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The upper atmosphere and most probably the Ionosphere will be disrupted and swept away at the time of the passage of the 12th planet. However, the Ionosphere will be rebuilt in a matter of days to weeks. To the best of my knowledge X-rays and other ionizing radiation from the sun are constantly rebuilding the ionosphere. After the pole shift the ionosphere may be closer to the ground than it is now but I see no indication that it will not come back. Even if it is disrupted for a month or two I don't consider this a problem to the use of conventional short wave. Since this is a critical assumption we may want to confirm this with the Zeta's.

Offered by Mike.

Disruption of all communications occurs for some weeks shortly after the pole shift, due to the turmoil the Earth has undergone on all levels. By the time radios are working again, and by this we mean are not just delivering static, the ionosphere will indeed be rebuilt.


I have no idea of how long it would take to rebuild the ionosphere, although I would expect that it would be rebuilt. As you state, it would probably be closer to ground level and thus would not support as long a distance communication path as it does now; although there is such a thing as multi-skip where the signal travels from the transmitter, is refracted back to earth by the ionosphere (1st), is bounced from the earth back to the ionosphere, and is refracted back to earth again where it could be received at a much further distance than any single skip. In fact, during the peak of an 11 year sunspot (storms on the sun surface) cycle, it is not unknown to be able to transmit a signal, and then after a short wait, be able to hear that same signal after it has traveled completely around the globe in this manner.

Offered by Ron.
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