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Sinking as of March 17, 2011


Floods in Surabaya (East Java)
March 4, 2011
Floods Soak Hundreds of Houses in Navan
March 6, 2011
Heavy rain that fell since 14:00 pm, Saturday (3/05/2011), causing flooding in some areas of the city of Purwokerto. At least, around hundreds of houses inundated in District Karangpucung. The heavy rain that fell since 14:00 pm Kali Bener cause overflow to enter the houses with water about 2 meters in height.
Flash Flood in Brebes Crashing Five Villages
March 7, 2011
Heavy rain which flushed Brebes, Central Java, resulting in thousands of homes in five villages and hundreds of hectares of farmland inundated, Monday (3/06). Flooding also caused rail traffic was paralyzed. Thousands of houses in five villages in the district Losari Brebes, Central Java, submerged due Cisanggarung River breached levees. Five villages were villages Bojongsari, Teak Oil, Babakan, Kalibuntu and Village Coral Connect. Water levels reaching two meters causing residents to flee to safer places. Residents do not have time to save their belongings due to floods come suddenly.
Threatened Sidoarjo Rob
March 7, 2011
So far Rob has been flooded several coastal areas in Sidoarjo. One of them occurred in the village Jabon Kupang district. About 300 hectares of paddy fields in the region can not be planted because it affected the sea tide. Explained Septady, marine coastal area of Sidoarjo is now about 33 kilometers in length. The length was increased due to coastal sedimentation from Waru until Jabon. Prev. long coastal area only 27 km away.
Floods Soak 590 Houses in Sumbawa
March 7, 2011
Floods submerging at least 590 homes in District Plampang and Sumbawa Besar, Sumbawa. Water levels reaching two meters and thousands of people displaced.
Indonesia: Sumbawa
Floods from heavy rain Sunday submerging hundreds of homes in the village of Kolong Brang, Plampang District, Sumbawa Regency, West Nusa Tenggara. Flooding also resulted in three substations post ronda swept away the water, even the overflow of water flooded the country roads that cut through the knee-high altitude village with an adult.
Hundreds of Houses Threatened Flood
March 8, 2011
Hundreds of houses that stood in the line of demarcation of the river (GSS) Cipelang, Kec. Gunungpuyuh and Cisuda River, Kec. Baros, Sukabumi threatened flood. Most of the buildings are standing around the GSS is very dangerous, especially from the scouring of the river overflow. Although for a few months the river eroded the building or shop, it was less a concern. Residents still building around the GSS.
2220 House Awash Flood
March 7, 2011
A total of 2220 houses in five villages in the district Losari, Brebes, Central Java, inundated yesterday. Jebolnya levee also resulted in railroad crossings (KA) in the Village Bojongsari flooded.
Flood Cirebon, Reach 2 Metres Depth
March 7, 2011
Floods swept villages in several districts such as Pasaleman, Ciledug and Losari, Cirebon, West Java, on (3/07/2011) due to overflowing of rivers Cisanggarung following a heavy rain which flushed the area. Villagers Cilengkrang and Cilengkrang Girang, District Pasaleman had to be evacuated because the water depth of nearly two meters. Floods caused by heavy rain that fell for hours in the upstream region that is in the Kuningan district.
Floods Soak Pasuruan and Bojonegoro
March 7, 2011
Floods submerging four villages in the district Bangil, Pasuruan, East Java, Monday (3/07). Total hundreds of houses inundated with height between half to one meter. Flooding occurred after torrential rain Pasuruan for several hours. Worst flooding occurred at Jalan Panglima Sudirman with the height reached 60 centimeters.
Flood, 6 Train Travel Redirected
March 8, 2011
A total of six trips had to be transferred from train tracks in the village of Ketanggungan, Brebes, Central Java, erosion eroded and submerged in water, early morning yesterday. Floods caused by overflowing of the River Cisanggarung. The sixth train departs from Jakarta with the aim of Surabaya, Malang, Kutoarjo, and Yogyakarta. Public Relations Manager of PT Kereta Api Indonesia Operations Area V Navan Surono said the transfer makes sixth trip was delayed for 2 hours. The train which already entered the path to be pulled back and diverted to another lane.
