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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written May 15, 2010 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

What caused the Libya crash? Was it terrorism or failure of the electrical equipment? [and from another] Clues to the Cause of the Libya Plane Crash [May 12] The wreckage is scattered on both sides of slide path, suggesting a shallow angle of descent, about 3 to 4 degrees. The wreckage is scattered on both sides of slide path, suggesting a shallow angle of descent, about 3 to 4 degrees. Reports that the Afriqiyah Airways aircraft had made more than one pass at the runway. Another observed that landing on that particular runway at sunrise, the pilot may have had reduced visibility due to glare or a sandstorm: they were on the RWY 09 approach, which is a non-precision NDB approach directly into the sunrise at that time.

This crash was not due to terrorism, not intentional. The weather was clear and in the early dawn, visibility was adequate. So what caused the crash during landing? The crew had been flying for most of the night, and was fatigued. This will be ascribed to human error, lack of attention to altitude and angles and the like. All airlines are cutting corners, trying to continue to make a profit for their owners and stockholders. Pilots are told to fly longer hours, with fewer breaks, and are resentful. They fly drunk, or take drugs to keep themselves awake. All of this leads to human error.

Jupiter loses one of its Stripes and Scientists are Stumped as to Why [May 12] Jupiter has lost one of its iconic red stripes and scientists are baffled as to why. The largest planet in our solar system is usually dominated by two dark bands in its atmosphere, with one in the northern hemisphere and one in the southern hemisphere. However, the most recent images taken by amateur astronomers have revealed the lower stripe known as the Southern Equatorial Belt has disappeared leaving the southern half of the planet looking unusually bare. It is not the first time this unusual phenomenon has been noticed. Jupiter loses or regains one of its belts every ten or 15 years, although exactly why this happens is a mystery.

This phenomena occurs periodically for Jupiter so does not have a relationship to the presence of Planet X. Gaseous planets have internal flows of material that is not homogeneous, and will not mix. Buildups occur, where chemical reactions occur in this or that layer so that spreading or expansion occur, and this affects the neighboring layers. These chemical reactions reverse, when the material is diluted or less crowded, so that particular material coalesces again. Until mankind takes samples, they will remain in the dark on these issues. However, given the coming pole shift and the permanent disruption of man's space faring technologies, this is unlikely to happen. For those graduating into 4th density, these mysteries will be only a taste of what awaits.

A site dedicated to refuting ZetaTalk claims has suddenly gone out of business. "ZetaSquawk - debunking the zetatalk myth" the website claimed as its mission, but who was behind this effort? A Whois search showed the domain had been created on January 22, 1010 and was registered for the forthcoming year. Yes, they had had some setbacks in debates, but did someone die, that the plug was so quickly pulled? According to the reason posted by the webmaster, they lost their government funding! Right on the heels of this admission is an admission from a Goggle senior VP that Google has been collecting email data. It is true confession time? [and from another] Google Says It Mistakenly Collected Data on Web Usage [May 14] Google Inc. said an internal investigation has discovered that the roving vans the company uses to create its online mapping services were mistakenly collecting data about websites people were visiting over wireless networks. Alan Eustace, senior vice president of engineering and research for Google, wrote in a blog post that the company uncovered the mistake while responding to a German data-protection agency's request for it to audit the Wi-Fi data, amid mounting concerns that Google's practices violated users' privacy. Google had previously said it was collecting the location of Wi-Fi hot spots from its StreetView vehicles, but not the information being transmitted over those networks by users.

