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Issue 58, Sunday January 13, 2008
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Winter Tornadoes/Hurricanes

This past week the continental US returned briefly, in the middle of winter, to summer. Temperatures in the Midwest and East Coast were balmy, into the 60's and 70's. These are temperatures more appropriate for late spring or early summer. Indiana suffered floods in the sudden spring-like weather, with several deaths reported. The mild weather spawned tornadoes which crossed several states, from Oklahoma to Wisconsin. Mid-January is hardly tornado season!

More Tornadoes Interrupt a Warm January
January 9, 2008
A line of thunderstorms fed by warm weather continued spinning off unusual January tornadoes on Tuesday, killing a man in Arkansas and carrying a cow close to a mile. At least three people died and hundreds were evacuated because of flooding in Indiana, where more than 5 inches of rain fell in some areas and melting snow pushed rivers and streams over their banks. The National Weather Service declared tornado watches or warnings Tuesday afternoon in states including Missouri, Tennessee and Kentucky. Several tornadoes were confirmed or reported Monday in Missouri, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Illinois, Oklahoma and Missouri, where two people were killed.

Other parts of the country were enjoying the unseasonably warm weather. Temperatures hit record highs Monday in scores of cities from the Plains to the Northeast, and more records were set in many areas Tuesday. Boston reached a record 67, and Atlantic City, N.J., hit 68; Syracuse, N.Y., hit 70 - tying a record for the month of January. Monday's storms brought Wisconsin's first January tornado since 1967 and Illinois' first since 1950, the National Weather Service said. Twisters are less rare this time of year in states such as Arkansas, Louisiana and Tennessee.

At the same time, the West Coast was suffering under a winter storm of epic proportions, dumping up to 10 feet of snow in the mountains and with howling, hurricane force winds battering the coastline. Trucks blew over on the Bay Area bridges. Many California residents were advised to stay indoors.

Wicked Winter Storm Pounds California
January 4, 2008
The latest in a series of winter storms brought dangerous amounts of rain and snow to the region. The system was also poised to whip parts of the state with winds of up to 145 mph -- the strength of a Category 4 hurricane, which can inflict extreme damage. More than a million people were already without power after fierce winds swept through Northern California earlier in the day. The storm could also dump more than 10 feet of snow on California mountains by Sunday. Blizzard warnings were in effect for mountainous areas. The California Highway Patrol reported 196 crashes in the state since early Friday, according to CNN affiliate KCRA. California transportation officials shut down the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge in the San Francisco area during Friday morning's commute when gusty winds blew over big rigs on the upper and lower decks of the bridge.

The Zetas had predicted such weather swings, with tornadoes and hurricanes occurring in atypical places and out of season.

ZetaTalk Prediction 9/15/1999: Increased weather problems will occur. Massive tornadoes such as recently tore through Oklahoma will not go away, but will be on the increase and will occur in places that do not experience such tornadoes. Hurricanes will be no more fierce than they are today, but will occur in places not used to hurricanes force winds.

ZetaTalk Prediction 5/4/2002: Weather irregularities will continue in the manner we have described since 1995, with increasing swings and extremes. In that weather irregularities are smoothed, by nature, by increased atmospheric activity or ocean currents, temperature extremes will not occur. Rather, oscillating extremes, similar to what the world has already experienced, will occur. Sudden shift to cold weather, sudden unseasonably warm weather, and the like.

The Zetas have ascribed the weather irregularities to the Earth wobble which developed in 2004.

ZetaTalk Explanation 12/6/2004: If the Earth has been in a Wobble since last May, at this early date a relatively gentle tug on the southern portion of the highly magnetized Atlantic Rift, was this a factor in the record typhoon and hurricane seasons? Most certainly. Now that a more violent Polar Wobble has started, will the weather be exempt? Hardly. Where the Earth is pulled, the atmosphere is not, and lingers where it was while the crust moves beneath it. Accounts of sudden wind storms, unexpected and out of season, are occurring. Jerking the Earth about under her cloak of air also creates temperature changes.

Drought and Deluge

The Zetas also predicted alternating drought and deluge cycles, and these have been occurring lately.

ZetaTalk Prediction 7/15/1995: Areas of the world which have been deserts throughout mankind's memory will become swamps under constant and repeated rains. Temperate climates used to periodic gentle rainfall will suffer intractable droughts. Then this will switch about, for no apparent reason.

The southeast US was at first under continuous deluge, but lately has suffered an intractable drought. Australia has been under a record drought for the past few years, but suddenly is floating away in flood waters.

Australia Floods Strand Thousands
January 7, 2008
Thousands of people remain stranded by some of the worst flooding eastern Australia has seen in 20 years. Parts of the country's most populous state, New South Wales, have been cut off by heavy rain and have been declared natural disaster zones. There are similar problems further north in Queensland, which has also been battered by wild conditions. The floods are easing now but officials have warned that many communities could be isolated for several days. Others parts of the country had also been suffering from the weather. More summer rain is anticipated but climatologists believe it is far too early to declare Australia's drought to finally be over. They say that the continent's long dry spell has built up massive rainfall deficits that will take a lot more than one reasonable wet season to fix.

Bush Lite

Going into the New Hampshire elections, Obama was leading Clinton by up to 10 points, per all the polls. Obama's rallies were jam packed and enthusiastic, while Hillary Clinton was tearful over her prospects. Once again as in Iowa, independent and young voters turned out in droves. The press was all but writing Clinton's obituary. Exit polls showed that Obama was winning, as expected. But the official results of the primaries in New Hampshire delivered a shock. Clinton won by 2-3 percentage points. Keen eyes noted a pattern. Where the votes were counted by hand, Obama won. Where counted by Diebold or other mechanical means, the vote went to Clinton.

