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If you want to try a wire line, use a coil and a specific length for your specific frequency. The best and most annoying transmitting antennas for your neighbor’s TV reception is the wire square running around the house rooftop as the ground-plain and four wires running down from the center of the roof-tip but lifted up above the square. This is one of the most omnidirectional antennas you can make. It can also be made internal to the roofing. You may cause interference to others or you may not, but you can do some serious Dxing.

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Write to The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), They will send you a free Antenna Handbook. It's an 18 page, 14 chapter book. Describes many antennas and how to construct them. Discusses Whip antennas, Vertical, Marconi Inverted "L" antennas, Windom, Half-wave dipole, folded dipole, triple dipole, vertical dipole, fan vertical antenna, long wire, "V" beam, rhombic antenna and antenna accessories. Very complete book. Available free in english and french versions. Write:

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