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Cost Effective

In my opinion, use of wireless modems would be very much too expensive and much less effective than what has already been proposed. The equivalent VHF/UHF total setup can be produced for less than $1000 and be much more effective because the transmission power for wireless modems is very low and there is virtually no antenna or antenna height; whereas the ham radio setup could use from 100 to 1000 watts transmission power, and a high gain antenna system placed atop a tower - all of which would increase the distance for communication.

The VHF/UHF solution, however, is still limited to communities in close proximity and is useless for distant communities; except for the case of moon bounce.

To produce a complete station for around $1000, would involve the use of used equipment that can be picked up at any of the many hundreds of ham fests that occurs around the country every year, most in the summer months. The most important component of any moon bounce system, the antenna, would be built by hand.

Offered by Ron.
WB5KAN - General Class