rig blowout. One was the pressure the N American continent is under as it is pulled into a bow, the Aleutian Islands pulled toward the tip of Mexico, with the center of the bow at San Diego. We have mentioned this bow many times, and that the pressure will not be eased until the New Madrid slips. What does this do to rock layers, or any pool of oil or gas or water caught within those layers? Just as fault lines have many rock fingers that prevent a fault from adjusting smoothly, rock layers likewise cling to each other. Thus, liquid trapped between layers can come under pressure, and thus is more likely to blow out, the industry term for what occurred at the rig. Are benign aliens going to be allowed to intervene in man's affairs, and prevent every industrial accident possible during the hour of the pole shift? Of course not. Is this done today? Was this done in April to this rig? It is man's responsibility to detoxify his pollutants, and to shut down unsafe facilities. Of course, this will not be done, given the greed at the helm of most industries, but this is life in a 3rd density world. We have stated that pollutants will disburse, during the pole shift and afterwards due to the rise in sea level. And in time, the Earth will be a 4th density world, a Service-to-Other world, where prior pollution will be detoxified.

Today a 10-foot diameter water main supplying water to Boston and 37 other communities burst, leaking potable water into the Charles River at a rate of "8 million gallons per hour", according to the Washington Post. Is this, too, due to the shifting plates resulting from the effects of Nibiru, or was it simply "decaying infrastructure" as the mainstream press will inevitably classify it?

Water and gas mains have been snapping at alarming rates, but always blamed on aging pipes. The clue to whether the excuses given by the media are correct is to look to historical records. How frequent have these breaks been in the past? If there is an increase, and especially an increase in a number of cities at the same time, then this is not simply due to aging pipes.

If I havent't gotten my info mixed up there is prior to the shif going to be a tsunami affecting western Europe caused by the separation of the Atlantic plates. How will it affect Norway, in particular Bodø, where I live? How much warning would I get if this would affect Bodø severely enough to make it neccesary to evacuate those I care about earlier than my planned shift bug-out?

Nancy received a holographic presentation last November, 2009 during which various parts of the globe that will be affected by plate movement were detailed. We have ascribed this set of changes to the approximate timeframe of a movement to a 7 of 10 on a scale of disasters, where 10 is the pole shift itself. Among the disasters was a widening of the Atlantic to the extent that water would rush into the void, and then rebound in the direction the Gulf Stream flows today, from the center of the Atlantic toward Europe. We have estimated this tsunami to be 200-300 feet in height, in wave form rather than a tidal wave, and moving at the typical speed that tsunamis move. Unless there is warning from ships at sea, this would be a surprise to Europe. Obviously, the Netherlands would be in serious trouble.

The Zetas have told that contacts occur by means of the Call. As I understand the Call is expressed by a question on consultation or the request for the help to someone. Therefore I can assume that people by means of this chat contact with you, the Zetas, but indirectly as it occurs not by means of the scheme "the Call <-> the Answer to the Call", and by means of the scheme "the Question <-> Nancy <-> the Answer". Thus, they (we) are contactees? The Zetas can comment.

This is considered a Q&A session between humans, Nancy being a human. It is Nancy who is in direct contact with we, who are aliens. You are not in contact.

I've read numerous times that the U.S. can't give beef away to other countries. They won't take it. This goes back to the lack of testing of U.S. cattle as relates to Mad Cow disease. But the following article gives rise to a newer reason to be weary of the health benefits of beef: "Because not only are many of America's cattle herds fed chicken manure, they're also fed euthanized dogs and cats, dead skunks, rats, and raccoons found on U.S. highways; as well as heavy metals from pet and cattle ID tags, surgical pins, needles, plastic and Styrofoam, plastic insecticide patches, green plastic bags containing dead pets from veterinarians, and more. All of these items are pulverized and made into dry feed through a process called rendering." My question to the Zetas is how widespread or mainstream is this? Is this an exception? Or woefully the norm?