ZetaSquawk was not government funded, but was funded by those who would suppress the ZetaTalk message. We have frequently mentioned that those who fear the ZetaTalk message include the wealthy and those in corporate power, as well as those in political power. During the Bush administration, there were many black ops funded targeting ZetaTalk and Nancy, but Obama has put a halt to that. What remains is privately funded enterprises, which are poorly managed. Government ops do not pinch pennies when it comes to completing the mission, and are noted for overruns. Privately funded ops are funded by those who are greedy by nature - the wealthy and their corporate minions - and thus penny pinching is predominant. Disgruntled employees, who are hired from the ranks of the unemployed and were likely employed during the housing bubble boom as money shufflers in the first place, do not have dedication to the goal. Irritable, and underpaid, they cast the only parting shot they could get away with as they left. Read between the lines. ZetaTalk debunking is a campaign, as has always been stated by ourselves and Nancy. Is there a relationship between this demise and the Google admission that they had been collecting WiFi data? The ranks of those who would control the Internet is crumbling too, the grip of power loosening, and thus honesty can prevail. The cover-up over the alien presence is shattering, disclosure on the rise, and the cover-up over the presence of Planet X nearby is likewise losing on every front. NASA images show this magnetic monster and its entourage of moons. The Earth wobble has the public pondering the position of the Sun and Moon, and feeling the ground trembling under their feet. The war is lost, but some soldiers still are in the trenches, albeit a bit underpaid and mismanaged! And increasingly disgruntled.

How you can comment a new cropcircle? The small circle on the right is the Moon?

This crop circle is depicting the retrograde orbit of Planet X, clockwise, and the 3 planets that are currently caught in front of its passage - Earth, Venus, and the Earth's Dark Twin. All 3 of these planets are of equal size, but only the Earth remains trapped during the passage and experiences a pole shift. The other two escape the squeeze before or during the last weeks. The circle is showing that regardless of what direction Planet X approaches the solar system, this squeeze occurs.

For years we have watched the magnetic trimesters follow a fairly consistent pattern, but December's sweep arrived almost two weeks into what should have been a new trimester. The Haiti earthquake occurred on January 12 during what seemed to be a sweep and Sumatra's recent 7.2 quake occurred on May 9, as a seemingly independent earthquake, unaccompanied by an anticipated April sweep. Has April's sweep occurred yet? Are things changing? Can the Zetas explain?

Sweeps, the periodic encounter of the Earth with the sweeping arms of the Sun, are no longer relevant as they have been replaced by the Earth wobble, a daily, and almost violent, affair. The sweeps used to brush the Dark Twin closer to Earth, for a temporary bump, but now the Dark Twin is squeezed close and starting to loom large, though it has dropped back in the orbit it shares with the Earth to fall behind the Earth. This has, if anything, temporarily lessened the effect of encounters with the Dark Twin, which used to be associated with the sweeps. The trimesters effects on the Earth were unrelated to the sweeps, more of a steady influence throughout the trimester. This influence remains as before.

Is this video that appeared this week and made national news of Russians shooting survivors of the polish aircraft crash genuine? [and from another] Will the truth of the Polish government crashing in Russia ever be revealed? Now footage is on the internet showing there were no bodies or luggage in the wreckage, and the four 'pilots' escaped but were shot in the woods around the crash, all caught on video. When the bodies that were supposedly in the crash were returned, they were in such bad shape, they had identified only 2. Is that because the Russians killed them catastrophically to duplicate the crash effects? Before they were killed at another location, were they told why they were being killed, or were they unconscious when off loaded?

This videotographer escaped, before those perpetrating the certain death of those on the plane were aware they were being filmed. To shoot the videotographer now would affirm its contents. Those who did not die in the crash were executed, promptly and without explanation. Some of the bodies were beaten to effect an appearance of crash trauma. Outside of rumor, the truth will not be revealed, as those in Poland who understand what happened fear for their own lives. The flea who bites should not assume it cannot itself be chewed to death by the dog. Poland was a deliberate irritant to Russia for some time.

Planet X appeared on SOHO C2 this week. PX has appeared on the SOHO C3 coronagraph in recent months, but the above link is the first sighting I've observed on the C2. According to the SOHO website, the C3 captures the Sun's corona from 3.5 to 30 solar radii, but the C2 captures only 1.5 to 6 solar radii. At first I thought this would suggest that PX is now closer to the sun than when the C3 image was taken. However, when I scaled PX's distance from the Sun, it is approximately 2 solar radii away from the Sun in both the C2 and the C3 image. Is this a coincidence or will PX remain roughly 2 solar radii away from the Sun until it rises toward the ecliptic?

Most of what you are seeing is not Planet X but various Moon Swirls, which wend in and out of view as the tail of Planet X wafts between the Earth and Sun. This is a 2D representation of a 3D situation, so distance cannot be surmised from SOHO images.

