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New Flooding as of February 10, 2011


Tornadoes, Floods Kill 5 in Mindanao
February 4, 2011
Mayor Hussin Amin of Sulu's capital town of Jolo said that aside from the five fatalities, the tornado and floods also displaced close to 1,500 families. Amin appealed for immediate government assistance for the victims whose homes were destroyed by the floods that measured as high as 10 feet especially in the low-lying areas of Jolo. People were surprised floodwaters suddenly rose amid darkness.
Tornado Kills 5 in Sulu
February 4, 2011
Five people were killed and thousands were displaced after a tornado hit a town in Southern Philippines. The tornado, which hit Jolo town in Sulu province, triggered flash flood and submerged at least six villages eight-feet deep underwater.
Philippines: Mindanao Floods
February 7, 2011
In Northern Mindanao, Gingoog City in Misamis Oriental recorded two deaths; in Compostela Valley in Southeastern Mindanao, two; and six in Sulu in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. The overflow of Lake Mainit, rendering five portions of the Agusan del Norte-Surigao del Norte highway impassable on Wednesday and accessible only to trucks and big buses. Residents said it was the first time the highway turned into a virtual sea. The overflowing of the country's fourth largest and reportedly the deepest lake, also submerged several barangays in the lakeshore towns and neighboring areas, destroying houses and a still undetermined worth of crops. Only one portion of the highway was still flooded but only knee-deep.


Water Surge Displaces 54 Flood Victims
February 8, 2011
Fifty-four people from three villages were evacuated from their homes as flood waters surged in the southwest Beaufort district, about 80km from here. All districts in Sabah to be placed on flood alert and disaster relief operation rooms to be activated.


Floods Submerge Hundreds of Houses in Aceh Singkil
February 3, 2011
Heavy rain which flushed Singkil District, Aceh, since last week resulted in overflow of the River Cinendang. As a result, hundreds of houses in three districts, especially those along the river, the flood submerged seven feet tall.
The District of Aceh Singkil Damaged by the Flood Hit.
February 9, 2011
A total of 615 hectares of rice cultivation in the district of Aceh Singkil, were damaged by the flood hit, two days ago. Head of Production Agriculture Singkil, Kuatno, to, say the total area of rice fields damaged by floods as much as 615 hectares. Among them 10 hectares in District Singkil, North Singkil 25 hectares, Gunung Meriah 185 hectares and 65 hectares Suro. Later in the District of Simpang Kanan 220 hectares, 15 hectares Lake Paris, and District 95 Singkohor Ha.
Floods Soak Hundreds of Houses Shipments
February 8, 2011
Impact of rain on the river upstream Bahilang, hundreds of houses along the river inundated Tebingtinggi City Bahilang shipment. Hundreds of homes were flooded there in District of Upper and Tebingtinggi Padang City. The most severe flooding occurred in the village of Environmental Rao III, Kampung Kurnia Mandailing Village, District Tebingtinggi City, Tebingtinggi. In this Mandailing Village, the water reaches one meter.


