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Issue 57, Sunday January 6, 2008
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Mercury's Shroud

Last week in the newsletter we discussed Planet X being captured on one of the LASCO C2 satellite images, on the right hand side of the Sun and with its target="_top">tail wafting to the left. If the tail were wafting left, this would place it in front of the LASCO cameras. And this is exactly what emerged on New Year's Day! On that day, someone noticed a large orb in the lower left quadrant of a satellite camera that floats 21º ahead of the Earth in her orbit - called the Stereo Ahead satellite. Mercury was crossing the line of view of this satellite, crossing behind the Sun and moving right to left in the view. The position of the large blob was the correct position for Mercury as seen from this satellite camera.

But unlike the normal appearance of a passing planet, that appearance being a bright spot on the film, Mercury changed in appearance, became dull rather than bright, increased in size, and appeared to be rotating in a dust cloud which was wrapped around it.

This generated a great deal of discussion on the GodlikeProduction message board. The object indeed had tracked across and just below the Sun as Mercury was expected to do as viewed from the Stereo Ahead satellite. But the change in appearance left many unconvinced that it was indeed Mercury. The discussion ranged from ascribing the dull, large object to be asteroid 1685Torro (which was not yet in front of the cameras), or Jupiter (which had passed from view days earlier, moved off to the right hand, and should also be bright in any case), some sort of new planet ejected from the Sun, or a large mothership. Someone claiming to have had a discussion with Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) even claimed this huge blob to be a star, though stars are bright pinpoints on the LASCO images. But in that this object had tracked as expected for Mercury, appearing on the right hand side on December 22 and leaving on the left hand side on December 31, Mercury seemed to be the logical candidate. But why so dark and diffuse? And why the increase in size?

ZetaTalk Explanation 1/2/2008: The orb presumed to be Mercury does not have the traditional aspect of passing planets. It appears too large and loses its light halfway through the transit. What kind of dust cloud could be obscuring the view of Mercury and diffusing the light so it looks too large? What kind of dust is swirling in front of the light from Mercury so that it appears to be rotating in place? The asteroid 1685Torro was thrown out as the explanation but likewise is not in the field of view per official orbit diagrams. Nor did the attempt from a NASA stooge to claim it as a star gain any advocates.

By wafting in front of the light coming from Mercury, the dust cloud in the tail of Planet X dimmed the light, and bent these light rays from Mercury to give Mercury an enlarged appearance. This same morphing into a larger and more diffuse object has been occurring recently with comet P17/Holmes, and the Zeta explanation for that change in appearance applies to this situation as well. In both cases the object itself did not increase in size, but the light rays coming from the object were bent to give that appearance.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/27/2007: The descriptions of the comet's increase in size include describing the comet as "yellow", with a "buttery glow", which is a way of stating the presence of light rays in the orange/red spectrum. It is not that the comet itself is emitting these rays in excess. It is that the other rays are being deflected by the dust cloud so the percentage of rays in the orange/red spectrum begin to dominate. Thus, like the Sun at sunrise or sunset which appears larger due to light rays in the orange/red spectrum bending back toward Earth, comet 17P/Holmes gives the illusion of being larger and more golden than it is in reality.

Dance of the Moons

During the discussion on Mercury's odd appearance in the Stereo Ahead images, many small moon-like objects were discovered. These had a different appearance from the stars which sometimes appear in these images. These moons were large and illuminated on one side only. If Planet X is to the right of the Sun, then one would assume that the moons of Planet X being captured in these images would be illuminated on the right hand side, with light from a source to the right hand side and closer to the Earth than to the Sun. And this proved to be the case. These moons showed up in more than one Stereo Ahead image type, in more than one light wavelength. The moons in the tail of Planet X are not next to the Sun, but are between the Stereo Ahead camera and the Sun.

The tail of Planet X, diffusing Mercury, and the many moons in the tail had made an undeniable appearance!

ZetaTalk Explanation 1/2/2008: What was discovered were many moon-like objects, reflecting light from the right hand side of the Sun. What is that light source? Clearly it is the object that was reflected on a December 23 LASCO image, an object with a tail drifting to the left, showing that the tail debris would logically be drifting left to be in front of the SOHO cameras. Their presence, so very much in the direction of Earth, presages another phenomena that will soon be evident to all on Earth. About this we will say little, in keeping with our desire to have the establishment discombobulated so the cover-up splits wide open like a rotten melon, spewing the truth about so broadly that it cannot be quickly dismissed.

Where is this leading? We have hinted that the drama is not yet over. We have hinted that earthquakes will be involved, and things seen in the skies. We are not allowed by the rules to be precise in our predictions, so cannot warn mankind of coming dangers. Regarding anything that would tend to prove the existence of Planet X and cause the cover-up to split open, we likewise do not want to clue the establishment into what that might be, as we want them to stumble. We want the participants in the cover-up to be frightened and blurt out the truth or fail to maintain the cover-up so that holes in the story line are obvious. Beyond this, it is leading to more severe Earth changes, which we have been predicting since the start of ZetaTalk. Diasasters will become so common they will no longer hit the news, and may not even be locally reported. Emergency management teams will be exhausted, and may not even notice a change in leadership in the White House during this time - Pelosi or Gore in the Oval Office at long last. These disasters, increasing at what seems an exponential rate, will morph into the last weeks we have so carefully detailed. And then the pole shift!

