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Northern Russia, including the Kola Peninsula, are not lands subject to tidal bore. They are flat, without the rapid rise into high lands that encourage tidal bore. They likewise are not going to receive a funneled tidal wave such as Texas will receive, coming from the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf of Mexico tide will be pushed aside by the Appalachia Mountains, and in addition will be water under pressure because the S American Plate will be pushing over the Caribbean Plate, thus compressing the Gulf and thus increasing the height of the tide rushing against Texas. The Arctic has none of that. The great N American Plate and the great Eurasian Plate are locked at the Arctic, neither overriding the other. However, because water has pooled at the Arctic during rotation stoppage, to an additional dept of 20 feet, and because the lands of northern Russia and the Kola Penninsula are flat in the main, additional precautions should be taken. Thus the slosh is likely to be at the 520 foot level, so doubling the 100-mile-inland-and-200-foot-up rule would be advised. Those along the coastlines will in any case have to move shortly, as the lowlands of northern Russia will flood to the 675 foot level. Head to the highlands, without delay.