Indonesia: The National Road Sinkhole
February 8, 2011
Bad weather also occurred at sea. Wash of the waves made the fishermen Kolaka, Southeast Sulawesi, panic-stricken. A number of traditional boats which had returned to look for fish reportedly drowned after waves swept. The waves also make ro-ro ships that sail from Marina Nusantara Tanjung Perak, Surabaya Trisakti purpose, Banjarmasin, sank in the estuary of Sungai Barito, South Kalimantan. Leaking hull was hit by the waves. Sailing on Port Kalianget, Sumenep, East Java, also was stopped due to bad weather.
Indonesia: Takalar Floods
February 7, 2011
Floods submerging hundreds of homes of residents in three villages in the district Takalar, South Sulawesi, on Monday (2 /07). Water levels that reach 1.5 meters resulted in breaking the link between villages. Hundreds of hectares of rice fields submerged part, the activity of people were paralyzed. Residents said they were afraid to go home to their homes since the flood flow is still heavy. Takalar is known as the subscription region floods in the rainy season arrives. Poor drainage system became one of the reasons causing flooding.
200 Houses Flooded
February 7, 2011
About 200 units of houses in the village of Bonda, Papalang District, about 50 kilometers from the city Mamuju, West Sulawesi, a subscription flooding. Flooding due to rain in the village of Bonda it makes about 200 home community a subscription flooding, and residents always flooded homes because water is always entered homes through knee-high adults. Flooding from the sea rob easily fit kepermukiman Bonda because residents in the village of retaining embankments along the 200-meter waves at Bonda village had been destroyed earlier due to the tidal wave hit.
Overcome Flood Only Promise
February 8, 2011
Heavy rain which flushed Samarinda with a duration of 1 hour - starting at 15:00 pm until 16:00 pm, returning at some point cause the pool of customers flooding in the city. As could be predicted and observed this media yesterday, which submerged several areas in between, the intersection of four Lembuswana Mall, Road Building, Jalan Juanda, Jalan MT Haryono, Voorvo Complex, Jalan Merdeka, Gastric Mangkurat, and several other locations. The extent of stripping of land for housing, coal mines, and excavation C, and reduced water catchment areas, to the poor drainage system of the city regarded as the source of the inundation in some areas.
Hujan Rendam Jalan Protokol Samarinda
February 7, 2011
Floods inundate a number of protocol streets in the city of Samarinda, East Kalimantan Province, on Monday (07/02/2011). In addition to poor drainage system, flooding also caused many development projects that do not pay attention and are still rampant environmental aspects of coal mining. The water that flooded part of this road is black and smelly, so the possibility of flooding is due to the many projects that are not noticed and there are many environmental aspects of coal mining in the city of Samarinda.
Tarakan Floods
Gebruary 10, 2011
Several main roads in Tarakan, East Kalimantan, inundated due to heavy rain which flushed the city. Homes were flooded, too. Flood pooled high enough. At some point the road floods even reached waist adults. According to residents, floods every rainy season already subscribed. But this time fairly severe flooding.