Most beef produced in the US is from grass fed beef, as this is frankly a cheaper way to produce beef. Feed lots, where beef it taken to be fattened up before slaughter, typically use corn as the fattening agent. Thus, it is a minority of beef that is fed cheap fodder, which you are describing as it is basically a waste treatment, saving money on both ends - the waste treatment end and the beef feed end. If you are concerned about what you are eating, then research your producer.

Are we going to experience powerful (electronics destroyer) EMP during Pole shift equally globally? And if not, will Europe be one of EMP victims?

We have been asked this question, in one form or another, since the beginning of the ZetaTalk sage. Man is very addicted to his electronics. Electro-magnetic pulse will occur but will not be universal. The first defense is to have your electronics unplugged, inoperable, during the last weeks or the time of the pole shift. The second line of defense is to enclose your electronics in some kind of cage that protects against electro-magnetic pulse. However, this type of pulse will be occasional, erratic, and unlikely to occur to any given household or camp. It will be like lightning, unpredictable and erratic.

The Zetas have stated that the seasons will eventually blend into one another. Will this effect last longer than one growing season? If so can one assume almost a total crop failure as plants depend on seasonal signals for growth?

You are asking for a timeline, which we cannot give.

I am getting the feeling that if one owns a farm or agriculturally productive land one should make sure that good efforts are being made to have said land in a productive state producing crops, fruit, livestock, etc. now for many reasons. (Experience, food for family and friends ,etc.) Not the least of which is that once things get really tight and major shortages and disasters hit, our government may view unused agricultural land as " abandoned" and requisition or confiscate it for what they view to be the greater good for larger groups of hungry or displaced persons. This may prove to be problematic in many ways it seems but to me it feels as if it may happen. Comments?

Farmers are often paid to put their land into rest, so as to avoid a food glut with reduced prices for the farmer. Of course, as food shortages increase, such practices will diminish, but the practice is so embedded into statutes and signed contracts that it is unlikely to disappear quickly, in step with food shortages. Thus, serious disasters where large groups of people are left homeless due to quakes and flooding, and where starvation has outstripped the resources of the nation's food reserves, will loom on the horizon before all such idle land is put into productive use. Thus, it is likely to be confiscated, by government decree, especially in the US where large tracts of land exist and the population relatively light, not dense. Such decree might install homeless families into garden communities, where they would be directed to feed themselves or starve.

Same-sex marriage is a delicate political and religious issue, with conservatives usually opposing it and liberals usually supporting it. However, conservatives and liberals are probably united in believing that the world needs more love. Given this, it seems that two consenting, same-sex adults who want to legally and publicly declare their love for each other and live in society as a committed couple should be encouraged, not discouraged. Could the Zetas please comment on same-sex marriage?

We have no problem with that. But our words do not affect those who object, so are irrelevant in that regard.

On April, 29th the S Pole disappeared 4 times. Why it has not caused serious cataclysms? (Except for a volcano on Kamchatka.)

Nancy has noted, since the start of the year, that significant quakes or plate movement seems to have occurred when there is a notable lean to the left, a temporary lean, accompanied by a loss of the Earth's S Pole on the magnetosphere simulator. This pattern held for several cycles. Just when the group at the ning felt they had a guideline, things changed. Now the Earth's S Pole has been missing repeatedly, on April 27 and days following, with no exceptional quakes or plate movement other than pressure on the Kamchatka peninsula and a fairly minor quake in the Bearing Straits. What changed? Earlier in the year, Planet X was positioned somewhat more to the right than it is at present. Thus, when it swung to point its N Pole at the Earth, it would suddenly force the Earth to lean, then bounce back, and quakes and plate movement would follow. As we have mentioned, the eddy flow of particles coming round behind Planet X form a cup, and as Planet X approaches this cup tightens. The Earth has been trying to evade the oncoming Planet X by pulling to the left, but as the cup is tightening this chase finally ends. Thus, Planet X will be more in line with the Sun and Earth, thus subsuming the Earth's magnetosphere into a combined magnetosphere, thus the loss of the S Pole. If this becomes a steady state, then it does not result in a jerking around of the Earth. However, more drama is ahead, so this period of apparent quiet will not last.

