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Common Use

The Zetas were asked their opinion:

Certainly in the Aftertime there won't be any satellites in the sky, and even with the occasional satellite that a determined leftover from the great powers might put up into the sky, this will not be enough to support communications as today. Many satellites, with a network on Earth working in concert, is needed.

Short wave has the advantage of being much in use and in the common man's hands, inexpensive, and easy to understand. Thus, a network based on this technique would have a head start in that there would be no weak links, but rather more than enough links. Short wave, used as extensively as it is worldwide, is a vehicle that will win the race over the next 5 years in preparing for global communications during and after the cataclysms. It is well known that during disasters now that those using short wave frequently locate the distressed, get the message to the authorities, and keep communications open more than the avenues officially espoused. The reason for this is thus:

  1. short wave is open to be used by amateurs,
  2. the equipment is not expensive,
  3. the know-how to use the equipment is not beyond the reach of the common man,
  4. short wave, by whatever name called, has propagated worldwide.

The Moon has not left your skies during past severe pole shifts, nor will it leave this time. A well orchestrated Moon Bounce will leave the world pulling in transmission in an Internet fashion during certain hours, rather than on a 24 hour availability mode. This is workable, but beyond this, this is what will win the race.

Technology such as VLF, where just as feasible, has drawbacks on all these fronts, and this situation is not likely to change over the next few precious years. Nor is there any other technology that mankind currently has in their possession that would rival short wave for scope, familiarity, and workability. Microsoft’s satellite system or VLF or whatever other mechanism is planned or offered up will not replace a working system that is used by tens of thousands and is quite frankly held in affection by those who have come to realize its vast reach and reliability.