Floods Submerge One Village in Jember
February 3, 2011
Dozens of homes in the District of Rambi Puji, Jember, East Java, hit by flooding due to overflowing of the River Dinoyo. River water flowing into the township because jebolnya embankment along a kilometer. Submerged between 50 centimeters to one meter.
Floods Soak 1 Meter Dozens of Houses Residents Sumiring
February 5, 2011
Floods hit region again Situbondo. This time shift happening in the Village Sumiring, District Mangaran. Dozens of houses inundated with water levels reaching 1 meter. Until the flooding that occurred this evening in the village of origin surut.P Sumiring not immediately, at the same time the tide comes. Sumiring Village is a fishing village because it is located in the coastal marine area. Not yet known losses due to flooding, but residents must akativitas was paralyzed.
Flooding Spreads Makin Starch Reaches 25 Villages
February 6, 2011
Floods in the region extends back Pati. The height of water in the house reached more than one meter. While the water in the village street as high as two meters. Widespread flooding due to heavy rainfall in the last two days. Gelontoran water from the slopes of Mount Muria region and the mountains of North Kendeng also exacerbate genangan. Sebelumnya, floods have been soaking the settlement area residents in 10 villages in five districts since 13 January. Puddle never subsided and in fact widespread. The average height of water in settlements ranging from 50 cm to 2 meters.
Indonesia: The National Road Sinkhole
February 8, 2011
The "rain" also caused flooding in 25 villages in Pati District and 12 villages in Kudus, Central Java. Hundreds of homes and thousands of hectares of rice fields submerged in water in three days. Floods caused by overflowing of the River Juwana. In some villages the water level reached 2 meters. Hundreds of residents have sought refuge in the river embankments and other locations are higher.
Thousands of Dead Fish in Lake Ngebel
February 6, 2011
Thousands of fish in Lake Ngebel Ponorogo, East Java, died due to erratic rainfall. As a result hundreds of entrepreneurs tilapia in the lake was closed down. Now live dozens of cages owner who survive. Not robust tilapia fish survive because the content of acid salt lake water increased due to the many rain.
When Wewaria Worst Hit by Floods
February 7, 2011
Regions Wewaria in Ende, Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara, hit by the worst flooding this year. It happened after the river overflowed Loworea to about one meter due to "heavy rain" which flushed the upstream for two days from Saturday (02/05/2011). As a result, residents were 112 houses in four villages, namely Wewaria, Fataatu, Welamosa, and Nuangenda, District Wewaria, Ende, inundated. There were no fatalities in the incident. Of 112 houses submerged in water, 9 home residents of whom were severely damaged. Even based on the data collection Wewaria District, hundreds of people dead livestock. 175 dead pig tails, tails 173 chickens, 51 goats tails, and cow 10 cows. Also floods also swept 577 cashew and cocoa trees, 83 mahogany trees, and 55 coconut trees. In addition, 2.75 hectares of banana plantations (ha), cornfield 4 ha, 107 ha of paddy rice, sacks of rice and 4.36 tons, and about 1 ton of rice owned by flood. This area each year between January and February are often flooded. However, the disaster this time the biggest in 17 years. "Floods in the area are usually the most high 20s cm only. While this time up to one meter," said Kosmas Wewaria Ketu District Head Left. Flooding since Saturday night gradually receded on Sunday (06/02/2011) at around 14:00.
Dozens of Houses in the Village of Pengastulan (North Bali) Broken Waves Struck
February 8, 2011
Dozens of houses in the village of Pengastulan broken waves struck on (2/08). Homeowners forced to flee to neighboring homes or relatives. Made Mudita, residents whose homes were damaged, said the sweep of the waves quite vicious. His house was almost swept away. Similarly, other residents' houses.
Bengawan Solo River Overflowed
February 8, 2011
At least 424 houses and a number of public facilities (fasum) in seven villages, Sub Kalitengah, Lamongan, East Java, flooded due to overflowing of Bengawan Jero which triggered heavy rainfall since last three days. Flooding has also been soaking the road axis along the 3.3 kilometers of village ponds and rice field area of 1246 hectares (ha) in the region with a height of up to 40 centimeters (cm). However, until now there is certainly no displaced residents. Therefore, the region is classified as flood subscription area. The seven villages were flooded, including Bojoasri, Ngambuan, Mblaju, Iwet, Gelakcatur, Sumosari, and Pucangtelu. As for the stagnant number of fasum including Blaju Village Hall, Government Elementary School building (MI), and a boarding school in the village of Bojosari, as well as the Kindergarten building in the Village Gambuan.
Lamongan Floods
February 9, 2011
Floods soak as many as 1421 homes in Lamongan, East Java. Rivers overflow and the River Bengawan Jero Deket also soak thousands of hectares of ponds citizens. According to the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), five districts submerged. Namely Turi, Kalitengah, Karangbinangun, Deket, Glagah, and Lamongan. Thousands of homes affected by localized flooding in 31 villages. Floods triggered by heavy rainfall. Currently about 2131 hectares of farm land submerged. Due to annual flooding citizens billions of dollars of income. Flooding is predicted to last long. Water can not flow into the Solo River. Water levels are still high in Solo.
Bima Floods
February 9, 2011
Flash floods hit at least six villages in the town of Bima, West Nusa Tenggara, at dawn. Altitude ranges from one meter of water, between the knee to chest adult. Surge flooding continue to rise, because the rain was still flushed around the region and Lampe Wawo located in the highlands.
Pati Floods
February 9, 2011
Banjarsari in Pati, Central Java. Water level is still about one meter. Besides submerging homes, flooded streets soaking protocol. The high pool of water forced residents to flee since three days ago. Least 48 households or about 158 people fled to evacuation house prepared the district.
Indonesia: Cirebon Floods
February 9, 2011
Dozens of homes in the Cirebon, West Java, submerged in floods caused by overflowing of the River Cimanis after tanggulnya broken. Houses are submerged in the Village and Village Rawaurip Japura Lor, District Pangenan. Based on the information, Cimanis River levee, a subsidiary that Cisanggarung River burst its banks. The water kept rising, until around 22:00 almost reached one meter.