Celukan Bawang Bali, More Flooding
March 6, 2011
Floods hit the village again Celukan Bawang Bali, rain intensity is high enough this region led to the village is often hit by flooding, here are the photos of the state when the flood started to come. Things like this only in temo less than 1 hour, the velocity of water moving about 20km/jam with water discharge that continues to rise, access to the port disrupted traffic and access roads, too choked up due to this flood
Nearly Karangasem East Ring Road End
March 8, 2011
Breaking the link that is due to hit the sea water abrasion was in the corner of Lean tourist Village District Bunutan Abang, Karangasem. A number of tourism practitioners in Lean like Nyoman Sar, Monday (3/07) yesterday, asking the Office of Bali Province immediately tackle road abrasion was hit by a breaking point. It is feared, if not immediately corrected the eastern ring road that will really break making it difficult to transport both residents and tourist transport. Based on yesterday's observation, already nearly half the road crushed abrasion. Abrasion due to recent violent waves.
Hundreds of Slope Willis Flash Flood Risk
March 8, 2011,20110308-318362,id.html
Paddy fields and plantation residents who ambles on the slopes of Mount Wilis, Bodag Village, Curry District, District of Madiun, East Java. Residents also often hear the roar and feel the vibration of the ground motion. Until now, the certainty of the relocation of residents in the slopes of Mount Wilis in Bodag Village, Curry District, District of Madiun, East Java, is not clear. At least 76 households or about 200 people for his life because of landslides, soil subsidence and the potential for flash flooding that could occur at any time. Residents claimed still often heard rumbling. Rather than before, now more frequently heard. The building also houses vibrate but not to cause damage.
Floods Still Soaking Wet
March 9, 2011
Hundreds of hectares of paddy fields in Cirebon, West Java, is still flooded due to levee jebolnya Cisanggarung River, in the region Brebes, Central Java. In Bradford, floods inundated about 2,000 houses, hundreds of livestock, and agricultural land.
Flood Liaison Two Roads End Sub
March 8, 2011
Floods decide the path that connects the district with the District Sarirejo Tikung, Lamongan, East Java, on Tuesday (3/08) afternoon. Not a few vehicles that forced the flooding hit on strike in the middle of the road due to high water in this region. Heavy rains also flushed Klaten, Central Java, for hours. Kaligawe dike which not hold water discharge burst its banks and trigger a flood. As a result, a village in the vicinity of the river flood.
Kaligawe Levee Breached, One Village Awash Flood
March 8, 2011
Levee Kaligawe in Klaten, Central Java, on Tuesday (3/08) evening, burst its banks after heavy rains flushed the region. As a result, a village in the vicinity of the river flood. The condition of tens of hectares of agricultural land in the village of Jetis, Juwiring District, Klaten, who already looks like a sea of rice planted by flood. Some people even leave their homes for fear of the water levels continue to increase in size. Flooding also soak a public elementary school building Jetis, a number of classrooms seen intruding water. A resident said the flooding happened all of a sudden it is probably derived from the overflowing of the River Kaligawe after tanggulnya broken at some point.
Floods Force More Residents Displaced 8000
March 8, 2011
Losses from catastrophic floods that hit five villages in the district Losari, Brebes, Central Java, is estimated to reach USD 1 billion more. Head of National Unity, Politics, and Public Protection Brebes, on Tuesday (3/08/2011), said the floods caused jebolnya Cisanggarung River levee, on Monday, has ravage the 2630 house, hundreds of livestock, and agricultural land.
