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Issue 37, Sunday August 19, 2007
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Rove Resigns

A stunner. Rove wielded immense power. Why would he leave this administration now? His influence with Bush, as the man behind Bush's ascendancy, is undiminished. All excuses given, to spend time with family or write a book, fall flat. His exit does not seem to gain him anything. He cannot run from subpoenas. He has no job awaiting him. Rove's exit contradicts his statement that the Bush presidency is his most important achievement, after their 34 year association. He is leaving just when Bush is at a low point. Why not stay the last 16 months and shore Bush up?

Karl Rove to Leave White House
August 13, 2007
Karl Rove, the political mastermind behind President Bush's races for the White House and an adviser with unparalleled influence over the past 6 1/2 turbulent years, announced his resignation, ending a partnership stretching back more than three decades. It was a major loss for Bush as he heads into the twilight of his presidency, battered in the polls, facing a hostile Democratic Congress and waging an unpopular war. The president appeared glum as he joined Rove for the announcement. White House officials readily acknowledged that Rove's departure was a blow. He was on board from the beginning of Bush's political career, first helping Bush when he ran unsuccessfully for Congress in 1978.
Top White House Aide Rove Resigns
August 13, 2007
Top White House aide Karl Rove, seen by many as the brains behind George W Bush's presidency, has said he will resign at the end of August. Mr Rove has worked with Mr Bush since 1993 when he ran for Texas governor. As Mr Bush's chief strategist, he is seen as instrumental in delivering election victories in 2000 and 2004. He said he took a final decision to leave after White House Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten told aides that if they stayed after the end of August they would be obliged to stay in the administration until Mr Bush's own departure in January 2009.

The Zetas explain the real reason for the exit.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/14/2007: Of course the resignation of Rove is not what it seems, not what was announced. Bush's presidency is claimed to be the culmination of all Rove's work, for the past 34 years, yet he is ditching out 16 months early to write a book? Ditching out just when Bush is struggling with problems that threaten that legacy? Since Rove's exit won't change the thrust of investigation by Congress, which can subpoena Rove regardless of whether he works for the White House or not, his exit is not to escape investigation or prosecution for crimes. And Bolton's rule that all remaining after August would be expected to remain until the end of Bush's tenure is hardly a rule that Rove would feel required to follow. Is Rove known for his considerations of others? What then is the reason for his early exit? There is a clue in Leahy's statement: "There is a cloud over this White House, and a gathering storm." The gathering storm is more than investigations into the firing of US attorneys -- it is the compilation of White House crimes that could result in mass arrests within the White House, replacing the top leaders and installing Speaker of the House Pelosi in the Oval Office, who is second in line for presidential succession after Vice President Cheney. We have alluded to this matter frequently, particularly in recent months. During the summer of 2007, Bush has made several frantic efforts to impose martial law, to spring into that spot where he can be President for life, declare a draft, imprison and torture whomever he wishes, and finally be able to force the US military to invade Iran and commandeer all the oil fields of the Middle East. He has been desperately seeking a trigger event that will cascade into what he assumes to be the public response.

On June 26 he attempted to announce a state of emergency, martial law, to the public using the Emergency Action Notification network. This failed, due to human intervention by those blocking Bush, but his state of desperation was duly noted. It was also clear that some kind of fake terrorism was being planned, with the announcement by Chertoff of a "gut feeling" about this. We stated at the time that the White House planned to announce that terrorism had occurred, thus inciting panic in the public and rioting, that would support their martial law plans. The recent New York City bomb threat was such a plan. This failed, again due to human intervention. Anticipating more such acts of desperation, the contingent prepared to arrest the White House has mobilized and is prepared to act swiftly. August is the vacation month, when Congress is away, therefore it is a month when Bush could presume success in his endeavors. Thus, Chertoff's "gut feeling".

Rove plea bargained with attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, giving him emails and sworn testimony, now in the hands of the Judiciary. His testimony alone on the Plame matter could indict both Bush and Cheney, though Fitzgerald could indict those two on dozens of other issues. Rove went beyond the Plame matter, as he was seeking to save his own skin. True to those strongly in the Service-to-Self, his loyalty to Bush had at its base only loyalty to Rove, to himself. He spilled his guts, buttressing the papers and email he provided with testimony and details from his famous memory for minutia. Fitzgerald now owns him, especially since any trial would take months or years and Rove can see that Bush might not be in a position to pardon him by then. The horror of prison for his pudgy butt, of being in a physical environment where he would not have any cards to play, rose once again. Rove was told in the event of any arrests, he would be expected to testify for the prosecution, as promised, or face indictment himself. Thus, he seeks to distance himself, physically and politically, from the White House. If you knew that smoke bombs and storm troopers were on the agenda, would you stick around? He wants to view it on TV, from afar. He is hoping not to be called to testify at all, that his testimony won't be necessary. Certainly, if he were still working in the White House, there would be questions about why he was not being arrested. Removed, he hopes these questions are not even raised.

