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icon 7,200 Years Ago

According to Basil Davidson, author of Lost Cities of Africa, new types of humanity appeared in Africa around 5,000 BC (3500 x2).

According to Ancient Europe by Stuart Pigget, stone using agricultural peasantry began in Europe near 5,000 BC (3500 x 2).

According to December 17, 1996 New York Times article titled Black Sea Deluge May Be Tied to Spread of Farming in Europe, an international team of geologists and oceanographers reconstructed the history of a catastrophic flood from data gathered by a Russian research ship in 1993. Seismic soundings and sediment cores revealed traces of the sea's former shorelines, showing an abrupt 500 foot rise in water levels. Radiocarbon dating of the transition from fresh water to marine organisms in the cores put the time of the event at about 7,700 years ago (5,500 BC).

According to the September 10, 1996 issue of the Seattle Times: the research ship JOIDES (Joint Oceanographic Institutions for the Deep Earth Sampling) Resolution “could easily see the light colored ash deposited from the eruption of Oregon’s Mount Mazama 6,950 years ago. That titanic eruption created Crater Lake and threw out at least 40 times as much magma as Mount St. Helens did in 1980 and serves as a useful marker to date mud layers. JOIDES is a Hubble telescope for the ocean, the most advanced drilling vessel in the world. “It has 12 laboratories, more than 100 research computers and can drill in water up to 27,000 feet deep. “The planet appears to operate in a quasi-stable mode and pops up to a new state” said NSF’s Corell.

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