How is the Indian Yogi Surviving without food and water for 70 years? Is that possible? What would the Zetas say about him?

He is not. He and his group are lying. Those who make these claims are not isolated in a controlled setting. The Yogi's followers slip him food, and they all lie.

First there was a internet story about Steven Hawking saying discovering aliens would actually not be so good because of this and that. Then the next day, page 3 of the local paper, a half page AP story about it complete with discussions about SETI etc. What's behind this and why would a local paper think this needs to be a half page story?

Disclosure about the alien presence has been an ongoing issue since the start, when the cover-up began at the time of Roswell. The present status is that many countries are opening their UFO files, essentially admitting that the alien presence is real and that apparently, aliens mean man no harm. The US has been dragging its feet because they have the most guilt, and have been at the helm of the cover-up all these many decades. For every step that is positive, there are those who are the most guilty who protest. The CIA has always been at the forefront in trying to keep contactees from being forthright about their visits, as their campaign has been to make the populace fearful. Thus, if movies such as ET and Close Encounters were produced, putting visitations in a good light, they were followed by movies such as Independence Day, and Signs, where aliens were determined to eat mankind or take over the Earth. Hearing that there are plans for partial disclosure, the CIA and their buddies determined to get out in front of this wave with more scare tactics. Thus, they recruited Hawking to mutter what he did, that aliens exist but one should not have contact as they are scary and unpredictable. Clearly, if MJ12 was in contact for decades, they are not unpredictable, but a well known entity. Though this disclosure battle is behind the scenes, if one watches the news closely, one can see the battle lines being drawn, and even anticipate the next move.

Dangerous Asteroid will pass Nov-8-2011 [April 29] An asteroid on the list of potentially dangerous space rocks that could endanger the Earth was caught on camera as it zoomed past our planet this month, and found to be larger than astronomers originally thought. The asteroid buzzed the Earth on April 19 and came within 1.5 million miles (2.4 million km) of the planet. That's about six times the distance between Earth and the moon. The space rock will be back. On Nov. 8, 2011, the asteroid will complete another trip around the sun and swing by Earth again just inside the moon's orbit.

This is all about attempting to deal with the debris in the tail of Planet X. NASA et al understand that Planet X has the Earth trapped before it, and is closing the gap. They understand what has happened to the Earth in the past, on a periodic basis, and what folklore relays. They know the likelihood of the Earth being pummeled by debris, but a few fireballs or raking hail is not their concern. Their concern is large objects, the extinction level type objects that the Earth gives evidence of having sustained in her past. We have explained that impact sites such as the Gulf near the Yucatan Peninsula occurred in the distant past, when Earth was in the Asteroid Belt, one of the planets that got pelted during the periodic passages of Planet X and its entourage of Moons, which at that time passed through that belt. The Council of Worlds will not allow the Earth to be destroyed by one of the Moons of Planet X, which in any case are not expected to come closer than 9 million miles from the Earth. They hug Planet X, staying within 5 million miles of this gravity giant. But NASA is not listening to us, and tries to get funding for some magical means of deflecting such objects. They don't have a solution, but would like the funding anyway.

What's really going on with SEC charges, Goldmann Sachs, and financial reform? Some pundits are questioning the timing of everything.

When Obama took office, the scandals at Wall Street were fresh, but what was not well known was the scandals at the SEC and Treasury. There was no regulation, and insider trading and speculation were rampant. The Bush administration was a giveaway program to the rich, and Wall Street was their means to this end. First Congress, and then Obama, were squeezed as the housing bubble bursting was simultaneous to the Wall Street crash. To punish Wall Street and enforce regulations would have a ricochet effect on Main Street and jobs. Obama was forced to take a gradual approach, repairing the health of the banking system while gradually tightening enforcement. What you see now is the point in this spectrum where those who were the most guilty in the past are being squeezed, because their actions can no longer bring the whole network down.

Was Bush really poisoned at the Germany summit?

No. The family had a mild stomach flu virus, but Laura is looking for sympathy because her past has caught up with her. She was indeed guilty of stepping on the gas and ramming her old boy friend, killing him, and thus was able to be blackmailed by the Bush family into being an apparently faithful and loving wife to Dubya, who had sexual problems and needed all the help he could get in this regard.

