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Safe Locations

Extensive ZetaTalk has been provided on the relative safety of various locations around the globe during and after the Pole Shift. The globe as a whole will experience a 90° crustal shift and hurricane force winds during the hour of the Pole Shift, plus sloshing oceans and seas that will result in flood tides. Then within two years after the Pole Shift, the sea level worldwide will rise approximately 675 feet due to the crustal shift friction heating the deep oceans. The impact of these rising seas is depicted in the map below. Those concerned about the relative safety of their homes should research the extensive ZetaTalk advice, which has been loaded onto iPhone and iPad for the convenience of the public, and has likewise been arranged as interactive maps. The 7 Steps to be taken for a quick check on the safety of your location is recommended, and remember, its not all grim, life will improve in many ways, and thus there is hope!

ZetaTalk Advice
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7 Steps
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