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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written May 8 2010 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

What happens during the second 270 degree roll that Planet X makes upon leaving the solar system. [and from another] Prior ZetaTalk on this from August 9, 2008 ../index/zeta467.htm "The pole shift happens when Planet X is free to leave the solar system, having at last crossed over the ecliptic. Planet X has up until this point been fighting the backwash of particles returning to the Sun at the ecliptic. Once into the realm of the magnetic field on the northern side of the ecliptic, Planet X rapidly aligns with these magnetic field lines with another 270°, this one rapid, and zooms out of the solar system. It is the second 270° roll that in fact causes the pole shift. We have not detailed this, other than to mention a dual 270° roll, as by this time mankind could care less and is in a state of shock and panic. What they know is that the crustal shift happens within the span of an hour, and life afterwards is drastically different. Beyond that, mankind does not care."

At the point where Planet X has completed its first 270° roll, both Earth and Planet X are standing upright and the Earth has been drawn closer to Planet X in a side-by-side magnetic alignment. This is the time of rotation stoppage. What happens then, for a second 270° roll of Planet X? As Planet X begins to align with the Sun's magnetic flow lines above the Ecliptic, it finds its stance where its N Pole is pointing upward creating a clash with the downward flow of magnetons. This does not happen with the normal stance of Earth and Mercury, both likewise magnetic planets, because these planets are small in proportion to Planet X, and Planet X is standing closer to the Sun than the Earth. Planet X deals with the press of magnetons coming from the Sun's N Pole by flipping 180° degrees, pointing it's S Pole upward, as the S Pole of magnets is an intake. At this point it is starting to float over the head of the hapless Earth. As it puts distance between itself and the Sun, the Sun's magnetic field has less dominance, and Planet X wants to return to a side-by-side arrangement with the Sun. It begins this by bringing its N Pole sharply upward during a process that only progresses 90° degrees before Planet X is traveling so rapidly out of the solar system that its alignment with the Sun is no longer relevant.

How will the area around the arctic circle in Norway be affected by the Atlantic stretch tsunami?

Surprisingly, hardly at all. A tsunami, by definition, is a large amount of water pushed in one direction. We have explained that the collapse of the Canary Islands will not result in a wave traveling across the Atlantic, unlike the current expectation, because when water can dissipate in all directions such a wave does not develop. The adjustment in the center of the Atlantic will be a domino effect of an adjustment in the N American continent, the New Madrid adjustment, thus affecting water at that latitude. The Gulf Stream is pushing water at this point toward Europe, and thus the tsunami wave will be directed. Water disbursing to the north will dissipate.

The Zetas say that human souls do not go out-of-body during sleep but instead focus on re-living and processing the day's events. During this period, are these souls in touch with a higher force, perhaps discarnate mentors, who offer guidance as the souls review and evaluate their actions and thoughts of the day and as they plan the subsequent steps on their spiritual paths?

Such conversations go on continually, not just when the body sleeps. The soul does not require sleep, and does not need to be attentive to the body for bodily functions or movement. The body drives itself on automatic, so to speak, leaving the soul to be involved in contemplative decision making.

I know about existence of "gravitational null zones" in which the dark matter only soars, and there are nearby no gravitational giants (sources) for realisation of interstellar travel. You avoid these zones, or travel in another way?

It is not necessary for you to explore or understand any such information, as you will not be in a position to pilot a space ship during this lifetime nor in the near future.

What's the story behind the crazy Wall Street day. Was it really a computer glitch?

The only computer glitch was a failure of their programming controlling the buying and selling to maintain control. As we have explained, the way the DOW is maintained is for no selling to be allowed until a buyer can be secured from the many captive accounts managed by money managers or corporate portfolios under the direction of the US government. There are holes in this setup, and that day the trading fell into one of those holes.

This NY terrorist guy, did he really try to set off a car bomb, or was he set up by those who put Bush into power who are still holding out hope of taking over the Middle East.

This was an inept terrorist group, a small group with big heads, who didn't even have the sense to realize they were inept.