Landslides Along the Dike Solo 105 Meters
March 8, 2011
Three main dike point in Hamlet Solo Plandirejo, Simorejo Village, District Widang, Tuban, East Java landslides along the 105 meters, on Tuesday (3/08) afternoon. Longsornya this levee along the Solo rising water discharge since last week. These conditions make thousands of residents in eight villages threatened flood overflow Solo. Three points each landslide along the 25 meters, 65 meters and 15 meters in width and depth of about 3 meters. Meanwhile, 8 villages threatened by floods that submerged cover Tegalrejo Village, Kedungharjo, Simorejo, Tegalsari, Banjar, Mlangi, Kujung, and Mrutuk. All villages are located in the subdistrict of Widang.
Drowning Demak
March 9, 2011
Environmental damage in coastal North Coast of Java Sea the more alarming. The main cause is abrasion or erosion of land by the sea waves. Even the two villages, namely Senik and Tambaksari in Demak, Central Java, missing and erased from the map of Indonesia.
Indonesia: Bojonegoro
March 8, 2011
Flash floods swept back Bojonegoro, East Java, on Tuesday (3/08) afternoon. Dozens of homes in the village of Pacul, District Bojonegoro, submerged as high as 40 centimeters.
Indonesia Tipar: Ground Movement that Continues to Occur.
March 10, 2011
East Tipar, RW 01, Desa Laksanamekar, Kec. Padalarang, West Bandung regency (KBB), which severely damaged by natural disasters soil cracks, it is difficult to be rehabilitated. Ground movement that continues to occur, resulting in a slum area of 1 hectare area is more fractured along the 135 meters. A total of 22 houses suffered severely damaged by ground movement.
Sunk Road
March 9, 2011
Workers use heavy equipment to excavate an area that subsided during the construction of a toll road connecting Semarang and Surakarta in Central Java. Land subsidence and cracks in a road section are expected to increase the budget for the work.
6 Districts in East Java Also Feel Sound and Vibration bang
February 24, 2011
Surabaya - The sound pounding and vibration on the slopes of Mount Wilis, who later also accompanied by soil cracks occur not only in Trenggalek, Roxburgh, and Nganjuk. The data entered in the Department of Energy and Human Resources (EMR), East Java, a mysterious natural phenomenon also occurred in 3 other districts. Geological Hazard Mitigation Section Chief Private Katriatmojo EMR East Java, said three other districts also reported a similar natural phenomenon is Tulungagung, Madiun and Bojonegoro. Yet in these areas have not been studied, so that is not known whether the cause.
Fractured Land 67 Houses Threatened Avalanche
March 10, 2011
Heavy rains continued pouring the regency, Central Java recently made land in the Village Sidorejo Purworejo district, District Purworejo crack along 400 meters. As a result, 67 homes are now in danger of landslides. For a while people have tried to make a water channel near the ground is cracked in order not to happen landslides.
Achieving Fault 1 KM, Pemkab Not Immovable
March 4, 2011
The phenomenon of soil cracking that occurred a few days later, it continued to appear in Pacitan East Java. In addition to occur in the Eastern region Pacitan, precisely in the village and village Ngumbul breadfruit tree, a similar phenomenon also occurred in the village of Purworejo, Sub City Pacitan. In addition to the City in the subdistrict of Pacitan, soil cracks also appeared in the Village Breadnut and Ngumbul in District Tulakan. Even in the village hamlet Ngumbul Krajan, declared to be the most vulnerable areas. In the hamlet inhabited 300 Head of the Family (KK) that, in addition to its slope is high enough, the structure consists of clay soil. These allow for the shift, especially during high rainfall.
Toll Fractured Land Must be Cut 5 Meters
March 11, 2011
Altitude of land-Semarang toll lane at the Km 5.5 Ungaran experiencing cracks will be reduced. The move was done so that the burden of road at that point decreases. Commissioner of PT Trans Marga Jateng (TMJ) Atmodjo Danang, said the toll lane soil reduction was done through the mechanism of dredging. So the height would be reduced about 3-5 meters along the 200 meters.
