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ZetaTalk: Sodom and Gomorra
Note: written on Oct 15, 1995. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

Prior to recorded history there were many dramas that earned their place in history by their impact. They so impressed those who lived through them that the story was repeated, endlessly, until the era of recorded history arrived. As these dramas occurred before clocks and calendars were in use, no one is sure of the date, but the circumstances, often told in allegory fashion, generally arrived intact. Such is the case with the tale of Sodom and Gomorra, the city of sin destroyed, so the story goes, by the hand of God. This story has a basis in fact, but like most stories repeated over time has changed to fit the viewpoint of the audience. The ear hears what the heart and mind expect. The story gets slanted, as you say.

Sodom and Gomorra were two rather smallish cities in the arid lands of the middle east. In those days sodomy was a common practice among males without a mate. Young boys were sent out to mind the herds, and learned from the older boys how to use the sheep and goats they tended to relieve sexual tension. From there it was a short step to use each other when in the cities, and no one thought much of it. A favor among friends. However, as with most aspects of the human drama, this took on other overtones. The dominant males wanted to do unto, not be done unto, and those leaning toward the Service-to-Self orientation rather enjoyed the role of being top cock, and insisted not only on this position but on being able to demand service from whomever they choose.

Such was the situation in Sodom and Gomorra, during the era when the 3rd Density visitors from the 12th Planet walked the Earth. These visitors, as we have reported, are strapping handsome hominoids, who themselves choose their sexual partners as they saw fit, and were in no way subservient to the puny humans they generally considered their servants and slaves. However, in Sodom and Gomorra, the practice of sodomy accompanied by domination games, had gotten rowdy, with several toughs thinking they had no match. A single 12th Planet hominoid, traveling with his entourage, was raped near these cities by a gang that wouldn't take no for an answer, and the repercussions were brutal. The visitors from the 12th Planet had the bomb, as we have reported, and used it.

Business partners were warned ahead of time but were given scarcely enough time to leave. No time for good-byes or even a lingering last look, yet the wife of one business associate did just that. She lingered, not wanting to leave the home she loved and not truly understanding the circumstances. When the bomb exploded she was gazing down on the city and was in line of the blast rather than over the hill, and was essentially vaporized where she stood. Legend explained her burned and hardened remains, gray with the fine dust of the fallout, as a pillar of salt.

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