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The Dakotas are both subject to potential override, where the land to the west is pushed eastward during rapid subducting of the Pacific plate under the North American plate. This has somewhat unpredictable results, as until the plates are put to the test, just what areas will break and crumble is not known. The pressure is relative, in that it is not how much pressure exists at any one spot, but whether a nearby area has broken and is on the move. Land, as water, takes the path of least resistance. Thus, should the land to the west break and start sliding over the plains, land under pressure to move, to crumble and push out of the way, to the north or south of this point could move sideways to take advantage of the pressure vent. An additional worry in flat land is the very real possibility of flooding, with no safe place above the flood. As was noted during a recent spring melt in the Dakotas, flood waters on flat land produces a huge lake, which can shock residents not accustomed to thinking of themselves as vulnerable in this way. During the torrential rains that accompany the shift, such floods are a given.


Both the Missouri and Red rivers have dams, which will all shatter during the hour of the pole shift. Despite this, extensive flooding will occur as the lakes and reservoirs they create will need to empty, and these will fill as fast as they empty due to the torrential rains that will develop during the pole shift. If these dams are released well ahead of time, the flooding could be countered, but in that denial will be in force up until the hour of the pole shift, this is unlikely to happen. The dams create recreational opportunities, tourism, and state and federal caretakers as likely to be stricken by blind denial as private citizens. Drought and deluge cycles are worsening, and it may be that prior to the pole shift the Dakotas will experience flooding that will force new rules, with the water levels lowered to prevent horrific floods. This is in the hands of man, so we cannot predict the outcome.

ZetaTalk ™ August 13, 2011

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