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Issue 30, Sunday July 1, 2007
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Planet X Photos

Planet X is moving toward the Earth from the direction of the Sun. It has the Earth caught in its headlights, as the Earth cannot move from an eddy cup of particle flows that come around the backside of Planet X, particles flowing outward from the Sun like the solar wind. This puts Planet X in the glare of the Sun, and difficult to see, although there is plenty of photographic evidence that it exists. Part of the problem in capturing a photograph, or seeing evidence of Planet X and its components such as the Moon Swirls in the sky, is that any camera pointing at the Sun develops flares and ghosts, reflections of the Sun that bounce off various lens or window panes and are taken by the camera to be a second sun. Here's an example of what a typical search will produce, from a webcam pointing directly at the rising Sun in North Carolina. Planet X is seen, on sunrise, slightly to the right of the Sun and along the Ecliptic, as it is coming at Earth in a retrograde manner, clockwise, pushing the Earth back in her counterclockwise orbit. The Ecliptic, at sunrise in the northern hemisphere, is a line drawn from the lower left to the upper right, at approximately a 45° angle. Thus, when people see, with the naked eye, a Second Sun rising, they first see Planet X, followed by the real Sun. In the moments before dawn, on June 23 when the cloud cover was just right for showing the Sun or another light source just before it broke the horizon, Planet X was captured.

Note the first appearing, and stronger, light source is Planet X, quickly replaced by the Sun itself breaking through the clouds. Surprisingly, Planet X appeared during this capture to the left of the Sun, but the Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Explanation 6/30/2007: If one did not have glare to deal with, or the angle of light deflection to deal with, Planet X would be, in line of sight, slightly to the right of the Sun and along the Ecliptic, just ever so slightly below the line of the Ecliptic. For those unfamiliar with how the Ecliptic, stretching out from the Sun's middle, is viewed from Earth, it stretches from lower left to upper right at dawn for those in the Northern Hemisphere on Earth. Thus, one would expect to find Planet X perhaps at the 3 o'clock position, at dawn, when sightings of the Second Sun are often noted. But there are many variables at play, not the least of which is bending light. The reason the Sun is so very large and orange at sunrise and sunset, as we have explained, is the bending of red light, orange light, over the curvature of the Earth. This is gravity bending light, and it bends light rays heading out to the side back toward the viewer, thus making the Sun look fatter, larger, at the moment of sunrise or sunset. The light the viewer is seeing is more than the light rays coming directly from the Sun. Planet X is most often visible at those times for the same reasons. Planet X is chasing the Earth backwards in her orbit, coming at the Earth retrograde in a clockwise motion, thus appears to the right of the Sun most often. But depending upon how far to the right of the Sun Planet X is at any given point in time, the sunlight rays bouncing off the closely shrouding dust cloud and back toward Earth will deflect at a sharp angle or a wide angle, and give a different appearance in both those cases. If Planet X is close to the Sun, in the line of sight, the deflection is a wide angle deflection, bending only slightly to deflect back toward Earth. It is in these instances that the Second Sun is seen to the right. But if Planet X is a bit more to the right of the Sun, in the line of sight, then the deflection is sharper, a sharper angle, and the deflected light rays will cross over the rays of light coming directly from the Sun, so Planet X is then seen as the Second Sun to the left of the Sun.

To add to the confusion, flares and ghosts appear. This particular N Carolina webcam has both. Characteristic of a ghost is that it will move as the Sun moves, as it is a reflection, so the angle of reflection changes quickly as the Sun moves across the camera lens. A ghost will also stand in front of objects, as it is being captured from a reflection on the camera lens, where the Sun or a genuine object from the sky will be lost behind clouds. But on June 27, the N Carolina webcam delivered another proof of Planet X - a Moon Swirl - which appears as a tube of light.