Report Situation Bang and Soil Movement on Slopes of Mount Wilis
March 3, 2011
Pounding sound and movement of soil on the slopes of Mount Wilis accompanied ground cracks occurred in Trenggalek, Roxburgh, and Nganjuk. The data entered in the Department of Energy and Human Resources (EMR), East Java, natural phenomena also occurred in 3 other districts, namely Madiun, Tulungagung and Bojonegoro. Natural phenomena are believed to be due to the earthquake, began to emerge in early January 2011 in Ponorogo and Madiun. Followed in early February in Trenggalek, Nganjuk, Tulungagung and Bojonegoro equally in being the slope of Mount Wilis.
Five Residential Ambrol Because Avalanche
March 13, 2011
According to the point, a sudden landslide occurred at around 5:00. It was land that had visible cracks disappear straight up parallel to the river mouth. The landslide occurred since the heavy rains on Friday (3/12) afternoon until midnight to make the river water almost up to the residents of settlements located on the banks and hit the shelter. Kan hold stagnant water that high, so the soil becomes unstable and easily collapse.
Dozens of Houses Threatened Collapsing
February 14, 2011
Land crack-back occurred in the region this Ponorogo.
Fractured Land from Damaged Buildings
March 10, 2011
Jambean land crack at Hamlet, Village Sidorejo, District / County Purworejo citizens increasingly worry about. The reason, the ground cracked in discontinuous condition began to destroy the building 400 meters along the cracks. One of the most striking building is seen damaged the mosque of Al Muttaqin just above the ground ruptures. Wall prayer room has been broken and tilted after the foundation soil at the foundation began sinkhole.
Solo Dike Collapsed 60 Meters
March 14, 2011
Solo Levees vanish as long as 60 meters in Tuban, East Java. Precisely in the Village Kedungharjo levee, Widang, Tuban. The width of the dike collapsed reached seven meters. Residents fret, retaining the roar of the Solo River water directly adjacent settlements. It is feared that the embankment breached during the Solo River overflowed.
Kali Lamong Overflowed, Some Regions Still Floods
March 14, 2011
Flooding has not fully subsided in Gresik. Flood in District Benjeng, Gresik slowly has begun to recede, but the floods have not receded in District Cerme. Settlement residents and roads still flooded flood of Kali Lamong. Contrary to what is said Suryo, Camat Cerme, Bambang Wibisono, said the floods are still inundating several villages and streets in Cerme. Floods still puddled with a height of about 50 cm in the settlement residents and 40 cm on the road. The village is still submerged in flood is Iker Geger, Morowuri and Dungus. Roads flooded is a provincial road in the Pond Rice. As a result of stagnant water, the congestion occurs. Vehicles have to slow down its speed as it passes through puddles. With a record of the Western regions it does not rain.
Floods in Gresik.
March 14, 2011
Flooding due to river overflow Lamong in Gresik, East Java, the more widespread. Flooding has decided an alternative road link between cities. The road user must play as far as 15 kilometers of water so as not to be dragged. Several motorists had drifted since the flood that flooded reckless hit the road in the village of Fishpond Rice, District Cerme. Yet there were no casualties. The police set up signs for passing a ban on some roads under water as high as 40 centimeters, including the District Highway Morowudi Cerme and Highways in District Kepatihan Menganti. Until Monday morning still floods inundate residential areas with altitude from 50 to 70 centimeters. While the flood inundation area has been expanded to four districts, namely Balungpanggang, Benjeng, Cerme, and Menganti.
Six Villages in Gresik Flood
March 13, 2011
At least six villages in the district Tangse,Benjeng, Gresik, East Java submerged in water as high as 50 centimeters.
Greges River Overflowed, Flooding Dupak-Demak
March 12, 2011
Heavy rain 2 times, Greges River this afternoon resulted in full. The impact, Dupak Demak and the surrounding area was flooded. Erna Purnawati the Head of Highways and drainage Suara Surabaya in Surabaya City Government explains, in addition to Dupak Demak, the impact Greges River, flooding was also observed in Tidar, Kartini, Darmo Indah, and Vida Mayjend Sungkono.
