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Issue 17, Sunday Apr 1, 2007
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Gonzales Saga

Per the Zetas, Gonzales has long been worried about prison. This is why he allowed investigations in the past.

Question 5/13/2006: Has Gonzales decided to go with integrity rather than what Bush wants him to do? The FBI is investigating the CIA. The DoJ is investigating the NSA. Why doesn't Bush just tell Gonzales to stop these investigations?

ZetaTalk Answer 5/13/2006: You've got the jist of it. He worries about his own skin. He worries about what's going to happen when inevitably they all get swept into the dock. It happened in Watergate. Where the Bush administration is heading is inevitable. Not just because the Congress is going to flip over. He worries about his own skin, about being pointed to and questioned, how many crimes did you participate in, and sitting in the clink. So to save his own skin, he is allowing proper investigations to be pursued and we don't expect him to flip back.

But what he didn't plan on was the Republicans losing the 2006 election! Now we have investigations, a potential impeachment of this Attorney General. He is caught in a trail of email having a hand in political firing of US Attorney's, something he promised not to do when confirmed by the Senate.

For Gonzales, More Records, and Questions
March 24, 2007
An accumulating body of evidence is at odds with the statements of Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales that he played little role in the deliberations over the dismissal of eight United States attorneys. Mr. Gonzales has said he did not take part in any discussions of the dismissal effort, and left the planning and execution of the removals up to D. Kyle Sampson, his former chief of staff. But e-mail messages and other documents released by the Justice Department in recent days suggest that Mr. Gonzales was told of the dismissal plan on at least two occasions, in 2005 when the plan was devised and again in late 2006 shortly before the firings were carried out.

Per the Zetas, matters were worse than we thought!

ZetaTalk Prediction 3/26/2007: We mentioned a year ago when the DoJ was investigating the NSA, and the FBI investigating the CIA, that Gonzales was very worried about this own skin. He has been close to Bush long enough to know the likely outcome if and when this presidency goes down. Watergate is an example. The President retired, and others went to prison. He is expected, as a long term friend of Bush who has benefited immensely from his association with Bush to be loyal and facilitate what Bush wants. On the other hand, he can see where his path is leading, and fears a prison term for himself. Gonzales has been attempting to trip through the mine field, keeping his integrity, avoiding giving testimony under oath in hopes that this muddies the water, avoiding direct responsibility for acts in hopes that this keeps him above the fray, all the while remaining a loyal Bushie in the eyes of Bush as such rewards as a Supreme Court justice position might lie in the future. Thus he has issued memos supporting torture, in the past, and been forced to defend his actions when questioned by Congress. Taking a page from Bush, you assign an underling to take the hit, along the lines that Cheney did with Libby. So when there are discussions about getting rid of Fitzgerald, whom Bush insisted should be fired, or removing the US attorneys who went after Duke Cunningham or were investigating Fogo's CIA bribery parties, then nervously give the nod, off the record, and leave the room!

Gonzales prevented Bush from firing Fitzgerald, something he angrily ordered ala Nixon, so where it looks as though Rove and Miers were having their way, in fact Gonzales long let them have a few crumbs! Giving in under pressure, he countered a promise to Congress, made under oath, to have all US Attorney's have Senate confirmation. Prior to the promise and after, there were discussions at the White House on how they could merrily fire a bunch of them, appointing whom they chose, with never an objection from Gonzales. It is this perjury that is the sticking point. Will the truth out in Congressional hearings? Yes, but not because Bush or Rove or Miers confess, but because the email is so convoluted that a trail can be laid out. As has been pointed out, it is often not the crime, but the handling of it that is the coup de grac. Clinton was not impeached because of sex, but because of a lie about his dalliance. Nixon was impeached because he attempted to obstruct justice, a coverup. Here, Gonzales has repeatedly made promises to Congress that he has not kept, and had no intention of keeping. Was Gonzales at the helm, causing these firings? He was certainly congnizant, and did nothing, apparently, to stop the process. The issue is intention or incompetence, and he is unlikely to be excused based on incompetence. Thus impeachment by Congress is the hand writing on the wall unless he resigns, which is likely.

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China Sinkholes

We've had a dramatic sinkhole in Guatemala open up suddenly, but the other side of the globe, China, is not exempt!

China, Guangxi Province, Over 100 Holes Appear
March 21, 2007

Sinkholes have become increasingly common in parts of the globe subject to stretching (as in Pennsylvania) or being ground up between larger plates in motion (as in Guatemala). But Guangxi Province is neither of these, so what is causing hundreds of sinkholes to open there? Per the Zetas, it's being caught in a squeeze.

ZetaTalk Explanation 3/31/2007: Guangxi Province lies between several areas of turmoil. To the South and West lies the curve of the Indio/Australian plate, which is being driven under the Himalayas, to the East lies the Philippine plate, which will increasingly lose out during the adjustments the plates make prior to the pole shift, losing ground and eventually disappearing as a discernable plate. The tongue of the great Eurasian plate that holds Guangxi Province also holds much of Indonesia, which will also suffer during the pole shift, crumbling. This tongue is not stable, and much fracturing of rock will occur during the turmoil in the area. This fracturing of rock has already begun!

Indianapolis Crossroads

I received a copy of a frantic email regarding what seemed to be extreme preparations by the DOD.