This is certainly not a ghost as it does not have the shape of the Sun and retains its relationship to the Sun consistently over several minutes. This is absolutely not a flare, not some sort of reflection. It's not the cross flare often seen in Sun photos, an X seemingly drawn on the Sun, nor is this the band of light straight up and down from the Sun, which is in fact a light overload affecting the camera. This Moon Swirl is an object somewhere between the Earth and the Sun, a tube like object, reflecting sunlight. Moon Swirls form long tubes as the moons cannot catch up to Planet X, the traveling planet of the crossing, and get into a dance with each other, going round and round. When viewed from the front, looking down the tube, they appear as a bright orb, sunlight bouncing down the tube and focused, laser like, toward the viewer. When viewed from the side, they appear as a tube. The Moon Swirls were often photographed in 2003 when Planet X was at a distance from the Sun and able to be captured more readily than it is today, so very lost in the glare. The Moon Swirls are one reason that Planet X is depicted in ancient pictographs as a winged globe, as it has primarily two large moons that produce swirls behind them.

Oceans Lush

At the start of ZetaTalk in 1995, the Zetas stated that after the Pole Shift, the oceans would be lush, light green in color, on the rebound from all the CO2 in the atmosphere from volcanoes. They likewise predicted that the tail of Planet X would lay down iron oxide red dust, heavy enough to turn rivers and ponds blood red, per legend.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/15/1995: Life in the oceans will not die out. The water will have a green tinge. Little known among the populace, but well known among scientists, is that the ocean is one of the largest producers of the atmospheric oxygen. After the cataclysms, the atmosphere oxygen will be rebuilt from the oceans. The oceans will appear greenish to many, and for good reason. All the fires will have placed a tremendous amount of carbon dioxide into the air, the stuff of which vegetative grown is made of. With little vegetation on land, the ocean kelp will absorb and utilize this. The oceans will be lush.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/15/1995: The gases and dust curl toward the Earth, and are first noticeable as a fine red iron dust, turning the water a bitter blood red. Does this dust not burn in the available oxygen, and end as so many tiny flying star specs? This dust, already oxygenated, does not burn.

On Aug 10, 2006, the Green Geek website reported the results of an experiment, whereby seeding the ocean surface with iron cause the phytoplankton to flourish and not only turn the surface green, it consumed the CO2 in the air above! It was not just the CO2, it was the addition of iron, that allowed this to happen. The iron oxide from the tail, combined with excessive CO2, will indeed turn the oceans lush, as the Zetas had predicted!

Seeding the Ocean to Promote Climate Change
August 10th, 2006
Experiments in the early 1990s that seeded a region of the Pacific Ocean with iron dust saw a phenomenal 20 fold increase in the local phytoplankton population, with a corresponding decline in atmospheric carbon dioxide by roughly 2,500 tons within a period of 2 weeks. California-based Planktos Inc. believes this process can be repeated on a large scale to put a serious dent in our excess carbon dioxide problem.Since 1980, global levels of phytoplankton have dropped 25%. This is significant because phytoplankton, tiny floating surface algae, perform 50 percent of Earth's photosynthesis. The result of this is the production of 50 percent of our oxygen, and removed half of our carbon dioxide. At 1980 levels, this meant the metabolism of 50 gigatons of carbon dioxide each year. Since 1980, the loss in phytoplankton has resulted in a reduction of carbon dioxide metabolism of nearly 3 gigatons; equivilant to approximately half of all industrial and automotive emissions each year. 80 percent of the world's ocean water includes phytoplankton, the other 20 percent is said to be high nutrient/low chlorophyll (HNLC) because is it virtually devoid of phytoplankton. Although these areas are rich in most of the nutrients required by plant life, they are missing one crucial ingredient: iron. Because the other nutrients (phosphorus, nitrogen, silicon) required for growth are already present, the addition of iron causes a very rapid algae bloom.

Chile's Disappearing Lake

Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, a glacier fed lake in Chile disappeared!

100-Foot Deep Andes lake Disappears
Jun 21, 2007
A five-acre glacial lake in Chile's southern Andes has disappeared-and scientists want to know why. Park rangers at Bernardo O'Higgins National Park said they found a 100-feet-deep crater in late May were the lake had been in March. Several large pieces of ice that used to float atop the water also were spotted. A group of geologists and other experts will be sent to the area 1,250 miles southeast of Santiago in the next few days to investigate. One theory is the water disappeared through cracks in the lake bottom into underground fissures. But experts do not know why the cracks would have appeared because there have been no earthquakes reported in the area recently. A river that flowed out of the lake was reduced to a trickle.

No mystery for the Zetas, who as usual have an explanation.

