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Europe will find its land size reduced by half as a result of the pole shift and rising seas afterwards. But the population will also find it has been reduced. Grim as this tale is, due to the cover-up, there will be scant warning for the tsunami to hit following the New Madrid adjustment. Those in power are so concerned about panic that they will refuse to publicize our warnings even when the other 7 of 10 scenarios have taken place. They fear a drop in the value of housing along the coastlines, or a refusal of the populace to go to work in factories and businesses along the coastlines, or demands that the government house and feed them in a safe place.

As devastating as the tsunami will be, the flooding that will take place during the pole shift and afterwards will be more devastating. The pole shift tides will wash inland into Finland and Lithuania, and in from the Arctic. The big loss of land during the two years following the pole shift, where the sea level will rise 675 feet. Those who survive these tides and rising seas, afloat, will be paddling around in rising waters for vast areas, unsure of what direction they should be headed under cloudy skies or misguided by the stars. Floating on flotsam, they will lack fresh water and die because of it.

Then there is the death rate from depression and lack of medical care. Today, Europe's population has the old and the ill, most of whom will not survive without modern medical care. City dwellers, used to soft living, will most often just give up and die, while lamenting loudly that they should be rescued. Diseases now conquered by antibiotics will return and decimate the surviving populate further, as will immune systems formerly bolstered by a good diet and positive outlook. Thus, your reduced land mass will not be the problem you envision!

ZetaTalk ™ February 19, 2011