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The Philippines are in an unfortunate position for the forthcoming pole shift. They are riddled with active and inactive volcanoes which will erupt simultaneously when the Pacific shortens. Being a series of islands, they will be subject to overwash when the oceans slosh back and forth. Since the land is mostly low lying, it will disappear under the rising waters from melting poles so that only the mountain tops are sticking out of the water. Unfortunately, many of these mountain tops will also be oozing lava. The effect of the tipping of the plate shared by both India and Australia is that eastern Australia and New Zealand will pop up a bit out of the water. This raising plate will encourage the press from the plates the Philippines rest upon to subduct or crumple. Not altogether a promising place to be during the coming cataclysms.


We alluded to the time when the tongue that holds Indonesia and the Philippines would subduct under the curve of the Indo-Australian plate in our former Safe Locations advice for the Philippines. The Philippines will find themselves pulled down also. The southern coast of China has been warned, by UFO flyover and telepathic message, to anticipate a rising sea when the tongue is pushed down. The crack point, the point where breakage of the tongue is occurring, is in a line across the tongue well above the Philippines. Thus when Sumatra and Java and the Malay peninsula find their streets flooding, losing sea level, the Philippines will find their problems in this regard not far behind!


The issue is not how fault lines within the Philippine islands will inch in this direction or that, but what will happen to the entire island structure during the massive plate adjustments pending. The Philippine Islands ride on the edge of the Eurasian Plate tongue holding Indonesia. As such they are subject to being crushed from the east and pushed down, simultaneously. As has been noted during the sinking of the tongue, the sinking has not been uniform. The plate tongue is folding like an accordion, so that portions sink, other portions rise, and all are buckling and crumbling. It is not possible, even for ourselves, to predict exactly which island in the Philippines will be affected, and in what way, by the multiple actions that will be taking place. The Philippine Plate is plunging under them, from the east. There is pressure from the east, so that the islands will buckle, weak points either rising up or dropping, suddenly, creating a jumble. And meanwhile, the islands are being drawn down as the tongue slips under the curve under Sumatra and Java.

ZetaTalk ™ February 26, 2011

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