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ZetaTalk: Waiting to Exhale
written Mar 26, 2004

What to expect, over the next few days or weeks, regarding the sweeping arms and their expected impact.

What man has noticed during this confusing time is that the Sun is more intense, very bright, for an exit from Winter in the Northern Hemisphere or a entry into Winter in the Southern Hemisphere. The Earth has, during sweeps since Dec 25, 2003, pulled in toward the Sun in the manner depicted by recent crop circles and ancient relics such as the Nebra Disc. This is disguised during the current time as the Northern Hemisphere is still warming up from the Winter freeze, but those land masses subject to breezes from vast ocean regions, which can warm up quickly and move this warmth along, are already roasting. The N Pole, melting like an ice cube under a heat lamp, is draining between Greenland and Nova Scotia, creating a temporary late Winter in the regions affected by this flow down along the East Coast of N America.

Imagine a globe shuttering in aftershocks for 3,657 years, allowing the weak places in the crust to give and adjust. All this is equivalent to dust settling on furniture in a vacant room, the air current stopped. Now this arrangement is considered normal, with only the occasional deterioration in this or that piece of cloth on the apolstery giving way to cause a tiny adjustment in the arrangement, a snap or rip. Thus, when Planet X first begins his approach, the Earth has many weak points in her crust, places where the deterioration in the crust has occurred but not been challenged, which break. During this challenge, a lockdown in the crust first occurs, steadily, as solid plates are jammed against each other, until pressure on the crust results in global trembling, the Global Quakes noted for the past year, but not violent large quakes.

The Earth, thus, cannot be expected to react during any future sweeps in the exact manner she has in past sweeps. Like a python increasing its squeeze only when the victim exhales, there are pause points when no change seems to be the rule.

Just which sweep, on what day, may bring these phenomena or others not yet described by ourselves into play we will hold in abayance, until such time as the establishment begins sharing what they know with the common man, and promptly so.