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Colombia will stand as the high ground that frantic survivors in Central America will scramble toward during the shift. As Panama is the point where water today flows between the Pacific and the Caribbean, this is bridge to safety that will wash out early during the hour of the shift. However, any survivors clinging to floating material will wash up on Columbia's shores, wanting rescue to be fed and housed. Thus, as with many other countries faring better, during the shift, than its neighbors, Colombia will find itself a hospital and refugee camp. From the Amazon basin, likewise, the press of populace seeking high ground will occur. As the Amazon floods during the two years following the shift, due to the melting of the existing poles, man and animal alike will be on the move. Thus, the high grounds of Colombia will be an interesting place, with conflicts of all kinds abounding in the Aftertime. The drug wars, which often dominate the scene in Colombia, will become nonexistent, as the traffic cannot move. Colombia's drug crop will be used, rather, to dull the horrific reality among those who seek this route. As with all countries of the world, the Aftertime will find the populace changing, gradually, to be more Service-to-Other, with supplies shared among all, and a helpful positive attitude replacing groups attempting to climb on top of one another for power and prestige. This is a trend that takes many decades to become evident, however, so Columbia will continue to be a country where guns rule, to some extent, for some time after the shift.


Note S American Roll commentary.