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icon Ural Mountains

The Ural Mountains are the sanctuary to which the elite of Russia will rush, when the time comes. Just as the US elite have dug bunkers in the mountains of Colorado and New Mexico, well stocked and hidden from the populace that financed with taxpayer dollars what the elite presume to be a safe spot for survival, in like manner the elite of Russia have prepared in the Urals. As these beautiful mountains will become an island, surrounded by the rising waters which will engulf the lowlands of Russia within two years after the shift, anyone other than the elite seeking sanctuary there will find themselves with demanding and arrogant neighbors. Fishing in the waters that will lap the shores of this Ural island will be good, but it will take some decades for the arrogant elite to die off or kill themselves off in pecking order battles, and thus any survivors of good heart in the area are advised to avoid the elite, and stay well hidden.


Note Government Bunkers commentary.