Jabar-Jateng Besieged Border Flood
March 12, 2011
Due to overflow of river Cisanggarung, Friday (3/11), the border of West Java and Central Java besieged flooding as deep as two meters. Almost all regions and districts of Cirebon city flooded. Thousands of houses submerged. In the city of Cirebon, river flood Cikalong River District soak kesambi and Harjamukti. While in the Cirebon, Cirebon almost the entire eastern region bordering Central Java region surrounded by flood. The water kept rising. Residents also save their belongings and evacuate. But, others are still on guard at home, despite rising water. So far still no search and rescue team deployed to the disaster area. Flooding also caused the northern coastal strip along the five kilometers Jabar submerged. Congestion occurs. The worst congestion occurs in Cirebon City bypass road. The condition was aggravated by the many residents who fled to the curb. Until now, the water level has not receded. Flooding was recorded as the worst in five years.
Two River Overflowed in Cirebon
March 12, 2011
Hundreds of homes in the City Housing Cirebon, West Java, submerged in floods caused by river overflow and child Cikalong Cikenis River after diving three-hour downpour.
Hundreds of Houses Flooded in Serang
March 17, 2011
More than 280 homes in two villages close to the Estuary Karangantu, Serang, Banten, inundated. Water levels reached 30 to 40 centimeters. Although houses were submerged, residents opted to stay. Residents can only surrender to the weather in the north sea coast of Banten.


Indonesia: Pandeglang, Banten-The flood has not subsided
March 4, 2011
Hundreds of hectares of rice fields in three districts in Pandeglang, Banten, over the last three days submerged in floods caused by overflowing of the River Cilemer. The rice fields affected by floods hit three districts namely Sub Patia, Pagelaran and Sukaresmi in Pandeglang. Height of water ranges from 60 cm to 1.5 meters. The flood has not subsided so that citizens can not go home, they still live in refugee camps.
Railway Embankment Submerged in Water
March 7, 2011
Bradford - 6 Series suspended due to rail carts submerged in Cileduk, Ketanggungan, Bradford had to be transferred. 6 circuit is diverted through the northern route passes through, Slawi, new Tegal Cirebon. Train executives were forced to retreat to the station Bima Prupuk, Bradford. From this station the train will then proceed to circuit path through the north and then to Cirebon to Tegal next to Jakarta. Railway embankment submerged in water due jebolnya Cileduk, Ketanggungan, Brebes. Bima train itself is now located at the station Prupuk to then continue the journey to Tegal. As a result of this incident, 6 series of trains arrived late in Jakarta confirmed.
Kapuk Region (North Jakarta) Missing from Jakarta Map
March 7, 2011
Jakarta submerged area is no longer a figment threat. But already a reality that must be wary of. Evidently, the northern coastal region of Jakarta experienced a significant decline in the face of the land. In Jakarta spatial master plan 1965-1985, there are still 37.2% or 241.8 km2 of green open space (RTH) of the Jakarta area. But in the broad 2000-2010 have been reduced further to 13.94% or 96.6 km2 of the Jakarta area 661.52 km2. Many factors cause them flood tide (rob) due to decrease in soil surface and flooding due to rain which continued to spread throughout the capital city. Floating Village, the Village Kapuk, Cengkareng, West Jakarta, to be evidence of soil degradation in the region. Still remember the scene cut off access to Soekarno Hatta Airport due to stagnant water some time ago, is showing the Jakarta area is slowly sinking.
Floods Rage in Three District in Cirebon
Higher rainfall caused flooding in several villages in three districts namely Pabedilan District, District Ciledug, and District Pasaleman, in Cirebon, West Java. Floods with a height reaching five feet is also soak thousands of homes, village roads, and tens of hectares of rice fields. This flood occurred due to overflow of river Cisanggarun located on the border with West Java, Central Java.
East Flood Canal Bridge in Marunda Almost Broken
March 8, 2011
The condition of the east flood canal bridge (KBT), which is a link between North Jakarta and Bekasi very alarming. Because the bridge was almost broke and the sinkhole.
