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Nebraska, being a state blessed with rich soil and gentle rolling hills, would seem an ideal location. It lies high enough that it will be spared any inundation from melting poles. It will move into a new climate, warmer than its former climate. And it is relatively unpopulated, in the main a peaceful, rural place. One should not be lulled by this description into thinking that no danger exists, as it does. Eastern Nebraska is flat, and adjoins the Missouri River which will flood. Between the moving hills on the west, and the flood waters on the east, those in Nebraska will find themselves with few places to go to escape turmoil during the shift. Rivers will flood their banks, even if well above sea level, as the rivers will be backing up from tidal inundations, and rain may be excessive and constant up-river. Any relatively low-lying lands, anywhere in the state, will thus be subject to flooding from rivers and creeks at a distance. Water travels, seeking its lowest level. The gentle foothills in the west offer shelter from wind and the option of scampering up out of floods, but the torn gullies of the Black Hills should be a warning. These hills move when the Rockies are jerked upward by a shortening Pacific, and will move again, pushing over the flat plains to the east somewhat.


Nebraska will have westerlies coming across a vast expanse of water over what is now northern Canada, lowlands flooded in the Aftertime. In addition, Nebraska will have to her east the flooded Mississippi Valley. Thus, ample rainfall will not be a problem.

ZetaTalk ™ July, 2010

Note Rockies commentary.
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