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Minas Gerais lies are enough from the large tidal waves that will surge up and over coastlines facing the spot between the tip of South America and the tip of Africa, where new land will be forced up during the shift, to avoid these surges. Our normal advice about being inland some 100 miles and 200 feet above sea level to avoid tidal flooding applies. However, the climate of Minas Gerais will change from tropical or sub-tropical to near polar, as the new North Pole will be situation in to Atlantic Ocean off the Bulge of Brazil. Take a globe in your hands, and plot the distance from the North Pole to such lands as Alaska, or Siberia. Plot this same distance from a point just off the Bulge of Brazil to Minas Gerais. This is your new climate! Thus, where surviving the flood tides, and if in a rural community with simple one-story wooden or earthen homes, surviving the earthquakes, survivors unprepared for this climate change will soon die from exposure.


Note Brazil Flooding commentary.