What has Rove told Bush as his reason for resigning? Bush does not handle harsh facts well, but he likewise is aware from the failure of his latest efforts to declare martial law that there is a contingent working against him. This is a conclusion even his limited intelligence would conclude. He rages about this, but ranting won't make it go away. It's out of his control. As we, the Zetas, are assisting the humans working against him, and can use teleporting and cloaking as assists, he is not even sure who is involved. He does not know whom to suspect. He does not know who the enemy is. Even Rove, with his insight and famous ability to plot, had no suggestions that seemed to be working. Both Bush and Rove concluded that Bush's plans for martial law, his plans to be able to rule over the oil fields of the Middle East, were going to fail. It is now a death watch in the White House, Bush resigned to this fact, with spin control and an attempt to come out with what they can salvage. Rove presented his resignation to Bush as a means to build support for Bush as an ex-president. Rove said his resignation would free his time to rally the faithful, to ensure those elected in 2008 had Bush's best interests in mind. That these were all lies, on the part of Rove, did not concern him. The Service-to-Self lie, all the time.

Indeed, the Zetas have alluded to this situation numerous times in the past. But Rove's resignation, for no good reason, is the first solid confirmation of what is going on behind the scenes.

ZetaTalk Hint 10/24/2005: Many of these judges are aware of and horrified at the law breaking, the theft from Gore, as well as the treasonous acts to get the nation into war with Iraq.

ZetaTalk Statement 5/20/2006: Fitzgerald is seeking a plea agreement with Karl Rove. Because of his closeness with Bush and Cheney, he is Machiavellian in his contacts. He is almost at the helm of conspiracies. So it may be a bit prolonged, but Karl Rove is in the clutches and cannot escape.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 6/17/2006: It has long been rumored by insiders that a cabal within the federal government is upset enough over the theft of the White House in 2000 and 2004 to take action. This includes members of Congress, the Judiciary, the Justice department including in particular the FBI, the Pentagon, and the heart of most of the federal agencies.

New York City Bomb

New York City returned to terrorism threats - an al Qaeda dirty bomb headed for a busy Manhattan intersection. New York City responded by setting up checkpoints and scanning for radioactive material.

Police Deployed In Response To Unverified Radiological Threat
August 10, 2007
Police, fire and EMT teams have been deployed around the New York City tonight in response to unverified reports of a radiological threat. Authorities stress that the threat is unconfirmed and that the city's terror alert status remained unchanged. Nevertheless, police say that they have deployed a battery of radiological sensors, including vehicle and helicopter-mounted devices, as a precautionary measure. Authorities are also examining vehicles at checkpoints in Lower Manhattan and selected Manhattan entry points.
Douglas J. Hagmann, Director
11 August 2007: An Internet-based threat of the detonation of a radiological device, or a "dirty bomb" in the area of Macy's and the Empire State Building in Manhattan caused an increase of the deployment of radiological sensors on vehicles, boats and helicopters Friday night. Police and federal officials set up vehicle checkpoints in lower Manhattan and at bridges and tunnels, checking for any indication of a conventional bomb laced with radioactive materials. Mayor Bloomberg downplayed the threat, calling it one of many they have experienced without substantiation.
The unverified threats were posted on Debka, a monitoring website maintained by Israel. Was there a relationship between this and Chertoff's "gut feeling" that terror attacks would occur this summer in the US? For those unaware, Chertoff holds a dual citizenship, being a citizen of both the US and Israel. Israel is reportedly very determined to have the US invade Iran, something Bush has not been able to achieve due to lack of support in the US. The Zetas explain that where war with Iran is not about to happen, there is obviously a war ongoing within the US, happening just under the radar. Fake terror claims are just one of the fronts in this war.

ZetaTalk Insight 8/11/2007: We mentioned, when asked to comment on Chertoff's gut feelings about terrorism in the US this summer, that there were plans afoot to claim an actual attack had occurred, when one had not. The Bush White House is frustrated in not being able to create false terrorism in the US, which has been attempted literally hundreds of times. They are being blocked, not only by ourselves and the humans who work directly with us, those in the former MJ12 who joined us after MJ12 was dissolved due to the Bush/Cheney theft of the 2000 election, but also by many humans in the US and state agencies, who are aware of what the White House is up to and counter the attack attempts. The White House is desperate to declare martial law, to have Bush as dictator, to reinstate the draft and imprison his political enemies. They have been frustrated in their attempts to declare martial law and invade or bomb Iran also, as these orders have been given numerous times.