My question is in regards to the crew [and 11 dead] of the downed oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. While I do have cable, I have it only for the local stations; having access only to network news. And what is noticeably absent from the various media are the [numerous would-be] interviews from the surviving crew. Yes, there were two men, as of Friday--- but those sit-down interviews looked to be controlled. And we know more about the deaths of the miners from the last two mining accidents than with do the men who died on the oil rig. Where's their memorial and Presidential visit? Is the crew being kept away from the media on purpose? And will we ever know more about those who did not survive?

Crew members are dependent upon their employers for pay, compensation, and future employment. BP is extremely sensitive to the disaster they caused, and for employing Halliburton, a company hated by the public, as a sub-contractor setting the valves that failed in place. The oil slick is not contained, nor is the true extent of the disaster yet known. Thus, they are desperate to control bad news or bad commentary. Yes, they were leaned on and controlled, and any reminder of the disaster that happened is being slipped from the news. Such is the reach of the oil industry and those in the US government who were responsible for regulatory failures.

Do all humans undergo the same experiences immediately after they die - the brilliant light, the birthing envoys, and the re-uniting with dead relatives and friends? Is the release from a physical body a pleasant experience for everyone?

No. What has been reported is a common transition, one we have ourselves described in the body of ZetaTalk. But imagine the transition for a sadist. His reception would be quite different.

I observed the moon in the same quadrant of the sky as the mid day sun this past week. Perhaps 30 - 40 degrees apart. Very unusual. Comments? One assumes that things like this and the much brighter Venus are starting to get people talking and thinking. Still no panic so can we expect even more direct suggestions as to the possible true cause (PX) instead of things like solar flares that make no sense? The History Channel show a few weeks ago that mentioned PX was well done.

The awakening of the public to the reality that the Earth changes are not explained by Global Warming or blaming the Sun is steadfast. We have predicted that the public will stop looking to the government or universities to explain matters, and turn to the Internet and the local bars and cafes for their answers. This is already happening, and thus the almost schizophrenic behavior of the media, which swings from being more open and honest about what is happening to loud claims that all is normal.

The pace of fiat currency erosion is picking up as evidenced by the events of this past week. Some of this seems to be planned and some of it seems to be a natural outgrowth of "paper promises" as discussed by the Zetas. Any comments?

We haven no additional statements beyond those we have made in the past. The world is in a second Great Depression, held together by promises between countries to maintain a façade of normalcy and strength. Printing money and lots of lies is preferable to allowing countries to go bankrupt. We have predicted this would be maintained up until the time of the pole shift, a controlled slide but not a default.

What the Zetas can tell about a new cropcircle at Old Sarum, nr Salisbury, Wiltshire (reported 5th May)?
I understand that this cropcircle shows a cup in which the Earth is caught. But what means 7 circles? Why them 7? These circles are months? The Zetas can tell this cropcircle means any future situation/event or it shows a current situation?

The circle depicts the magnetic grip that Planet X has upon the hapless Earth, and the degree of sway that can be anticipated during the last weeks when a severe wobble will ensue.

Can you explain about how they managed to send stocks to a fall in 99% of their values this week? Is it true that a new financial system is coming in May 11th?

Almost all stocks are inflated beyond their true worth, jacked up to calm fears that pension funds are worthless, or to prevent pressure on already bankrupt companies who would need to fill their pension funds, by law. As we stated earlier in the chat, the controls that usually are in place to prevent a true market value from being reflected were absent, temporarily, due to a hole the market fell into that day. We know of no dramatic changes to the financial system planned. The status quo will be maintained until the last weeks, when it will no longer matter.

All political parties (Liberals, Democrats, Nazis, conservatives and others), all political regimes (democracy, communism, socialism, Nazism, etc.). All mutated religion (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, etc.). All are instruments of managing people. All these different scenarios one game. Game called "Kill the neighbor, he is from another party / religion." Am I right?

No. This is too simplistic.

I tried creating a Google email account, and found it very odd that for my security question they asked for either my 1st library card number, 1st phone number, or frequent flyer miles. A person can easily get pass that by putting fake information, but in the final step of the process it required for me to give them my current phone number for verification. I found it very odd, since most companies don't ask for such information that can identify a person. Then I tried creating a youtube account, which is owned by Google, and couldn't create one without giving them my actual phone number. Should the average person be worried about Google?