This is the first time I've actually seen so much of this dust on the CO front range. It has the consistency of chalk, a peachish-orange color and is dense enough not be easily blown away. If their explanation of a storm in Arizona was correct, why don't we have these dustings more often? This dust is everywhere. [and from another] Wind leaves behind muddy mess on cars The first time it happened, the dirt came all the way from Mongolia. University of Colorado Geology Professor Jason Neff says the dust blew in from a wind storm in Northern Arizona. When you add moisture to that dust, it forms a clay-like glue to your car.

The red dust from the tail of Planet X has certain characteristics. It is composed of iron oxide, which can be determined by chemical analysis. It has a bloody red appearance. Something that is described as mud, a peach-orange color, will not be the red dust from the tail of Planet X. The Earth wobble has increased, and has moments where is it essentially violent, wipping the Earth this way or that, and thus creating turmoil in the upper atmosphere. Volcanic dust can travel round the world in this way, even under normal circumstances.

Can we expect major Earth changes by the end of August?

You're asking for a timeline, which will not be given.

I sense that more pipelines will break. World wide.

Since oil pools will be put under pressure in other parts of the globe, by plate movement or rock layer stress, blowouts can be expected elsewhere too, yes.

Is it my imagination, or is our weather changing radically from what is normal for an area? For example, colorado climate is mostly desert-like in the summer - dry and arid. Over the past years, it's changed to being humid in the summer and much cooler, and more overall moisture. If this change has been directly influenced by PX, then why? I thought the change to our new climate wouldn't occur until after the PS, but many changes seem to be occurring now.

We predicted the current weather back in 1995, when no one else was doing so, because we understood that the Earth wobble would occur and create the kind of atmospheric turmoil that would cause intractable drought suddenly switching to deluge, or extreme swings in temperature, or tornadoes and hurricanes occurring where formerly not expected at all. We have stated that the seasons will blend into one another before this is over. Obviously, a little increase in humidity is a light version of this weather prediction. Consider yourself lucky.

What is happining in Arizona?, Why this new law 1070. Is a new immigration reform coming?

Arizona is reacting to the Mexican drug wars moving into their state. Towns over the border in Mexico have been taken over by the drug wars, such that they are in essence lawless. They are trying to take drastic steps to deal with what they consider a drastic threat. Drug lords and drug dealers are most often not legal residents, but in the US illegally. Fix one problem, perhaps fix another, is the theory.

You indicated that Planet X will be revealed before the pole shift. Is this revelation caused by an individual or organization?

We are talking about signs in the skies. Admissions by the establishment are very much in the hands of man, and cannot be predicted, thus.

The Zetas have stated that one of the major events that you saw in your recall/presentation will occur before the end of the year taking us to a 7 out of 10. I know they cannot be specific as to timelines but since they are allowed to say that the beginning of the events of the last few weeks will not take anyone by surprise (ie. the lean to the ledft, 3 days of darknesss, etc) are they able to say that the major event that is supposed to take us to a 7 will take us by surprise or will this first shocking major event also have some pre-cursors that clue people in. (ie people who don't already know about ZetaTalk/the pole shift)

You are asking for a timeline, which we cannot give.

The Zetas have stated tha the sea level will rise by 600ft in the 2 years after the pole shift as the poles melt but can they tell us at what rate this rise will occur? By the law of averages thei rise means that over those 2 years, the sea level will rise about a foot per day or so which (if you ask me) is quite a large rise in sea level per day. Will this happen uniformally over this time period or will the sea level rise have another pattern that peopel shoud be aware of?

The rise within 2 years after the pole shift to a level 675 feet above the current sea level will not be sudden, as it is related to a steady heating of the deep ocean bottoms. If you put a pot on the stove at a steady low heat, the water will evaporate or steam off at a steady rate.