What is the Zeta reaction to the Scientific American article condemning most carbohydrates, saying that Saturated Fat is indeed healthy after all? It mentions that there is no correlation between saturated fat intake and heart disease. The Inuit diet is full of saturated fat, and they are free of any diabetes and heart disease. The Maasi tribe in Africa, for example, consumes a diet of blood, cow's milk, organs, and meat, and has the healthiest blood profile in the world. This fact has been well known for years within the bodybuilding community, and many doctors are beginning to pick up on this as well. Basically, if anyone did the research, they would have already realized this by now. Cavemen ate plenty of saturated fat. There is evidence that caveman actually hunted down the fattier, larger animal, and stored any excess fat. Even the leanest game has a thick layer of saturated fat between the organs and the skin. And the organs, brain, liver, you name it are nearly all saturated fat. Another that adds on to this, is that when someone diets, they are literally consuming pure lard off of their bodies. To think that the body would have adapted to such an "unhealthy" food source, that causes heart disease. Oh yeah, and there is mounting research that Saturated fat is the healthiest of all fats! Zeta's opinion?

As we have explained within the body of ZetaTalk, man adapted to more than one type of diet. One was his hunting diet, which consisted of consuming animal protein and fat. When hunting, with success, early man ate nothing but meat and fat, and has a digestion to fit this diet. When hunting became scarce, the diet switched to vegetation with a smattering of protein from fish, bugs, and small fowl. This is another type of digestion. Mixing the two diets is the problem. Modern man tries to eat meat and carbohydrates, which forces the body into the vegetarian state so that fat from meat is deposited or consumed incorrectly. We have stated that man should eat one or the other type of diet, and not mix the two. If you are going to eat meat and fat, stick to that for a few days. Then refuse meat and stick to the alternate diet, etc.

Periodically during GW Bush's administration we heard of his desire to create a national ID card and we all knew the intentions. Despite the Zetas assurance Bush's card would not happen before the shift, it is curious that some Democrats are now pushing the idea as part of an immigration bill. Since everything is a double edged sword I am wondering what the intentions are of those who wish it?

The desire to control other humans does not reside entirely within the Republican community. Plenty of Democrats have these same faults. Those who are leaning to the Service-to-Self feel insecure, and the thought of others roaming about freely and unaccounted for makes them more insecure. Whatever the reason, carding or chipping others sounds attractive. If they were not in politics, not in a position of power, this might not be the case. But those leaning to the Service-to-Self, when on top, want to remain on top, and will push any means of achieving this.

Humans engage in all manner of spiritual rites to purify their souls or get in touch with their higher selves or a higher power. These rituals include vision quests, shamanistic ceremonies, and sweat lodges. My question: Are such elaborate practices necessary for spiritual growth and understanding, or are simple cleansing and contemplative practices, such as healthy eating, expressing gratitude, respecting and helping others, meditating, doing yoga, communing with nature, or simply giving The Call, just as effective in unblocking or nurturing a connection to a universal force?

None of these practices, including the ones you mentioned as a substitute are necessary. It is the choice of your SOUL now much it wants to share of its previous lives or inherent knowledge with your current incarnation. Some souls engage the current incarnation closely, so many past lives are recalled and the current mission of the soul is well understood. Others are very secretive. A soul that plans on becoming a martyr, placing the current incarnation is physical danger or perhaps even subject to torture, might withhold all this from the mind of the human, fearing rebellion and reluctance. There are practices that encourage communication between the conscious brain and the subconscious brain, which indeed are two brains that do not always share information with each other. The subconscious knows all the human has experienced, but the conscious is particular about what it wants to deal with, being politically correct, so is deliberately amnesiac about certain matters. Being in the Alpha brain wave state encourages the subconscious and conscious to communicate, and also encourages telepathy. Sleep, or meditation, encourages the Alpha state, and thus many assume they are on a spiritual quest.

Recently, there's been an increase in seismic activity off the coast of southern Oregon. Can the Zetas elaborate on how plate adjustments effecting the New Madrid and southwestern U.S. will impact the Juan de Fuca Plate, particularly in southwestern British Columbia?

