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ZetaTalk: Miracles
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Many stories about Jesus are based on true incidences with untrue distortions. How and why did this occur? Based on the stories being spread about Jesus, a simple statement made in error by a single person can spread and grow in details as it does. Think of the rumors you have today, and how easily disinformation can catch on and continue. He seemed to them to be consistently so much more than a man, and indeed he was. And as he face the terrors they faced with such equanimity, his faithful concluded he must be a god. Why else would the threat of torture and death leave his face serene?

How do we know these things about Jesus? Where we, the individual Zetas speaking to you, were not necessarily there, or reading from some sort of written record, we are consulting with Jesus himself and the group of entities he works with, his team. We go to the source for this information.

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