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icon Aftertime Hurricanes

Hurricanes and typhoons are part of life on Earth, and after the pole shift will re-establish themselves. These storms have historically been a phenomena striking the northern hemisphere, due to the requirements for hurricane or typhoon formation. In the northern hemisphere, storms striking the East Coast of the US and the Caribbean have formed in the Atlantic but not been able to dissipate, and thus develop a swirl. Likewise in the case of storms striking in Asia, along the China coastline. The swirling storm cannot dissipate as it is trapped over warm water which is pushed by the Coriolis effect against a land trap. Thus the fatal swirl begins. The southern hemisphere does not have these land traps, and thus their storms primarily dissipate. What will the new geography bring? Certainly what is now the West Coast will suffer from hurricanes in the future because of the natural trap that Alaska will form, preventing dissipation into cool waters. This will likewise be true of the coastline from what is now Japan up to Kamchatka, where a trap will exist.

ZetaTalk ™ July, 2010