It is no secret that spying on citizens is done via banking accounts, phone records, phone conversations, internet postings, and email. Legitimate terrorist, those who are angry organizations and not false flag operations run by governments, have been caught using the Internet for communications, thus the new laws allowing such snooping. As a result, those who would use the Internet are being asked to thoroughly identify themselves. This should be no threat to one who is not up to mischief.

Do zetas know about Dulles' Plan? Is it true or fiction?

True, and not the half of it.

What zetas think about Telegony?

The inheritance of characteristics, from either parent or past relatives, is well known. All else is mere speculation and theory.

What's behind the Enquirer stuff about an Obama affair 6 years ago? Failed assassins trying a different route I presume?

Obama is not having affairs, and such rumors are just frustrated birthers trying another tack.

In regards to Venus and the Dark Twin 'looming large' in the Night sky, is the day coming when we will see them also bright as day? to make this more clear, will either or both become readily visible during Daylight hours?

Obviously, when we are withholding certain information in order to discombobulate the establishment, thus shaking loose the truth, we would be remiss to reveal all that is pending.

Will those who are unaware they are contactees find out they are before the pole shift?

Contact is an extremely individual matter. Some contactees are aware of their status almost immediately, others deny their status their entire lives.

Did the Zetas have anything to do with the foiled Times Square attempted bombing? Will they step in to make sure attempts like that won't succeed and give a rationale to clamp down on civil liberties, as those kind of plots were intended to do when Cheney was in power?

There are no plans to monitor and inhibit amateur terrorist plots, no.

Through shear perseverance, is it possible for man to stop the flow of oil into the Gulf or is it too much of a ordeal man is not advanced to the point of finding a solution?

You are asking if the BP oil leak will be stopped, or will run its course, leaking until the pressure stops pushing oil to the surface. Since this matter is very much in the hands of man, who is attempting various methods of capping the leaks and diverting the oil pressure, it would be premature to comment. This is in the hands of man.

Do the zetas anticipate more "retirements" from Congress this year, or have the remaining congressional Democrats been told they'll have to hang in there so that the public doesn't sense something is wrong?

Individual congressmen are free to announce their retirements, and those about them have no recourse to prevent this. What type of counsel anyone is given is another matter. The public already senses something is wrong.

Can there be a comment in regard to an increase in peoples empathy? The "feelings" and that there is becoming more of a stronger feeling of them? And what does this have to do with our future, what makes empathy so relevent?

Empathy is a natural product of having lived a long life, or many lives. One relates to the situation of another. If you sense this increasing in those around you, if is likely that you are more aware of others at this time.

People say, that in Haiti was UFO. What can you say about it?

Seeing a UFO in the skies does not necessarily mean that those seeing it will become contactees. Some do, curious about what they have seen. But just as many become cautious, and if they were thinking about giving the Call to become contactees, hold back. UFO's are almost everywhere these days, in evidence, as the Awakening proceeds apace.

Do the "altered states" of Shamanistic journeying work/contact 4D reality?

Flights of the soul, going astral or out-of-body, is not the same as moving to another density, moving from 3rd to 4th density. It is often drug induced dream states of the physical mind, or going astral.

My question for the Zeta's is whether or not the technology for levitating stone as done by Ed Leedskalnin was lost by his passing or, was it secreted away by others intent on keeping it a secret?

Humans do not have this capacity or knowledge.

Will lead found in the rain, contaminate the soil and vegetable plants that will be grown in the aftertimes?

Volcanic ash, historically, has resulted in fluoride poisoning and rarely, arsenic poinsoning. Lead is a very heavy metal and settles out quickly, dropping in the water table so that after a few years it is not present even in well water. But just after the shift, due to fracturing of the rock strata, lead can be pushed up into the water tables temporarily. Thus, our caution to trust no water source and distill all drinking water for several years after the shift. Information on what pollutants various plants will pick up exists in the knowledge base of man and can be researched. This is likewise true of what pollutants fish pickup. In general, fish pick up mercury, but do not carry lead.

Is the BP disppersant they are spraying, itself more toxic than the oil?

No. It is primarily soap, which will wash off with water. Birds encountering this will survive, though be sick, whereas birds coated with oil will die.