But what if they did announce that a terror attack had been successful? Would benign aliens and humans working against these Bush plots counter the lies? The public would panic, rioting would start, and the US could slide into martial law like a pad of butter sliding across a hot griddle, or so they hope. The New York City dirty bomb threat was just such an attempt. That the announcement of chatter detailing the threat was overheard by an Israeli source should not be a surprise, as they were players in this game. What was to happen was an announcement that a dirty bomb had been discovered in a van, with the poor city of New York aghast that it came so close to being struck, once again, by terrorists. What went wrong with the plan? As we have stated numerous times, if the thought resides in someone's head, we pick it up, as we are telepathic. We advise our human teammates, they advise their human contacts in the federal agencies, and the group planning to make false claims are then detained. Once the public had been reassured, and the area searched to no avail, such a false claim could not be made. It would be quickly countered by the teams already in place, checking the area. Those who were cooperating with the White House, poised to make false announcements, will not be allowed to return to their positions of authority. What will become of them is in the hands of man, but we can tell you it won't be pleasant, as their fate is intended to send a message to others contemplating the same path of cooperating with the Bush White House. This is considered war, a war for the future of the democracy called the United States, with the very real threat the White House poses not taken lightly.

The Zetas warned in July that such a false claim was being planned.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/14/2007: Why are Chertoff and the White House promoting the expectation that terrorist attacks will occur in the US? They are clearly planning something, with the anticipation that this time, they will succeed. Since we have stopped literally hundreds of attempts, including dirty bombs in large cities within the US, they know they cannot actually cause a faked terrorist attack. But they can claim it occurred! Or so they think. In the past, the only thing they have been able to trot out before the public have been interrupted plans, and these pathetic groups of young men who were supplied with guns by the FBI. It was clear to the public that these yahoos did not pose a threat, and were only a possible threat because of the help they were getting from the FBI! Since none of this impressed the public, and since the UK has recently failed as a false flag operation site, what to do? The answer the White House has come up with is to claim an actual terror attack, complete with government reports and faked evidence to support the claim, and have this much in the news.

Were there other attempts to claim terrorism this month, when none had occurred? There was a claim that a bomb had been detonated, in S Carolina, after a suspicious car driven by Arabs had been stopped. This hit the news, but was quickly countered by the FBI. The truth? The car was carrying fireworks! No bomb existed.

2 face Explosives Charges in Traffic Stop, but Feds Dispute Bomb Found
August 5, 2007
Two men faced state explosives charges Sunday after police outside Charleston, South Carolina, found what a law enforcement source said was a bomb and bomb-making material in their car during a weekend traffic stop. But federal officials disputed that account, telling CNN that there was no bomb. And FBI spokesman Richard Kolko told CNN, "We have not found a clear link to terrorism." The Charleston County bomb squad responded, and traffic was halted along the road for 10 hours until the materials were detonated, reporter Venton Blandin of CNN affiliate WCIV said. He described the sound of the detonation as "fairly small." Federal law enforcement sources familiar with the case said no bomb was found.

UFO Fraud

For the past couple of weeks, dramatic photos of what is claimed to be a UFO sighting have been circulating on the Internet. It was reported by a couple of individuals, who claim to have taken the photos while biking in the mountains of California.

More Big Basin, California, Bizarre "Drone" Images
It was rotating, slowly, but often changing direction from clockwise to counterclockwise randomly.
- Ty B., Big Basin, California, June 17, 2007

Per the Zetas, there are several clues that this is a fraud.

ZetaTalk Explanation 8/11/2007: This supposed photo of a ship with drooping legs is a fraud. Though carefully Photoshopped, there are several strong and immediate clues. Is this ship different from the dozens of real videos taken when crowds of people are seeing UFOs in their night sky? Has a UFO with drooping appendages ever been sighted before? The second clue is the detail, how close the camera is to the object. Again, never before. Third, where are the witnesses? UFO sightings can be by an individual, but when a good video or photo is allowed to be captured, almost invariably there is a crowd. And last, who stands to gain? Many contactees long for conscious contact, long for the day when discussion on whether man is alone or not is out in the open, as clearly the issue has been settled! We have long again explained that the Element of Doubt needs to be maintained until a particular individual, family, community, or country is ready for confirmation. Thus, UFO blitzes are glowing orbs in patterns seen by many. Those who would go insane with the realization that man is being visited by beings from other worlds can cling to the notion of air balloons or airplane lights. Those ready can get excited about contact. How would one go into denial with the dangling drone? Thus, it is those who wish to frighten man back into compliance with their human masters who are foisting this fraud on you. Don't buy it!

Another fraud foisted on the public recently, and much discussed on the Internet, were Haiti and Dominican Republic UFOs. These were debunked by an analysis of the palm trees used, showing they were computer generated as they were the same identical tree in many places. Once again, the UFO is outside of the normal sighting, with few witnesses.

VIDEO: Debunking Haiti Hoax

Jeff Rense website nailed the hoax by discovering the source of the palm trees in the Dominican Republic hoax. Software generated!

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