NASA Excuses

What sort of explanation will NASA offer for what had been observed? The discussion on how Mercury had morphed into a large, diffuse object had consumed the GodlikeProduction message board on New Year's Day, and many moon-like objects in the images had been noted. How could they douse this fire! On the very next day, January 2, 2008, an article on an asteroid in the vicinity of the Sun hit the press.

Arecibo Observatory Spies An Asteroid Close To The Sun
January 2, 2008
The Arecibo telescope spied an asteroid called 3200 Phaethon. The asteroid - if it is one - travels close to the sun. Phaethon and other asteroids that have trajectories strongly affected by sunlight, sun shape and general relativity effects are being studied. Asteroid orbits are influenced by the absorption and reemission of solar energy - or the so-called Yarkovsky effect. These changes to the asteroidal motion will be quantified with the Arecibo radar measurements to understand the properties of near-Earth asteroids. This is one of dozens of projects now underway at the observatory.

According to Wikipedia, Phaethon is only 5.1 km in diameter, far too tiny to appear on the SOHO images, and is in any case a known asteroid and not a surprise. Note the hint that any known asteroid's trajectory might change due to the influence of solar rays? If there is any panic about all the moons noted on the Stereo Ahead images, voile, it becomes 3200 Phaethon with a changed trajectory! But in the release of articles such as this, the general public is only to mentally register that asteroids seemed to be in the vicinity of the Sun and assume any flurry of discussion on the Internet about objects near the Sun is much ado about nothing.

Bhutto's Assassination

On December 27, 2007 Benazir Bhutto was assassinated. The US had encouraged her to return to Pakistan, in the hopes that she would form an alliance government with Musharraf, settling the populace.

U.S. Brokered Bhutto's Return to Pakistan
December 27, 2007
For Benazir Bhutto, the decision to return to Pakistan was sealed during a telephone call from Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice just a week before Bhutto flew home in October. The call culminated more than a year of secret diplomacy - and came only when it became clear that the heir to Pakistan's most powerful political dynasty was the only one who could bail out Washington's key ally in the battle against terrorism.

But resentful elements within the Pakistani government had targeted her in October, and this time they succeeded in killing her. The immediate reaction was to blame terrorists.

Main Suspects are Warlords and Security Forces
December 28, 2007
The main suspects in the assassination are the foreign and Pakistani Islamist militants who saw Ms Bhutto as a Westernised heretic and an American stooge, and had repeatedly threatened to kill her. But fingers will also be pointed at the Inter-Services Intelligence agency, (ISI) which has had close ties to the Islamists since the 1970s and has been used by successive Pakistani leaders to suppress political opposition. Ms Bhutto narrowly escaped an assassination attempt in October, when a suicide bomber struck at a rally in Karachi to welcome her back from exile. She indicated that she had more to fear from unidentified members of a power structure that she described as allies of the "forces of militancy".

But Pakistani news reported that the Pakistani security forces had been instructed to step down just ahead of her assassination. A similar situation had occurred during the October attempt, with the lights going out on the street and security disappearing just ahead of the suicide bombing.

Police Abandoned Security Posts Before Bhutto Assassination
December 28, 2007
Police abandoned their security posts shortly before Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto's assassination Thursday, according to a journalist present at the time.

To make matters worse, the Pakistani government tried to claim her death was due to something other than a bullet to the neck. They were quickly caught up in this lie by various videos that had been taken by the crowd in attendance, provided to the media.

Bhutto Aide Suggests Cover-up
December 29, 2007
A top aide who helped bathe Benazir Bhutto's body after her death said it was clear that the former Pakistani prime minister suffered bullet wounds to her head, contrary to a government report that she died because she hit her head on a sunroof lever.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/29/2007: Bhutto was not killed by extremists, though this will be the public line from Pakistan and the Bush administration alike. She was clearly killed by insiders within the Pakistani government, long known to resent her and others trying to reinstate a democratically elected prime minister. These elements within the Pakistani government like the cloak of martial law, whether in place officially or unofficially. They have tentacles throughout the Pakistani government and military, as can be seen by the fact that security forces stepped away, abandoned their posts, during Bhutto's assassination, and the fact that street lights went out and security forces were absent during the prior assassination attempt. Her death is intended to put an end to all discussion of elections, as turmoil will necessitate the continuation of essential martial law, which was their goal. This is not Musharraf, but elements within his government so entrenched he could not root them out. The ISI is like the CIA, very secretive and with an arrogant assumption that they can form governments, topple governments, and not be called to account. What now? Will Pakistan's nukes be put into play, potentially slipping into the hands of terrorist elements? This is highly likely, especially because in the past the CIA encouraged the ISI to side with the Taliban in their battles with Russia, who had invaded Afghanistan. It is not by accident that Bin Laden is rumored to be in the mountains of Pakistan, as the government is not pursuing the Taliban, so recently their old friend. The US will be frantic to assist Musharraf in guarding these arsenals, and high drama may ensue.

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