Almost Broken Bridges in Marunda
March 10, 2011
East Flood Canal Bridge which is a link between North Jakarta and Bekasi concern. The bridge was almost broke and the land around it has been sinkhole 15's.
Some Roads in Jakarta Floods
March 13, 2011
Wind and rain also make joint Bamboo Road South, Palmerah, West Jakarta, inundated as high as 30 centimeters. looding also soak some home residents who are on the road. Inside the house, the water level reached 20 centimeters.


Abrasion Beach Citizens Destroy Houses
March 4, 2011
Abrasion coast has destroyed homes and land from building residents, who live on the edge of the beach Serdang at RT 7 RW F 4 Hamlet of North New II New Village Sub Manggar. Residents who destroyed homes, forced to move to rented homes in the vicinity. Land of the building occupied homes Tajang (45) on the beach, has more than one month turned into termpat bernaungnya sea water, at the time was high tide.
Residents in Coastal Settlements Serdang Manggar Will be Relocated
March 6, 2011
The local government plans to relocate a place to stay residents who live near the estuary of the River Manggar, or at the edge of the beach Serdang New Village Sub Manggar. Due to the location of the shelter residents are no longer feasible, due to the abrasion and erosion of beaches around the estuary of the River Manggar.
20 households Residents Jorong New Koto Solok Threatened Avalanche
March 11, 2011
A total of 20 heads of households (HH) in Jorong Koto Baru, Nagari Aie Cold, Gumanti Valley District, Solok regency, West Sumatra (Sumatra), threatened landslide disaster. Because the hills around the settlement residents began a cracked and dropped from its initial position. This condition is aggravated a fairly high rainfall lately.
Floods in Pidie, 21 People Killed
March 11, 2011
Flash floods hit the region Tangse, Pidie district, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. SAR teams and community find and evacuate the 21 bodies of flood victims, recently. Rescue teams continued searching for victims who estimated there are flash flood swept away.
The river overflows, 9 Houses Residents Toweren Water Awash
March 11, 2011
Due to heavy rain that fell during the 4 hours cause Kul in Kampung Sungai wih Toweren, District of Lut Tawar, Aceh Tengah overflowed Thursday (10 / 3) at around 21:20 to 03:00 am in the morning. Due to overflow of river water, 9 housing units and residents in Toweren Uken Between 80 cm under water.
Flash Flood in Aceh Hundreds of Houses Destroyed
March 11, 2011
Flash floods hit several villages in the district Tangsi, Pidie district, Aceh. As a result, hundreds of houses in five villages were destroyed and eight people remain missing. Flood which brought mud and pieces of wood from the forest homes hit residents on Thursday night at approximately 20:00 pm.
Indonesia: Banda Aceh
March 11, 2011
At least nine people missing as flash floods hit Tangse, Pidie, about 190 kilometers southeast of Banda Aceh, Thursday (3/10) evening. The floods also destroyed hundreds of homes in five villages and caused thousands of residents fled to higher places.
Citizens Beware of Flooding
March 14, 2011
District residents Simangambat currently on the alert to flooding. Last Friday night, the flood that brought mud material commemorate disimangambat bridge, so that citizens can not pass to go home.
Thousands Still Isolated Tangse
March 13, 2011
Thousands of residents and a number of village (village) in Tangse, Pidie regency, until Saturday (3/13) is reportedly still isolated due to cut off roads and personal communication connection to the region hardest-hit by flash floods two nights earlier. Until yesterday have been deployed six heavy equipment and military personnel and police and volunteers in order to penetrate a number of villages are still isolated. While the victim who had been evacuated already received medical help.
Flooding Kills 24 Dead in Pidie
March 13, 2011
Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) has intervened to cope with flood disasters Pidie, Aceh, which occurred yesterday. Although to break through flood locations in Pidie District is very difficult, according to Budi, PMI Centre has not gone down to help PMI PMI Pidie and Aceh Province.