Mar 20, 2007 Marengo, IN
I just got an inside tip on some very strange activity! The source is completely reliable--as good as they get. A non-stop series of trucks, each packed with 40,000 lbs. of MREs, are being hauled into deep, limestone caves near Marengo, Indiana. The trucking company has a contract with the military (not FEMA) to deliver these shipments every day for an entire month. In fact, the MRE suppliers are supplying no one else during this period. These caves are taking everything they've got! Marengo is a small town of 829 people. This suggest the military is aware of and prepping for something extreme and always been a rumor of an underground base in the area.

This type of activity was noted in the past when the DOD thought a pole shift or some geological activity was imminent.

Apr 3, 2003 Kansas City, MO
It does seem to be a government contract, the supervisors seem sure of that. It has been confirmed that this is new, that is, it isn't the regular cold storage location for Ft. Leonard Wood, etc. One of the other laborers said that each truck had 3500 cases, so today there were nine trucks times 3500 cases equals 31,500 cases. This would seem to be literally an enormous amount of food, as if there were six MRE’s in each case, that would mean 189,000 meals were unloaded today alone, and today was a short day. Since the contract is for four months, 22 work days a month, and if today's unloading was an average work day, and there are at least six MRE's per case, then we're talking a minimum of 16,632,000 MREs. Any way you look at that, it is a large amount of prepared food, being tucked securely away in a limestone cavern. It's three meals a day for 500,000 people for 11 days, and that's the low estimate, since today was deemed a slack day by those doing the labor.

What's special about little Marengo, a town of only 829 people? For one thing, it's just down the road from Kokomo, known to be an alternate government operation site.

ZetaTalk Explanation 3/24/2007: These types of activities were reported going into 2003, in many parts of the US. It is not surprising that a resurgence has started. In that these MRE are so filled with salt and preservatives that they would almost last forever, and not need replacement, these maneuvers are not so much replacing older stocks as getting their hands on more. What has brought this about? In the past, it was anticipated by Bush that they could declare Martial Law, and thus feed the military on commandeered food stocks taken from local grocery stores or food distributors. The public would starve, the military be fed through the pole shift and beyond. Then Bush hit snags in enacting this plan. Yes, he invaded Iraq per plan to sit on the oil fields, but this and all turned to rot. He is being ejected from Iraq and cannot invade Iran, and the military is fed up with him, in rebellion. Rather than being able to declare Martial Law in the US, he has discovered by trying this that his orders will be ignored. Rather than being in control in the US, he fears having to run for his life to Paraguay. Thus, any plan to declare Martial Law in the US must consider feeding the military from stores, not commandeered groceries, as Martial Law will in all likelihood not occur regardless of commands, except for small rogue units loyal to Bush. So they stock up, in areas close to the Kokomo, Indiana spot prepped as an alternate seat of government. Denver likewise will likely get additional stock.

Saturn's Hexagon

Dramatic photos of Saturn's N Pole have been made available, as a result of the Cassini probe's mission.

Cassini Images Bizarre Hexagon on Saturn
27 March 2007
An odd, six-sided, honeycomb-shaped feature circling the entire north pole of Saturn has captured the interest of scientists with the Cassini mission. This atmospheric feature was already imaged by NASA's Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft over two decades ago. The fact that it has appeared in Cassini images indicates that it is a long-lived feature. A second hexagon, significantly darker than the brighter historical feature, is also visible in the Cassini pictures.

What is causing the hexagon on the N Pole, a matter that has dumbfounded human scientists?

ZetaTalk Explanation 3/31/2007: Why does the N Pole of Saturn form into a perfect hexagon, and does this have something to do with the magnetic trimesters detailed in crop circles? Since the hexagon is constant, and the trimesters are periodic, it is not directly related but the mechanisms are similar. Humans think of magnetism as polar, N/S poles, a single directional flow moving round along magnetic field lines from the N Pole to the S Pole of a magnet or planet. Humans think of electrons as a single sub-atomic particle, and understand in general that magnetism is caused by the flow of a another subatomic particle, the magneton. We, the Zetas, have described the spectrum of electro-magnetic particles as being in the hundreds, 387 at our count. We have described magnetism as being the constant flow of magnetic particles moving along the path of least resistance, and described the behavior of sub-atomic particles as both attracted to its own kind while at the same time trying to avoid crowding. Why God so made the world this way is a mystery to we, the Zetas, too, but this is their behavior. Saturn is a gaseous planet, and thus can shape shift readily. It has a glorious ring around its middle showing that particles flow out of its poles and return at its middle, similar to the action of the Sun's particle flows forcing the planets to line up like the rim of a hat around its middle, the Ecliptic. Saturn is not, however, intrinsically magnetic, not having a solid core or magnetic field, but acts rather like a funnel, directing magnetic particles through it. Thus, is has a reverse magnetic alignment to the Sun, as the other gaseous planets in the solar system do. Even a child has observed that a strong water flow is not even, as water spurting from a faucet will divide into numerous streams, adjusting the surface tension to the desire to disburse pressure as quickly as possible. Even a child has observed that soda blurting from a soda bottle held upside down will stutter while the vacumn forming inside the emptying bottle suddenly sucks air past the soda flow. And what human has not pondered the water flowing over a dam, wondering why the water heaps in some places and smooths out in others, when no apparent objects are in place to cause this variance. The hexagon of Saturn is formed because magnetic particles are gathered from the vicinity for the rapid funnel through the planet, warping the magnetic field of the Sun at this point. The hexagon is merely reflects the points where the crowding of this flow breaks. When it reaches the point where the crowding it tolerable, it stops breaking. Why then a hexagon, rather than a quadrant or octagon? The magnetic field from the Sun is stronger on the Sun side of Saturn, and thus when there is a break, this Sun-side needs a second break for equality, thus three streams, which when breaking form a hexagon.

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