We have stated that outside of minor adjustments along the West Coast, that the N American continent will not adjust in a major way until the New Madrid gives. This will pull the continent such that Mexico moves to the west, putting tension all along the San Andreas and north to the Juan de Fuca Plate's connections to the N American continent. This is a one-two-three step operation, with the New Madrid sliding first so that land to the west of the Mississippi drops somewhat and moves SW in relation to land to the east of the Mississippi. Next, and almost simultaneously, southern California and the coast of Mexico adjust, slip slide more than subduction. And finally, the slip slide along the fault lines to the north will occur. During these West Coast adjustments, major quakes will occur, and volcanic activity.

The drama you said that will happen by the end of this year is going to be global? It will affect all people directly or it will be a very strong topic disaster somewhere that will depress all peoples consciousness?

The 7 of 10, which we said would occur by the end of 2010, will include one or more of the disasters that Nancy was presented with during her November, 2009 holographic presentation. We stated that no one would be confused about whether a 7 of 10 had arrived, as whatever happened would "shock the world". None of the Earth changes described - the Mediterranean, Indonesia, S America and the Caribbean, the New Madrid, or a European tsunami - affect the whole world. But the whole world will be aware of it.

Greetings from Austria! Will a soul be interested in incarnating in a human body when it can have a hybrid body in the 4th density? I mean will the human babies have incarnated souls or will they all have new unsparked souls without the possibility to spark in the 4th density?

Incarnations are under the guidance of Spirit Guides, and until a soul is very mature it cannot make these decisions on its own. The incarnation is selected by the guides, in conference of course with the young soul, to further the lessons the young soul is facing.

Tell me about the secret US Navy Submarine Base in Hawthorne Nevada. Why is it there and where do the submarine sized tunnels connect to? Is the entrance to the base in Monterey Bay, California? Are there alien bases, under or offshore of Monterey Bay? Does the eastern pacific extend under a shelf below California and Nevada? Did the US Navy put in a tunnel or use a natural cavern system? Why is Hawthorne Nevada in the desert, the major US Naval Undersea Warfare Center? Have any US Submarines been lost in the cavern system? What role if any does this play in the pole shift scenario? Is the San Andreas Fault actually part of the cavern system off the Pacific?

This is a hodge-podge of false information leaked by those who would send the public on a goose chase rather than have them focus on the real issues of importance. Planet X is going to pass over head, causing a pole shift, a crustal shift, on Earth wherein 90% of the world's population will die and the remaining 10% struggle with starvation issues. The elite of the world, the wealthy and politically powerful and those running large corporations, are aware of this, but say nothing as they do not want their personal plans for safety compromised by a demanding or rioting public. What to do to placate the curious? Invent some ridiculous story, like a submarine base in the middle of the high desert, and snicker as fools chase this story about.

Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID) refers to a neurological and psychological mental disorder implying a psychological feeling that one would be happier living life as an amputee and is usually, if not always, accompanied by the desire to amputate one or more healthy limbs in order to enact that desire. I was wondering what is the cause of this disorder and if by any chance it would be related to a past life experience? Or is it just brain chemistry going wrong.

Many mental states involve self mutilation of some kind, so this is not a single occurrence. They all have at their base either self hatred or fear. If self hatred, the thinking is that if one mutilates themselves, then those who might do it to them will feel placated. Father is going to beat me, so I will beat myself ahead of time to avoid his punishment, is the thinking. Anorexia is a desire to avoid looking pregnant or being sexually mature, avoiding mother's anger at having a competitor for father's attentions. The thinking is, that one should starve the self, or throw up the food eaten, as a punishment as if the child is challenging mother, then the child is bad and must be punished. Mutilation can be to deliver pain or to change the appearance, to be less beautiful or attractive. Removing limbs should be seen in this light. If one cannot move, can one be punished for what one might have intention of doing.

Will a 4th-density, STO Earth have such constructs as governments, elected officials, a monetary system, and taxes, or will telepathy, consensus, consultation with the Council of Worlds, and barter replace these 3rd-density institutions?

