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Issue 5, Tuesday Jan 9, 2007
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Worldwide Earth Farts

Question: On Monday, Jan 8, 2007 there were reports of what appeared to be a monstrous gas leak in New York City and nearby Jersey City. No gas leak was ever found. Rochester, NY reported 4 broken water mains during this same time frame. Marine tankers report their alarms for methane going off, but no leaks found. About a dozen people were taken to hospitals complaining of breathing problems. Then the reports from around the world started pouring in, all seeming to be happening simultaneously. Italy evacuated people from Genova and Bologna due to gas leaks, an explosion killing one. London closed their tube lines due to suspected gas leaks, smells.Australia had water main breaks in Adelaide, and gas smells evacuated a mall in Perth where several were hospitalized as a result. No gas leak was ever located. Here in the US reports came in from Blue Spring, MA, evacuation due to smells. Ohio smells and a factory explosion, cause unknown. Nashville, TN, gas line leak. Mobile, AL gas leak. Blue Springs, MO gas leak with explosion and evacuation. Dallas, TX smells and in Houston a factory fume leak, cause unknown, and in Austin dead birds, cause unknown. Iowa, a pond bubbling. Albuquerque, MN city evacuated due to gas smells. Half Moon Bay, CA evacuated due to smells, Santa Barbara marine tanker alarms due to methane, no leak found, and Oxnard freeway closed due to gas main break. So what is causing this sudden release of methane, along with obvious gas and water main breaks and factory explosions. Also, is this methane from the Earth making people sick, and killing birds?

ZetaTalk Answer: We have detailed from the start of ZetaTalk in 1995, the effect of Planet X on the Earth where land would be stretched, what is called the stretch zone. If compression occurs around the Pacific Ring of Fire, then stretching must likewise occur in other areas. The African Rift valley is pulling apart dramatically in these last couple years, creating great crevasses in the Afar Triangle there. The St. Lawrence Seaway is likewise pulling apart, creating power outages in the region from breaks at the Niagara power station and seismic distress in the Black Hills, which becomes rumpled as the land spreads apart along the Seaway. Florida is being pulled down, as are the western regions of Great Britain, a fact dealt with as rising seas when in fact these rising seas are not registered universally elsewhere. The land is sinking there. London has extreme problems with their tube lines derailing, as do rail lines along the Eastern coast of the US.

We have explained, in great detail, that the stretch zone does not register great quakes when rock layers pull apart and sink, as this is a silent Earth change. Nancy has carefully documented breaking water and gas mains, derailing trains, dislocating bridge abutments, mining accidents, and outbreaks of factory explosions, showing that these have occurred in rashes on occasion, when the rock layers pulled apart. None of this, of course, in the media, though the pattern is obvious. As one of the symptoms of the Earth changes caused by the influence of Planet X on the hapless Earth, this is on the ban list in the media. Don't talk about this except to treat it as a local event, don't do pattern analysis, don't show the big picture. It is all blamed on Global Warming, on a flare from the Sun, on periodic climate changes that happen naturally to the Earth. Anything but admit the monster planet shrouded in a dust cloud, creeping past the Sun and heading toward the Earth.

In September-October of 2005, a smell of rotten eggs was sensed from LA to Thunder Bay on Lake Superior to the New England states and throughout the South-Eastern US. We explained at that time that this was due to rock layers being pulled apart, releasing gas from moldering vegetation trapped during prior pole shifts, when rock layers were jerked about, trapping vegetation. We explained in March of 2002 that black water off the coast of Florida was caused by this phenomena. Do these fumes cause people to sicken, and birds to die? Mining operations of old had what they called the canary in a birdcage, to warn the miners of methane gas leaks. Birds are very sensitive to these fumes, and die, and this is indeed what happened in Austin, TX. Were it not for the explosions associated with gas leaks, it would be common knowledge that gas leaks sicken, as the body was not structured to breath such air for long.

Why were these Earth farts and moving ground experienced from Italy and the UK throughout the US and even in Australia, all seemingly simultaneously? We have explained that the plates of the globe have been loosened up, the rock fingers holding them firmly against one another broken off, so a fluidity has resulted. A major adjustment in one place can thus be translated to an adjustment elsewhere, instantaneously. Italy is on fault lines. London is being stretched. Australia is being snapped in two, to some extent, as India is being plunged under the Himalayas while Australia and New Zealand rise. Where Australia will not actually break in two, at the point where the weight of the land rise to the East puts stress on the continent, there are adjustments, and this line across Australia will thus have rock layer adjustments, thus the stretch stench. But the major incidents of this stretch episode were felt across the US, primarily in New York City. Why was this?

We have mentioned that the point where sinking land in the Southeastern part of the US is pulling the continent down and the point where the rising New England land is bobbing up will be around Philadelphia, PA. New England rises because it is freed from attachments as the Seaway splits. It is free to bob up, as would be its natural state if not attached along the Seaway and to points South along the Eastern seaboard. As with the continent of Australia, the weight of this rising land puts stress at the snap point, not to the point of snapping the land apart, but adjustments will be made. New England is due to rise 450 feet, all told, where the Southeastern US will drop by 150 feet, no minor adjustment. But primarily the N American continent is being stressed due to a diagonal pull, where the New England states are moving East during the normal rotation of the Earth, but the Southwestern portions of the continent near Mexico are being held back. This Earth Torque, which we detailed in May, 2004 is due to tugging on the South Pole by Planet X, a daily affair as the live seismographs show. This Earth Torque was one of the primary reasons for the massive 9.5 quake in Sumatra on Dec 26, 2004, popping that plate up.

This Earth Torque will be the cause of continuing adjustments on the New Madrid fault line in the US, as we have likewise detailed recently. Mining accidents, when they have occurred in the US in late 2005, occurred along a line from Ontario to Mexico. Look at these Earth fart incidences, occurring on Jan 8, 2007. New York City, across to Ohio and Nashville and Missouri and Texas. Does this not line up with the mining accidents following the Sago Mine incident in late 2005? From New England to Mexico, that line. This is where the ground is being pulled, diagonally, with land West of the Mississippi going Southwest, land East of the Mississippi going Northeast. Such a diagonal pull certainly exposes rotting vegetation trapped between rock layers to the air. The incidences along the California coast are due to a reaction to the changes to the East, as the fault lines along the West Coast will certainly have to adjust in turn. However, the California adjustments are not caused by compression, during these times, but due to adjusting to the new position of Mexico, to the South.

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