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ZetaTalk: Jesus
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Regarding Jesus being the Son of God. This is a touchy subject. As the saying goes, if one wants to remain above a bickering argument, don't talk about religion or politics. However, it seems a third item should be added to this list, that being the alien presence. As we are already embroiled in controversy, what's a little more heat?

Jesus was not an ordinary man, but he was no more the son of God than any other human. Jesus was an entity from a higher dimension, who had earned the right to function in a higher density, that being above 3rd Density. Bear in mind that there are many, many entities among humans now, functioning in human society, who are operating in the same manner as Jesus was in his day. We are speaking here of entities who have come to a lower density, and incarnated here, in order to influence human affairs, human spiritual evolution. Jesus was a very high grade entity operating in the Service-to-Other orientation. He was immovable in that regard, meaning that those allowing him to come to Earth and undertake the incarnation could trust him not to veer from his stated path.

When Jesus was on Earth, he lived the life of a normal man, as all incarnations into human form do. He had sexual hungers, felt despondent when alone and rejected, and doubted his ability to deal with issues before him. He was human, in every regard. As with all incarnations, by the Rules of Forgetfulness, he did not remember his prior spiritual state, where he lived in light and wonder, a veritable feast of learning and exploration. He chose his path, as Jesus, for the message he wished to deliver was, to him, a primary message of great importance, and the flack he met was not at all unexpected. Jesus knew he would take heat. That he was tortured to death was not a surprise to him. He is reported to have expressed surprise, or dejection on the cross, reportedly saying "Father, why have you forsaken me". The humans in attendance interpreted his comments with their own view, and took this to be despair or resentment. Our understanding was that he was asking for things to move along more quickly, as anyone being tortured does.

Jesus accomplished his mission in formulating and disseminating a message of love for others, and sacrifice for love. This message is the opposite of the Service-to-Self message, which is love thyself, and sacrifice for no one. The words of Jesus, where possible, have been corrupted by those who wish to see mankind headed toward the Service-to-Self orientation. Most of the words of Jesus were spoken carefully, and spoken often enough, so that their meaning could not be corrupted. He repeated the same message in many different contexts, and to many different groups. In this he succeeded in passing on a legacy, the legacy he intended. Jesus was not alone in incarnating from a higher density in order to assist in the spiritual evolution of humankind. Buddha and Mohammed, among others, have done likewise, with similar results. The message bearer should not be blamed for the twists made upon their message. Look to those who are perpetrating the twists, and place blame accordingly.

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