The latter.

NASA hired Prudential Relocation to relocate NASA personnel, a 74 million dollar project for 3 years ending this year. Where are they being moved to and why? I think you said the entire US government was in the process of moving to Denver. How is that coming along generally, but where does NASA relocate to, is it in Denver, or New Mexico, or some other location?

Away from Florida, which they know will be flooded. NASA is located in diverse locations. If this project has been in place for 3 years, ending in 2010, then the target locations are known. Why do you ask us?

Last night I had a dream that we had a power surge. I wake up in the morning, and see on the news that there was indeed a power outage. There is no way I would have known. What causes this? Telepathy?


Recently the Zetas have said the Council of Worlds will allow a sign to let the average human sense something is indeed wrong, and this will have the effect of providing an 'element of belief', for lack of a better term. Can the Zetas elaborate at all on this, will this be during this trimester, will it be something to do with Earth changes or rather an exposure of something the elite has kept hidden?

We would certainly not tip the Council's hand by telling you what to expect or when. If a surprise, then the establishment is discombobulated, and the cover-up more likely to crack.

In March when FEMA had meetings about widespread flooding and civil disorder with major cities on the east coast, was PX discussed or was all the info couched in global warming terms? What is FEMA planning and how much do they know?

Those in executive positions within FEMA know that global cataclysms caused by an outside force, a rogue body within the solar system, are expected. They do not know all the details but are told to anticipate major flooding, earthquakes, and a total inability at the federal and state level to counter the disasters. Thus, worst case disasters are discussed, and what to do in such circumstances. If one cannot house or feed the populace of a city, which has been displaced, what to do? Moving the populace into the countryside and providing them with fields planted with corn and pumpkins and young chicks for a flock to manage is one such solution. Thinking out of the box in this manner is encouraged.

The Daily Mail Online had an article on the clouds of Jupiter changing and I made 5 comments about Planet X and they never put any one of them online. Is that ever going to change? If we all send in comments to articles where we name Planet X, will that put pressure on the editors to finally print some articles, or are they waiting for commands from central powers that be?

Your email will not change the matter, as even the editors are not in control. There are dictates to the editors, and until that changes, subjects to be avoided will continue to be avoided. Expect, instead, a gradual change, with some media outlets leading and others reluctant.

If the Zetas will distribute permanent 12 volt batteries to unselfish communities should unselfish people accumulate items that are powered on 12 volts? And if the devices fail, I presume that there will be no replacements. I mean, are not permanent batteries going to outlast any device that could be run off them? What devices would the Zetas recommend acquiring to use those batteries? I got my shortwave license as the Zetas recommended, but what if the radio needs repair?

First, you are assuming you will be receiving such a gift. Second, any community that does receive such a gift will be highly Service-to-Other and in communication with high tech aliens on other matters too. Thus, the issues you mention will be moot..

How did the wobble affect the systems responsible for the flooding in Nashville? It took 4-5 days for that stalled high pressure system to leave.

The erratic and extreme weather the Earth has been experiencing has everything to do with the wobble. The wobble is what is causing this. The Earth moves rapidly under its blanket of air, mixing the air during this process. High pressure areas are intensified, thus. The jet stream is disturbed, and can force a high pressure area to remain longer than it would under normal circumstances.

Will truly STO groups be in the minority in the aftertime? I can imagine that many STO people will chose to be in more mixed groups to help those others who are headed towards STO?

You are correct. Since those in the Service-to-Other orientation are currently only about 30% of incarnated humans, and this includes the Star Child community, there are few survivor communities that will be composed only of those in the Service-to-Other. But the rule for qualifying as a Service-to-Other community is not that every soul there be highly Service-to-Other, but that control of the community be in Service-to-Other hands, and that this control is unlikely to be supplanted by undecided or Service-to-Self entities.

Edgar Cayce said that he would be reborn in 100 years in the great seaport of Omaha Nevada and he would take a saucer back to Virginia Beach to see where he lived previously. So two questions, is Omaha going to be a great seaport, and won't Virginia Beach be under water?

