Germanwings Bild Transcript

Alps Plane Crash Audio Recordings: “Open the Goddamn Door!”
March 29, 2015"
According to the Sunday edition of the German daily Bild, which listened these recordings, the first 20-minute of the flight were an opportunity for banal word exchanges between the captain, Patrick S., and co-pilot Andreas LUBITZ. Among other things, the commander told Lubitz that he did not have time to go to the toilet on departure in Barcelona.
At 10.27, the plane reached the cruising altitude (about 11,600 m), and the captain asks LUBITZ to prepare for landing at Düsseldorf. The latter one utters a few words: “I hope,” “We’ll see.” Then the co-pilot tells captain that he can “now” go to the toilet and after two minutes Lubitz is told to “take control of the aircraft”. Then there is heard the noise of a chair that is pushed back and a door that closes: the captain left the cockpit to releave himself while Andreas Lubitz sits alone at the controls.
10.29: “The passenger airplane starts to come down”.
10.32: French air traffic controllers try in vain to contact flight 9525. Nearly at the same time, an alarm sounds on the plane. Soon after, a “blow” is heard like someone trying to enter the cockpit, writes Bild. Then the captain’s voice: “For God’s sake, open the door.” On the plane, passengers started screaming, notes the newspaper.
10.35: harder blows are heard as the captain tried to pound the cockpit door with a “metal object” most likely a kind of ax. 90 seconds later, a new alarm sounds while the plane descended to about 5,000 meter altitude. Germanwings captain desperately screamed: “Open the damn door!”. And these were probably the last words on doomed Flight 4U9525.
10:38: Co-pilot is heard breathing normally while sitting wordlessly locked inside cockpit.
10:40 Right wings scrapes mountain!
Germanwings Plane Crash: Captain made Two Attempts to Enter Cockpit
March 30, 2015
Bild reported that, early in the flight, Captain Patrick Sondheimer "entertained" his co-pilot in a long conversation that included the fact that he had not gone to the toilet in Barcelona. Lubitz then offered that he could take over – but the captain did not respond. After the plane reached cruising altitude, the captain instructed his co-pilot to prepare for the landing in Dusseldorf. But Lubitz responded "laconically", using words such as "hopefully" and "we'll see". Lubitz then said to the captain "you can go now". Two minutes later, the captain told Lubitz to take over, and left the cockpit.
Less than a minute later, at 10.30am, the plane started losing altitude. A few minutes later, Bild reported, there was a "loud bang" and the voice of the captain could be heard shouting: "For God's sake, open the door." In the background, screams from passengers could be heard.
At 10.35am, again, "loud metallic blows against the cockpit door" were heard. About 90 seconds later, an automatic alert said "Ground. Pull up. Pull up." Outside, the captain screamed: "Open the damn door."
At 10.40 the plane's right wing hit the mountain. The last noise on the tape, Bild reported, was the cries of the passengers.
Leaked Black Box Transcript Details Final Moments of Germanwings Flight 4U9525
March 30, 2015
German newspaper Bild published a leaked summary of the transcript documenting the conversations heard in the cockpit as the flight departed Barcelona bound for Dusseldorf. An expert told CNN the leak of cockpit voice recording transcripts was "rare" and the information has not been independently verified. In the summary, Capt Sondenheimer apologises to passengers for a 26-minute delay on the tarmac in Barcelona and says they will try to make up the lost time during the flight to Dusseldorf. The flight finally took off around 10am local time (7pm AEDT Tuesday 24 March 2015). When Sondenheimer told Lubitz he had no time to go to the bathroom before the flight, Lubitz advised him to go at “any time”. After the plane had reached a cruising altitude of 38,000 feet at 10.27am, the captain asked Lubitz to prepare the aircraft for landing. 

After Lubitz had presumably completed the tasks, he again told the captain to use the bathroom at "any time". The sound of a seat being pushed backward is heard after which Sondenheimer says, “You can take over”. Air traffic control on the ground detected the plane’s drop in altitude two minutes afterwards. At 10.32am, ground control operators contacted the plane and received no answer. French prosecutors believe immediately after the captain exited the cockpit, Lubitz locked the door and turned a button on the flight monitoring system which initiated the plane’s descent. The transcript claims that shortly afterwards, around 10.35am, a loud bang is heard as the captain attempts to re-enter the cockpit. More bangs are heard as he grows more grow more desperate and starts “begging” Lubitz to let him in.

