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ZetaTalk: Big Squeeze
written Mar 23, 2004

In the `Meaning of Sedna` the Zetas state `This [Earth twin] will become visible soon, if not already, and will come close to the Earth before other dramas intervene’ when talking about the Earth`s twin. That would mean that the twin is only a quarter of a turn around the sun away from us now. The repulsion force from the twin is possibly a significant factor in the sequence of events leading up to the pole shift - forcing the Earth in towards Planet X more than just the sweeping arms of the sun are now.

The Earth in her orbit is hapless and passive, and most certainly cannot escape the forces that push and pull at her. In priority:

  1. She is bound to the Sun, the gravity giant.
  2. She is pushed away from the Sun by the Repulsion Force, balancing this gravity pull.
  3. She is kept in the Ecliptic by a backwash of particles that emerge from the poles of the Sun and wrap around to return at the Sun’s middle, thus coming in from above and beneath the Earth, holding her in that Ecliptic.
  4. She is swept along by the Sweeping Arms of the Sun which arrive regularly and maintain the momentum the planets in their orbits exhibit.
  5. She is put in her orbit by the other planets, which when passing each other in their orbits exert their own gravity and Repulsion Force pressures such that the planets find their orbit to ease these pressures all around.

When an interloper such as Planet X comes into the neighborhood, it at first tries to avoid this tight network of pushing and pulling forces and take the easy path by plunging 32° below the Ecliptic from its approach 11° below the Ecliptic.

  1. But as Planet X is plunging toward the Sun in the forces that push and pull at it, this only delays the crunch.
  2. At the current mass of the Sun, for Planet X the Repulsion Force clicks in only after it has passed Earth’s orbit and stands within Earth’s orbit. At this point is slides long the Sun, held away by the Repulsion Force.
  3. The Ecliptic backwash has, during the approach from below, pushed Planet X toward the Sun, along with the gravity pull of the Sun, but to punch through the Ecliptic and emerge leaving the Sun from above requires that it meet the backwash head on during its exit from the inner solar system. This is not a rapid resolution, as the Ecliptic forces above and below are strong and equal, so the balance is tripped by other forces which play out.
  4. The Sweeping Arms are one of these forces, as at each pass Planet X bumps over them, in its retrograde orbit manner, and other planets coming head on to Planet X are swept into Planet X. While there is wiggle room in this dance, the gravity Repulsion Force and magnetic clash with other planets is resolved by the weak link. For the Earth and Venus, this has meant halting and reversing in their orbits, swept into Planet X at a Sweeping Arm pass and then bouncing back.
  5. Where the planets can, on occasion such as last May 5, 2000 stretch out in a line from the Sun with no distress on this proximity to each other, when not in such a lineup there is wiggle room. But by retreating in their orbits Venus and Earth are creating such a lineup again, and Mars is approaching this point out beyond the orbits or Venus and Earth, and yet another, the Earth’s dark twin, is coming up behind the Earth in their shared orbit. This is a jam-up with only one resolution.

As has been seen since last Sep 23, 2003, where the Earth rose up in her Ecliptic plane in response to the approach from the South of Planet X, and after the Dec 25, 2003 when the Earth halted in her orbit, a temporary drop down in the Ecliptic, staying within the Ecliptic plane is not a rigid rule. Thus, in this crunch, one of the Planets may move up or down to ease the crunch. As has been seen since Dec 25, 2003, a planet halted in its orbit despite the influence of the Sweeping Arms is the lesser when faced with a strong Repulsion Force issue in front of the planet, halting in an orbit is not a rigid rule. Thus, in this crunch, the Earth’s dark twin or Mars may halt their orbits, and even reverse, to ease the crunch. But where is the earth in this? She has Venus to her left, Mars to her right, and her dark twin bringing up the rear! The big squeeze, and Sweeping Arms throw them all at her, and bouncing Planet X toward her, regularly!