Aceh Flood Victims Need Drugs and Sembako
March 13, 2011
Hundreds of flood victims in the District Tangse, Pidie district, Aceh province in dire need of nine basic commodities and medicines. 12 people died and eight people are missing due to flash floods. 150 heads of families have been evacuated to the nearest relatives. At this time local government personnel, military personnel, police and volunteers already deployed to the location to send logistics to disaster areas.
Lamongan Awash Flood
March 12, 2011
Road axis in Lamongan district, East Java, submerged in flood waters as high as one meter. In addition to disrupt the activities of citizens, also floods submerging dozens of hectares of paddy crop. The road that connects the shaft sub-district and district Tikung Sarirejo, Lamongan, East Java, submerged about one kilometer. Way shaft is located in the village of Nuts, Culi and Hamlet Village Court.
Takengon Submerged, Residents Flee
March 12, 2011
Heavy rain which flushed Takengon City, causing the overflow of small streams that cross several villages in Toweren, District of Lut Tawar, Aceh Tengah. As a result, a total of nine homes in the village of Kampung Toweren Toweren Musara and Uken, submerged in the river water suddenly.
Dozens of Villages in Aceh Jaya Awash Water Over three feet
March 12, 2011
Heavy rains that have occurred since yesterday evening to make dozens of villages in Teunom district, Aceh Jaya, Aceh, flooded by more than one meter. Besides submerging homes, flooding also makes transportation to cut off the west coast.
Flood Death Toll in Aceh Increased 6 People
March 12, 2011
The death toll from flash floods in Tangse District, Pidie district, Aceh increased six people. The death toll is now 13 people. Villages like Pucok Sa, Pucok Two, Rantau Panjang and Blang In so far remained isolated because roads and bridges to it breaking. The road leading to it covered in mud and trees that drag the flood. Residents whose homes were destroyed are now displaced to various points, such as in the Mosque and Ulee Blang Dhot Titi and several other mosque in District Tangse. Most of them fled to the house of his family who escaped the flood.


Hundreds of Hectares of Rice Puso
March 4, 2011
Floods soak the area around 500 hectares of paddy fields ready for harvest in District Lau. If the flood did not recede feared shortage of clean water to residents affected by itching.
Hundreds of Hectares of Rice in Maros Awash Flood
March 5, 2011
In early February, Maros also inundated due to heavy rain during the week. Hundreds of hectares of newly planted rice fields inundated with a height of about one meter. The high floods have also forced the villagers use boats for transportation.
Flood in Mopah Airport
March 5, 2011
Runway as high as half a meter under water due to heavy rain since last night.
High Wave Damaged
March 7, 2011
Dozens of homes in the coastal city of Dobo, Aru district, Maluku, threatened float hit by a wave. For the citizens of the east wind season such as this is a frightening specter. Tides also soak the main street in the City of Dobo and paralyzing traffic. In addition, fishermen did not dare go to sea for fear of harm.


Floods, landslides affect 3200 people in Visayas, Mindanao
March 17, 2011
Some 3,200 people were evacuated from their homes after floods and landslides occurred in parts of Visayas and Mindanao. On Thursday, the Office of the Civil Defense in Eastern Visayas said at least 500 people were evacuated from their homes in Palo, Leyte, due to floods.


Viet Nam: Death Holes Appear in HCM City.
March 10, 2011
"Death Hole" in the city. Ho Chi Minh City like mushrooms after rain. Pm 13/10, Nguyen Van Dau street suddenly collapsed to create a black hole one meter in diameter, cut inside palate. According to people living in the area before the incident, the road Nguyen Van Dau (Binh Thanh district) with no sign of any settlement cracks.
Ba Ria - Vung Tau: A lot of Holes Appear in Danger of Death
March 9, 2011
We Vung Tau city also has 7 points to the danger of becoming "pit of death". Ba Ria - Vung Tau appears "death pit" deeper than 1 m. Death pits appear in the center in HCM City. Subsidence of the pavement, under roadways create "death pits" endangering pedestrians.
