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Home-Made Antennas

Since I just built an electric fence to control my escape artist goats, I have a roll of wire that is actually like string with braided wire in it. It is very convenient. It is no harder to work with than a roll of string. The reason I bring this up is maybe we can do some experiments with it for ham radio antennas. 600 meters per roll is one big antenna. Maybe it could be strung between trees or on posts some how. I'm not that knowledgeable about radios and antennas yet, but I have two rolls of this wire already. My electric fence charger is also 12 volt powered. Very effective. Ask my goats.

Offered by Clipper.

Since I grew up in a home with my dad always on the Ham radio as opposed to playing catch with me, I can tell you that the conventional way is a tall, tall tower. But just as that is the conventional way, I also know you can use your house wiring to make an antenna. I'm guessing that if you strung that wire in a circle with a 100 foot circumference, you'd do all right.

Offered by John.