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Iran will stand close enough to the new South Pole after the shift to be considered within the Polar Circle. With the new South Pole positions essentially over India, this will put Iran into the situation Northern Siberia or the Northwest Territories of Canada or the northernmost tips of the Scandinavian countries experience today - a very short spring and summer and a long, cold winter, with the ground permanently frozen below just a few inches of soil. There are no inhabited lands within the South Polar Circle that we can to point to. In that Russia will be subjected to extensive flooding, due to its low elevation, we suggest migrating across Arabia into Africa after the shift, as this massive continent will be almost wholly above water and stretched out along the new Equator, giving it a temperate climate and access along its shores to ocean fishing, which will be fruitful in the Aftertime.

During the shift itself, those in Iran who wish to survive should stay out of the types of buildings that regularly crumble and crush their inhabitants during quakes. Even in cities around the world where the cost of construction was not a concern and extensive quake proofing done, almost all buildings will be damaged and most devastated to the point of being a heap of rubble. Find a low spot protected from the wind and cover yourself cowering and lying on the ground with a metal roof or piece of tin or sod covered boards, in the rare event that a firestorm would descend. Don’t delay in your migration, as the days after the shift, when populations everywhere are dazed, are the best opportunity to migrate. Afterwards, territoriality will be re-established, and migration resisted along the route.


Note Arabian Plate commentary.
Note Rapid Climate Change commentary.
Note Eurasian Seaway commentary.