Eventually Sondenheimer is heard shouting, “For God’s sake, open the door!” as the passengers' screams can be heard in the background. When the aircraft hits 5,000 metres altitude, the pilot can be heard shouting, “Open the damn door!”. At 10.37am, when the plane had dropped to around 2,000 metres, an internal alarm advising, “Terrain – pull up!” can also be heard. The Bild report also claims investigators believe they can hear the sound of the plane’s right wing scraping a mountaintop shortly before the crash, around 10.40am. Passenger screams are the final sounds on the recording, moments before the plane impacted the French mountainside at 700km/h and killed all 150 on board. Lubitz is heard breathing “normally” during the rapid descent and does not respond to the captain’s pleas, according to French prosecutor Brice Robin.
Transcript Reveals the Desperate Attempts to save Germanwings Flight
March 30, 2015
According to Bild:
The flight took off 20 minutes late, and Capt. Patrick Sondenheimer apologises for the delay and says they will try and make up for it in the air. Before takeoff, the captain tells co-pilot Andreas Lubitz that he didn’t manage to go to the bathroom in Barcelona. Lubitz tells him he can go anytime.
10:27am: The plane reaches its cruising altitude of 38,000 feet. The captain asks the co-pilot to prepare the landing. Lubitz repeats to the captain, “You can go now.” There is the sound of a seat moving backward. After that, the captain is heard saying, “You can take over.”
10:29: Air traffic radar detects that the plane is beginning to descend.
10:32: Air traffic controllers contact the plane and receive no answer. Almost at the same time, an alarm goes off in the cockpit saying “sink rate”. 10.30 – 10.34: There are loud bangs on the door. Sondenheimer screams “For God’s sake, open the door!” Passengers can be heard screaming in the background.
10:35: loud metallic bangs can be heard as though someone is trying to knock down the door. The plane is at about 23,000 feet. 90 seconds later: Alarm says: “Terrain — pull up!” The plane is at about 16,400 feet. The captain is heard screaming, “Open the damn door!”
10:38: The plane is descending toward the French Alps, and the co-pilot can be heard breathing. The plane is at about 13,100 feet. 10:40: It sounds like the plane’s right wing scrapes a mountaintop, then screams can be heard one more time. Those are the last sounds on the voice recorder.
Transcript From Last Minutes Of Flight
March 29, 2015
CNN translated Bild’s report — which the newspaper says is based on the 1.5 hours of audio that was on the cockpit voice recorder — but cannot independently verify the information. Before takeoff, Sondenheimer tells co-pilot Andreas Lubitz that he didn’t manage to go to the bathroom in Barcelona, Spain, according to Bild. Lubitz tells him he can go any time. Lubitz is believed to have locked the pilot of Flight 9525 out of the cockpit before putting the plane on a rapid descent into the mountains, French authorities have said. The flight took off 20 minutes late. After reaching cruising altitude, Sondenheimer asked Lubitz to prepare the landing. Once that’s finished, Lubitz tells the captain he “can go any time.”

There is the sound of a seat being pushed backward after which the captain says, “You can take over.”
At 10:29 a.m., air traffic radar detects that the plane is starting to descend. Three minutes later, air traffic controllers try to contact the plane and receive no answer — shortly after an alarm goes off in the cockpit, warning of the “sink rate,” Bild reported. Next comes the banging. Sondenheimer begs Lubitz to let him in. Passengers then begin to scream, according to the transcript obtained by Bild. Another three minutes pass. A loud metallic bang is heard at 7,000 meters (almost 23,000 feet). A minute and half later and 2,000 meters (about 6,5000 feet) lower to the ground, an alarm says “Terrain — pull up!” “Open the damn door!” the pilot says. It’s 10:38, and the plane is at 4,000 meters (about 13,000). Lubitz’s breathing can still be heard on the voice recorder, according to Bild’s report. Two minutes later, investigators think they hear the plane’s right wing scrape a mountaintop.