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Old Dishes

Is there any use my Primestar receiver and dish? I upgraded to DSS and Primestar left the receiver and dish at my house.

Offered by Ted.

Yes, use it for accurate navigational location of your site after the pole shift. I am not familiar with the exactness of this particular unit. However, in general one would:

After the pole shift you can use this to find the sun behind clouds to a high degree of precision usually less than one degree. When aimed directly at the sun you get a strong nose signal. By lining up the equatorial axis (over several days) with the earth's rotation one will find no motion in declination. Measurements will be needed though out the day to find the sun. This means you only move the time axis to find the sun. This will give you the direction of north rotational pole very accurately. The angle this makes with a perpendicular to the surface of the earth will give your current latitude. By measuring declination over a 6-month period you can determine your seasons accurately. You will also be able to determine accurately your latitude, which is related to average expected temperatures.

I made such a unit over a year ago and have taken lots of readings. At times of the year I can see the sun through the house ceiling and in cloudy conditions. At other times there is too many reflections in the parts of the ceiling of the house. If I take it outside, there has never been a time I couldn't see though a cloud cover.

Offered by Mike.

I am collecting these various sized dishes, largest is 12 feet, to use for moon bounce Ham Radio communications.

Offered by Ron.