ZetaTalk Explanation 6/23/2007: Of course the water drained underground, as where else would it go? S America is a solid continent which is nailed at its tip, rolling its top portion Westward as the Atlantic widens. The Nasca plate just to the West of S America prevents the S American plate from moving as a whole. The top portion of S America is free to crush the smaller plates it confronts but forced to ride over the Nasca plate in this press to move West. In particular, as a glance as geography will show, the bottom part of the Nasca plate emerges from the S American plate just about where this missing lake disappeared. S America obviously bows, during Earth changes, thus the breaks in the plate where the Amazon and Parana River at Buenos Aries show. It bows by riding up over the Nasca plate, and curling around the Nasca plate at the top and bottom. Bowing breaks solid rock, creating compression on one side and cracks on the other. It is into one of these cracks that the water flowed!

UK Delay

Featured in the May 6, 2007 edition of the Newsletter, this mile-wide UFO over the English Channel is nothing new! So why did it take two months to get into the major media in the UK! The photo provided is from UK UFO files, as being 'similar to' the one spotted by the pilots. If this is an example of being open, having disclosure, on UFO sightings, I'm afraid I'm not impressed! They are still holding back, when these dramatic sightings occur. And apparently, even after a 2 month delay, they are still holding back part of the report!

'Mile-Wide UFO' Spotted by British Airline Pilot
Jun 22, 2007

An official air-miss report on the incident several weeks ago appears in Pilot magazine. Aurigny Airlines captain Ray Bowyer, 50, described what he thought to be a UFO as 'a cigar-shaped brilliant white light', similar to the image supplied by Dennis Plunket of the British Flying Saucer bureau. The Civil Aviation Authority safety notice states that a Tri-Lander aircraft flying close to Alderney spotted the object. "Certain parts of the report have not been published. I cannot say why," said a senior CAA source. Earlier this year, however, the MOD declared its intentions to open its UFO files to the public.

Increasing Insomnia

People have been reporting an increase in insomnia. Folks who have never had this problem before are becoming afflicted with it.

My sleep pattern reversal from night to day, along with my life partner, happened suddenly. It has been impossible to reverse the pattern, which seems natural now to both of us, as if it has always been this way. I know of a few other people this has happened too, and the time frame seems to correspond. My partner is an executive and has always been a 9-5 person, with a waking and sleeping time rigid schedule. His job demands alertness during work hours, and has never in his lifetime been awake during the night. How could this reversal happen to both of us, at the same time? This was accompanied by a loss of time conception. This I can only describe as losing conception of what day, date and even year it is. I, and others, must constantly consult calenders to get this information. Linear time loss is a part of this new life, in every case. Even though this has caused drastic life changes to many, it has been accepted. There is a reason and I am sure is a part of the larger picture. My pets have followed the same pattern, becoming nocturnal dog and cats, at the same time this happened to us humans. [and from another] I have spoken to many people in many different states about not being able to sleep at night, do you hear other people mention this to you?

Is this related to the pending passage of Planet X in some way? Per the Zetas, indirectly, yes!

ZetaTalk Explanation 6/23/2007: Little children want to sleep around their parents, regardless of the noise, and object to being put in a quiet room at the side. Likewise, little children want a light left on, the door open. What we are saying is that anxiety is reduced when there is light and sounds of others nearby, the sense of abandonment negated, etc. Even though you are in your 60's, you are no less subject to anxiety when the world is changing so fast. Lately, there is increasing admission that things are not right with the world, glaciers and poles melting, the weather so obvious that it needs no admission. People sense that things are not right, even if they do not hear the theories about a pending pole sift. Tension is high, anxiety is high, and at night when all is still and dark, there is not enough to distract you from your worries! During the day, you are naturally distracted, and feel, as the child, comforted! The sudden onset can be for many reasons. One may be a contactee who learns of the horrors that will beset them soon, their locale, their place of business, their loved ones impacted by the coming changes. It is one thing to know intellectually that change is coming, and another to get the details as they affect one's personal life. We have mentioned that the number of contactees is on the increase, in no small part because of the Earth changes, which remain unexplained by the establishment and the media. Distressed, humans reach out begging for answers and this is the Call, so contact is made. It is certainly not unusual for one partner to be anxious, causing the other partner to participate in insomnia. Likewise with pets, which remain attuned to their masters and often sleep with them in their beds, such is the bond.

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