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Situated on the beautiful Rhine river, residents of Bonn will find their placid river changing character rapidly during the hour of the shift. Low lying lands such as the Netherlands will be completely inundated during the sloshing of the Atlantic that will occur during and for some hours after the shift. Water on the move tends to keep moving as long as the impediments in its way are simply gently rising lands, and can climb far about the sea level expected to stop a slosh when a gentle rise or water way is the avenue. Thus, the Rhine will not only flow backwards during these times, it will inundate the surrounding countryside until all is under water except the occasional high point. This fertile and populous area of Germany will thus find all who can float padding toward these high points, a desperate scene. Tall buildings, assumed to be safe, are constructed on ground likewise assumed to be firm, but under inundation firm ground can melt and soften, with the buildings tipping or crumbling under their weight. Thus, those who would survive should plan to be well upland into the foothills or mountains, or have an escape to the highest land points in their general area, and expect competition from crowds of wet and highly frightened stragglers likewise seeking to get above the water level.