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Articles in Indonesian Press as of January 19, 2011

4-5 Meters High Waves May Hit West Lampung Waters
January 12, 2011
The waves in the Lampung`s western waters and the southern Sunda strait had been predicted to reach 4-5 meters high. According to the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) such high waves may also hit the south Java sea, south Rote island waters, the waters of Natuna and Anambas islands, and the northern waters of Bangka Island and the Java Sea. The waves may reach a height of 2-3 meters in several parts of Indonesia like eastern Lampung and southern parts of Makassar straight. The 3-4 meters high waves may also hit Bengkulu, south Sumba island, southern Sawu, Timor Sea, eastern Riau Islands, Jambi, Karimata strait, Sumbawa sea, Flores sea, Permata islands, Babar and Tanimbar islands. BMKG also predicted waves up to 5 meters high in the South China sea and Indian Ocean and East Nusas Tenggara.
Floods in Maros, One Killed
January 13, 2011
Within three days, some areas in South Sulawesi province rain accompanied by strong winds. This resulted in several rivers overflowed, submerging farmland and housing, and cut road access in some areas, such as Maros, Gowa, Pangkep and Bulukumba. Because the flood is not just happening in District Moncongloe, but also occurred in four other districts, such as in Hamlet Galaggara, Mattirodeceng Village, District Lau, due to overflowing of the River Galaggara, District Marusu, New Maros District, and Sub Turikale. In Gowa many as 23 houses submerged.
Tens of Hectares of Rice in Jepara Awash Sea Water
January 13, 2011
Tens of hectares of rice fields in the village of Karanggondang, Mlonggo, Jepara, Central Java submerged sea water, following Talut ambrolnya seaside village. According to one resident Slamet, waves at the Beach Village Palilus Karanggondang does look began to rise starting Monday (10 / 1) night, with waves reaching a height of two meters.
Five More Schools Closed In Sarawak Due To Floods
January 13, 2011
Five schools were closed due to floods in Matu-Daro in Mukah while another three schools in Bau remained closed. The three schools in Bau were closed after the access roads were inundated with floodwater.
Floods Over In Kelantan
January 13, 2011
Kelantan has fully recovered from the third wave of floods which hit the state last week with the last relief centre closed. A spokesman of the Kelantan contingent police headquarters Flood Operations Room, said 3,579 flood victims evacuated to the relief centres in six districts since last week had returned home in stages. The third wave of flooding in Kelantan had taken the lives of two children and a teenager since it started last week.
Flooding Spreads, Residents Threatened Famine Pati
January 14, 2011
The water that flooded villages in Pati, Central Java, the more widespread. At least 23 villages submerged in water to a height of two meters. Most of the residents who live as farmers now can only hope for help, especially food. Their lives are now more miserable after the rice paddies, fields, and houses submerged in water kept rising.
Kampung Bahagia Jaya Affected by Flood due to Incessant Rain
January 14, 2011
Heavy downpour pounded the riverine town relentlessly for the past few days, causing drains to swell. Several parts of Kampumg Bahagia Jaya were inundated.
Hundreds of Houses in Singkawang Submerged in Floods
January 14, 2011
Hundreds of houses in Singkawang had been submerged following continuous and heavy rains. About five hundred houses had been seriously inundated. We estimated 70 percent of all the houses there.
Floods Hit 1,000 Houses in South Sulawesi
January 15, 2011
Rains have triggered floods over the last two days, leaving some 1,000 houses, hundreds of hectares of rice fields and plantations in three regencies in South Sulawesi inundated with water levels reaching up to two meters. The affected cities and regencies are Makassar, Maros regency and Gowa regency.
Dozens of Fishermen Unemployed Due to Extreme Weather in Senggigi Beach
January 15, 2011
Not only the weather in Jakarta alone is erratic. Extreme weather occurs also felt in the eastern Indonesian region, precisely at the beach Senggigi, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Tidal wave rolls accompanied with a height of 1 to 2 meters greet the arrival of tourists in Senggigi Beach.
Thousands of People Displaced Due to flooding in Larantuka.
Monday, 17 January 2011
Residents panic was triggered by the arrival of the flood that is considered not reasonable because there are no tributaries that pass through residential areas and for the first time this has happened in the history of disaster in East Flores. Flood disaster in Larantuka said he did occur almost every year but usually overflowed from a small river from the mountains to the sea which lies at the center of the City Larantuka, around the palace of King Larantuka.
Tens of Houses Devastated by High Waves in Marunda
January 17, 2011
Waves as high as 2.5 meters destroyed dozens of houses in Kampung Marunda Pulo, North Jakarta, on January 17, forcing 30 families of 152 people to evacuate. The raging waves have also reportedly dragged two coal-laden tankers up to 200 meters to the beach. One local resident said the waves coupled with strong winds occurred about 30 minutes. Even, the high waves reached the roof of the houses in Kampung Marunda Pulo.
Report: Heavy Rains Flood Parts of Palawan
January 17, 2011
Heavy rains since Sunday night flooded several parts of Palawan province Monday, with floodwaters reaching up to chest level in some areas. Radio dzBB's Palawan affiliate reported that the floods were waist- and chest-deep in Narra town, where families were evacuated to the town gymnasium.
23 Houses in w Sulawesi Destroyed by Flash Floods
January 17, 2011
A total of 23 houses in Tampalang village, Tapalang subdistrict, Mamuju regency, West Sulawesi province, had been seriously damaged by flash floods raising as high as three meters. The Tampalang villagers did not suspect they would be once again struck by flash floods after in the last two days a similar flash flood attack had struck them causing about 10 houses practically razed to the ground in the area on January 13.
1,000 Evacuated as Floods Hit Larantuka
January 17, 2011
Floods have forced the evacuation of more than 1,000 residents of Waibalun in Larantuka, East Flores Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. This was the first time large-scale floods have engulfed the area. Every year, Larantuka residents were affected by floods but they had never been this big before, he said.
Thousands of Homes in Indramayu Awash Flood
January 18, 2011
Thousands of houses in four villages in Indramayu district inundated. Until now, at least 3,000 of thousands of homes submerged. At some point, the water reaches a height of 1.5 meters.
Floods in Subang and Indramayu
January 19, 2011,0
11 600 houses were flooded on two districts in the Coast North of West Java . Yes, floods hit the coast north of West Java, seven districts in Indramayu district and two districts in Subang January 18, 2011. Around 5,000 houses submerged in Indramayu and about 1,000 residents were evacuated. In Subang, 6665 floods submerging houses and 1614 hectares of rice fields. Water levels rose rapidly.