The descriptions of STS vs STO orientations are clear, as far as your examples go. But some applications unstated seem hard to apply, or define. So how about if someone is extremely traumatized, turns inward, gets enraged (all seemingly STS) but is well aware of the problem and tries to help others but is swamped by emotions of rage and hurt. Does this make them STO, because deep down they want to be? Or STS because that layer of trauma is determining how they "really feel" in a lot of circumstances? Or does it make them mixed?

Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self orientation is a condition of the soul, not the life form incarnated. If one is in a burning building, in danger of being burned alive, fear and the sheer animal instinct of self preservation takes over. If there is only the risk of danger, then the soul's orientation plays its part. But if fire is licking at one's feet this moves to instinct, stepping out of the way, etc. Obviously, a Service-to-Other individual, incarnated with an Service-to-Other soul, will deal with guilt afterwards if others were abandoned or hurt as a result of their situation, where a Service-to-Self individual will be unconcerned, though their reactions at the moment might have been identical.

I know somewhere on the Zetatalk site or in a chat somewhere, you have mentioned that we don't create a "form" of what we want, in spirit form, and then get what we create. (I am not counting seemingly miraculous healings of the body, for the mind has a direct line to one's immune system.) However, I have seen stunning examples of exact (uncanny) events occurring after someone goes "deep" and tells their subconscious what they want -- I mean uncanny: like, exactly the jeans and boots they imaged will show up on a street corner, folded, for giveaway, or within days of clearly imaging wanting to be in film, a person in film industry will be seated next to the person who imaged the desire. So, how does this work? Are they psychically picking up on what will be, or is it, as Jesus supposedly said, "Ask and you shall receive?" I know, as you said once, STS people make too many clams about this capacity (if it is one), saying it can do anything, but it seems to be real.

People communicate with each other via telepathy, and indeed know the intent of others and can time their walk down a street to coincide with a give-away of clothing or time their visit to a theatre and choice of seat to the plans of someone in the film industry.

Is the 12' grancrete dome idea that's on poleshift.ning the best idea, or are tents and a trench (for the poleshift itself) okay, and how will people begin to build new, ecologically responsible housing, with technology in tatters? I love eco-responsible housing, but if all is in shambles, how will we rebuild technology?

There are many solutions for surviving the magnitude 9 quakes and hurricane force winds expected during the hour of the pole shift, and it is within the knowledgebase of man for you to determine acceptability. Domes have winds pass over them, if durable, and ovals or spheres resist quakes better than rectangles. But the trench is something every man can arrange for himself and his loved ones, thus, we recommend it. As to your lifestyle after the shift, this is what you arrange for yourself. We tell the common man to anticipate living like the Amish do today, if they are lucky enough to have hand tools and expertise and seeds and land. Technology will absolutely be a casualty of the pole shift, by design.

Finally, what is that slight crescent image in the stereo-ahead images (not the bright spot, which I assume is Venus or Planet X?) but rather the hint of a big dark object? Is that the Dark Twin? It's kind of like a consistent dark crescent to the right of the Sun in these images. I wish I had the link - but it's there all month.

It's a splotch on the lens, as has been stated by humans discussing these issues. It remains, does not change, as anything in the cosmos would.

Why do you want to help us? Why don't you allow us to 'graduate' from this density to the next with our own means?

You obviously have not read any of the ZetaTalk website. Why do you come to a chat and expect to have your questions honored without taking the time to read at least a little of what Nancy has put out there from our prior words? Do you understand what the Rule of Non-Interference is? Do you understand what the requirements are for moving to 4th density? It's all there!

Why did Pres. Obama wait 8 days to respond to the oil spill?

The requirement for federal intervention is that the normal course of events should have taken place and failed. They did not fail on day one, when BP asserted the leak was slight and they had a shutoff valve. It did not fail until they finally admitted that the shutoff valve failed and they had no solution. Obama runs an administration, which follows laws. Or did you think it was a dictatorship.

Do you have any opinion about how going through the local interstellar fluff/magnetic field will affect the earth? It looks like this occurs approximately every 26,000 years. Will Nibiru and Planet X arrive at the same time?

There is no interstellar fluff. This is an excuse put forth by NASA et al to deflect curiosity about the current weather and earthquake increase.