The Mississippi Valley will flood to 675 feet above today's sea level. This will bring sea water to eastern Nebraska (not Nevada as you stated). Where Cayce stated that Virginia Beach will be safe, he was speaking of the week of rotation stoppage, where water near the Equator flows to the poles temporarily, due to the lack of centrifugal force pulling the oceans around the Equator outward. This changes during the hour of the shift, when all coastlines will be subject to tides 500-600 feet high. And thereafter, within 2 years of the pole shift, all lands will be flooded to 675 feet above today's level.

I was recently watching the Nostradamus Effect about the Fatima visions. They described how the Sun danced around. Could this have been a brightly lit UFO that was witnessed by thousands of people?

Holographic visions are frequently used to describe to humans what they can expect. Nancy has been present at several such holographic visions, which can be understood to be a type of movie, or can be presented as a real scenario the human might experience in the future. These children, not being used to modern day electronics, were not used to movies or TV, and would not understand such a presentation, but they did understand experiencing a human drama if they were the subject of that drama. During the pole shift, the Earth will jerk around, and the Sun suddenly move rapidly in the sky. Are we saying that the Fatima was presented by aliens? Yes.

In the United States, after the pole shift, which areas will be the first to have clear skies and in how many years? When would people actually see the stars again, or the sunrise/sunset?

Calculate this yourself by looking at the new geography map, and aligning volcanic regions with the new prevailing westerlies. The old north will be the new west. We have stated that sunlight will be present for some areas, on occasion, even right after the pole shift, and this is very dependent upon which way the winds are blowing and being downwind or at a distance from a volcano. Sunlight does not need to be direct to promote growth in plants. Sunburn can occur even on cloudy days.

My question is how will Great Britain, especially the south-east, be affected by the Atlantic stretch tsunami?

Tsunami is a rapidly building wave, assaulting from one direction only. If this is coming from the same direction as the Gulf Stream, then the SW shores of Great Britain will be affected.

In 1865 James Clerk Maxwell came out with his treatise on electrodynamics, which included 20 equations with 20 unknowns. His equations were in quaternions, which were not well understood at the time. Thus he was forced to make revisions that would satisfy the scientific community. Eventually we have today the 4 vector Maxwell's equations. In your opinion, what impact did this revision have on the modern world of science? [and from another] The Maxwell equations are 2 pairs of differential equations. You can also write them in the integral form. The 20 equations you are talking about are all the electrodynamics are magnetism experimental laws. From the 4 you can derive all of them.
1- Law of Coulomb
2- No magnetic monopoles
3- Law of Faraday
4- Law of Ampère (with Maxwell' correction)
You only need this 4 to describe all electromagnetism. Which is the start of the relativistic theory. Maxwell wrote the experimental laws in integral equations, which of course implies quaternions. Later in 1890 Heavisidie simplified his work by applying the differential notation with which we work today. If this was not true, we wouldn't have all the electronics we have today.

The world of science is less affected by the lack of theories than actual performance in the lab. There are theories aplenty, and they mean nothing unless field testing of the theory proves them correct. Most scientific discoveries are by accident, reality forcing the conclusion, the opposite of what you postulate, which is that a theory need be in place for a discovery to occur.

What will happen during and after the pole-shift in Sichuan Basin? It is the most famous rice cultivation land in inner land of China. Nearly 100 million people live there, could 0.1% of them (100K) survive first a few years after the pole-shift? Would the Sichuan-Basin become habitable or good for any agriculture cultivation again?

Southern China will be affected by a changed climate due to the new S Pole being over India. Much death from starvation will indeed occur. Those who migrate closer to the Bering Straits, which will be tropical, will fare better. Plan now for this migration.

How much would Hawaii islands (including Nihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Hawaii) rise above present sea level after the pole shift? Will all those dormant but alive volcanoes and undersea volcanoes erupt before/during the pole shift?

Hawaii is rising as the Pacific compresses, the rock layers folding over one another. This has been reported as a couple feet within recent years, but during the pole shift will result in 50-100 feet of raised elevation. We have predicted that Hawaii's volcanoes will all erupt during the pole shift, but will be characterized by oozing, as they are today, rather than be explosive, due to the baffling effect of the rock layers.