Offshore Continental Oil Well Drilling is stopped now. Is that the end of it, so that no more US approvals and permits will be granted?

If there were ever a situation in the hands of man, this is it. The pressure on both sides of the argument is intense. The US feels it needs to become energy self-sufficient, and cannot do that without new oil on its own territories or a leap into wind and solar power. Such a leap is not possible in the short term. How this plays out is yet to be seen.

With regards to the starchild skull : It has been shown that the starchild skull is a hybrid of alien and human DNA. It was actually said that that this skull contains "human" DNA, but this is a matter of perspective, surely, conversely it could also imply that those DNA parts within man today that match the starchild skull, may have themselves originally been "alien" DNA. Perhaps the species from which the starchild skull hails, could have previously been used as a donor of DNA material ith which man was engineered, at least in part, many aeons ago. If man was originally engineered from donor ape(s), I imagine quite a lot of other genertic material could have been drawn from other sources to provide the desired properties. This would also mean the starchild skull might be a distant genetic "cousin" to mankind as we know it today.

The latter hypothesis is correct. It is neither human nor a progenitor of human species. It is a separate hominid, from another world. Given the popularity of genetic engineering, it is not surprising that some similarities would be found.

A long time ago on the debunker thread, one of the posters referred to himself as one of the good guys. I realize that some hecklers are merely expressing their negative opinion of ZetaTalk. When it comes to the ones who are paid to disrupt or confuse, in general, what are these individuals told about the Zetas, the ZetaTalk information and the individuals who follow the ZetaTalk material with great interest? Are we "followers" portrayed in such a way that the "new hires" feel like they are doing a service to mankind? How likely do the most vocal hecklers know the material presented here is valid?

They are handed money and told to disrupt in whatever manner they can. Some are very unimaginative, so are given directives, which is why so many seem to be following the same script, such as the dead dog theme. Those debunkers who are fearful, don't like the message, don't want the truth as they are insecure individuals afraid of change and unable to imagine a world where their creature comforts are not automatically provided, as operating out of denial. These individuals can be just as shrill, and are usually insulting. Thus, they are discounted, ignored, by those looking for facts. The paid debunkers are trying to either create confusion or distraction, as they have found they cannot win based on solid argument.

Can the Z's shed any light on the Paul-Grayson Fed Audit bill? Thank you!

Such insistence that the Fed come clean as to its operation are doomed to failure. It was only recently, during the Bush administration, that the M3 went dark, so that the public could not determine where the money refurbishing the Fed came from. This allows the government to print money, rather than borrow it, becoming eventually a banana republic. In such a situation, more light is the last thing that either the Executive of the Congressional branch would allow.

Why is the USA purposely setting up very stringent martial law plans. And are other countrys doing this as well. And what are the camps and coffins for that they have stashed all over the USA.

The rumor that extra coffins are being manufactured was quashed years ago, as these are merely plastic coffin covers for those locals that have high water tables or lots of rain. Martial law plans are of course on the books, and have been for many decades if not centuries in one form or another. That such plans come under more serious discussion among law enforcement or government bodies is not surprising given the riots in Greece or the chaos and lawlessness after the Haiti earthquake. Under the Bush administration, and among those who engineered putting Bush into the White House, there were very specific plans to invoke martial law by a bioterrorism excuse, or a dirty bomb in some heavily democratic district, but none of these plans gained ground as they were foiled by both man and directives from the Council of Worlds. At present, outside of some very local plans by, for instance, those around Dick Cheney, such plans are dead. Cheney is likely to be dead, frankly, before any of his plans could even be attempted.

What the heck is happening to all the bees?

This issue is not new. For several years the bees have been dying out, entire hives dying. We were asked to address this issue and stated that in the main it is due to the habit of moving hives around the country, for pollination. Illness is increasing in many species, for many reasons at this time. The weather has induced a type of climate change, so that opportunistic germs and fungi can invade a territory. Immune systems are depressed, because of the roiling core of the Earth which produces emanations that are essentially as assault. A depressed immune system combined with multiple attacks can overwhelm the immune system, and certainly spread disease. Isolated hives do not experience problems.