"Death Hole" Appears in the Dry Season
After a lull, "death pit" reappeared on the streets of Saigon in the dry season. Why?
Subsidence West of Hanoi on Long
January 5, 2011
Recent days occurred repeatedly land subsidence and cracks in Le Thanh Commune, My Duc district, Ha Noi. Some newspapers reported that this phenomenon is called "pit of death".
2 Hole of Death "in Ha Tinh
March 12, 2011
Discovered his home pond water gradually exhausted, uncle Nguyen Van Hoi (6 neighbors, Huong Lam, Huong Khe district, Ha Tinh Province) to inspect a new that the "author" is the second hole appears at the bottom of the pond . At 8 pm on 09.11.2010, comments, Nguyen Van Hoi pond bank check around but no water leaks. To shallow water at only 30 cm, uncle discovered a hole in the heart of the pond water is withdrawn rapidly. Fishpond's uncle Nguyen Van Hoi was dug 10 years and this is the first time this occurs.
The Phenomenon of Saltwater Intrusion Dong Nai River to Alarm
March 13, 2011
The phenomenon of saltwater intrusion Dong Nai River to alarming levels. This phenomenon will continue in a serious time until now, the Dong Nai river upstream is water shortage. Saigon Marketing correspondent had a talk with Mr. Nguyen Kim Phuc, director of Dong Nai hydropower companies to learn more about this issue.
Many Defects
March 14, 2011
According to the observations of DA Management Unit (PMU), My Thuan (investors), the main highway route connecting nearly 40 km from HCMC to Tien Giang and put into operation after the 5 position had sunk from 3 - 7 cm, focused at the point of junction between the viaduct and the road bed. Subsidence worse condition at the regional route linking Ho Chi Minh City, due to weak soil layer depth some of the up to 30m, but the design and construction only handle a maximum depth of 22m.
Approximately 100 Bridges are in Danger of Collapse
March 14, 2011
On the Ben Tre province has about 100 steel bridges and most of these bridges are in deterioration as rust, loose screws, broken concrete sphere ball, platform bridge collapse and in danger of collapsing at any time. Where you at TP.My Duy Tho (Tien Giang) to reflect: In Ben Tre province has about 100 steel bridges and most of these bridges are in deterioration as rust, loose bolts, warped broken concrete bridge deck, dock collapsed bridge. Technical staff specialized in bridges and roads in the provinces surveyed, but have not made a plan to repair the system because the underlying structures of concrete bridge deck, to replace screws, platform. Note: Salt water corrodes metal! Why would all these bridges suddenly be in a state of collapse!
Holes Appear in Vung Tau
March 8, 2011
The next two holes, "Death" on Le Loi and Nguyen Du (Vung Tau), 7-3 days, the people discovered a hole again "Death" is opposite the second 3 of the Residential A18 Ben Dinh three quarters, Ward 9, Vung Tau City. Lunch 7-3, present at the scene, reporters Ba Ria - Vung Tau noted, they "Death" this is a triangle, with edge length of about 2 m, 1.5 m and 1 m, depth of about 1 meter (pictured). Mr. Phan Quang Tung, reside in the residence of Ben Dinh 3, said: Although no person or by any means, but simply collapsed pits inadvertently is a little hole "Death" could "swallow "a motorcycle.


Floods in Samarinda Macetkan Antasari Road
March 14, 2011
The rain which flushed the city of Samarinda, East Kalimantan on Monday (3/14/2011) morning, causing flooding in a number of points and roads. Watchlist, Prince Road area Antasari White Water Village, causing flooding of roads are jammed. Not only that, the flood also interfere with trade or business activities of residents along Jl Antasari.
Flooding threatens South Kalimantan
March 11, 2011
Flood again threaten the region of South Kalimantan, due to the high rainfall lately in most of the region. So stated the Head of the Regional Disaster Management Agency in Banjarmasin South Kalimantan Ariffin Zainal.