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We have stated that Greenland will take decades to fully melt. But will have a temperate climate. Certainly, it is not over populated at present, so eventually much migration via ships will occur to Greenland from Europe, which will have a shrinking land mass during the rising seas after the pole shift. Survivors will be looking for a less crowded environment, much like the Americas when they were being settled by immigrants from Europe. Iceland will spread apart, during the Atlantic rip, so those riding out the pole shift there should avoid the rift zone where sudden sinkholes or crevasse may appear. The pole shift tides will affect both these island nations as per our guidelines, rising up 500-600 feet along the coastlines and being 200 feet at spots 100 miles inland. For rugged coastlines, with many ravines, as always tidal bore should be taken into consideration.

ZetaTalk ™ December 18, 2007