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Radio Relay

By utilizing such a setup, both communities relatively close, and those too far separated for use of other modes could communicate. We could actually construct a real Internet, web pages and all, using this mode if strategic sites are set up to mirror one another. They would exchange web updates, e-mail, etc. with other far distant sites (when the moon is just above the horizon for both sites for a short period of time). They could then forward this information to closer sites that couldn't make contact with the original station.

This sort of thing is from which the ARRL originally was named - American Radio Relay League. Stations that cannot communicate directly communicate via one or more relaying stations, where only two stations along the path can communicate at any given time.

This has been done (for messages like telegrams) on a formal basis every day since WWII by the NTS (National Traffic System) within the US, and similar organizations of volunteers in practically every other country. This existing system of hams relay messages around the world completing two cycles each day of the year. The NTS and it's cousins in other countries is able to accomplish this today because of the number of participating hams, and the current ability to communicate across the oceans using propagation that now exists so there is no need to resort to something like satellites or moon bounce.

Post pole shift, none of these essential factors will exist - not many hams and no long distance propagation. But the moon will still be there, and with that resource I think it can be done.

Offered by Ron.
WB5KAN - General Class