Hand Count34.818% 38.706%
Machine Count39.755% 36.398%
No Method Stated45.266% 30.611%

Vote fraud was suspected.

NH Primary: Pre-Election Polls Wildly Different Than Results Announced for Clinton/Obama
January 9, 2008
The way the ballots are counted in New Hampshire, largely on Diebold optical-scan voting systems, wholly controlled and programmed by a very very bad company named LHS Associates. The pre-election pollster's numbers were dead-on, for the most part, on the Republican side, as well as on the Democratic side. Except in the do-or-die (for Hillary) Clinton v. Obama race. As you'll note, the numbers in Zogby's latest polls, for all but Clinton and Obama, seem to have been dead-on the money for both the Republicans and Democrats. Edwards, for example, was polled at 17% in Zogby's poll, and he received exactly 17% in the MSNBC numbers, with 63% of precincts reporting. So are we to believe that only those voters who preferred Obama previously, decided to change to Hillary at the last minute? Some 40% of New Hampshire's precincts are hand-counted, which equals about 25% of the votes. All the rest are counted on hackable Diebold op-scan systems, with completely hackable memory cards, all programmed and managed by LHS Associates. As Bev Harris of who seems to share my concern, says, LHS is the "chain of custody" in New Hampshire elections.

But isn't this the terrain of the Republicans? The tool of Karl Rove? This is the Democratic primary. The Zetas explain.

ZetaTalk Explanation 1/10/2008: Was New Hampshire compromised? Election statistics point out that where hand counting was done, the lead expected by Obama held. Where counted by Diebold, Hillary unaccountably won. The polls going into the caucus had Obama ahead by at least 10 points, and exit polls substantiated this. This was the margin counted in those districts which hand counted results. Clearly, something is suspect. Indeed, there was enough warning ahead of time that Hillary was going to lose, and lose big. This would propel her descent into oblivion, from her current position where she was already teetering on the brink. It is not by accident that the same voter fraud techniques used to assure Bush the Presidency in 2000 and 2004 were used to assure Hillary a win in the New Hampshire primary. She has been accused by Obama of being "Bush Lite", in that she is cooperative with the lobbyists, and voted to give Bush the powers he wanted in both Iraq and now Iran. The Clintons have thrown in with the Bush family, agreeing to support each other, which should come as no surprise if one has watched the news - George Herbert Bush and Bill Clinton, together in Indonesia after the devastating quake in Christmas, 2004. So much camaraderie after so many years as opponents.

Will the Democratic primary then be fixed? Not hardly. The Puppet Master, who desires the Bush/Cheney administration to be politically decapitated, is hardly interested in a replacement crew. He wanted Kerry to win, and Bush stole the election, so retaliated by ensuring that the 2006 election was in accordance with the wish of the people. He wants the US out of the Middle East, so the oil fields can be protected by whomever emerges as the dominant power there. He wants Bush contained, and does not want a proxy setup as a puppet of Bush. He will now intervene, we predict, in the manner he did in 2006, to ensure valid elections. Obama appears to him as someone with whom he can negotiate, someone with whom he can find common interests such as preserving the economy and sustaining industrial capacity. His monitors knew voter fraud was a possibility, per our warnings, but did not act in time. They won't be taken by surprise a second time, we predict.

Gulf of Tonkin Redux

Just as President Bush was leaving for his first-ever visit to Israel, a potentially explosive incident happening off the Strait of Hormuz occurred. Iranian speedboats were accused of threatening to blow up US warships traveling through the strait, reportedly putting white boxes into the water and declaring that the warships would blow up within minutes. Is this credible? Why would tiny speedboats challenge warships in this manner, when they could be easily be blown out of the water? If the intent was to blow up the warships, why give them warning? Something did not fit, in this scenario. After much umbrage by Bush and much reporting of the incident in the news by US television stations, the Iranians responded.

Iran Says US Navy Video is Fake: Report
January 9, 2008
Iran's Revolutionary Guards accused the United States of fabricating footage claiming to show Iranian speedboats harassing US warships in the Strait of Hormuz. The Pentagon released a video and audio tape Tuesday that it said confirmed US charges that Iranian speedboats swarmed around US warships in the Strait of Hormuz on Sunday and radioed a threat to blow them up. Iranian officials had already dismissed the US version of the incident as anti-Iran propaganda ahead of President George W. Bush's visit to the Middle East. The Revolutionary Guards have said that the Iranian forces merely identified the US vessels before both sides went on their way without any disturbance.

Is this another Gulf of Tonkin trick, in order to claim the Iranians had attacked and thence to trick the US military into engaging Iran?

Gulf of Tonkin Incident
In a tape recording that surfaced in 2001, President Lyndon B. Johnson admits that the Gulf of Tonkin second "attack," which he used to obtain approval for the Vietnam War from Congress, never occurred. In 1995 the retired General Vo Nguyen Giap confirmed nothing ever happened on August 4. He believed U.S. ships were trying to provoke an attack so President Johnson would have a pretext for greater U.S. involvement. Later research, including a report released in 2005 by the National Security Agency, also indicated that the attack most likely did not occur, but also attempted to dispel the long-standing assumption that members of the administration of President Johnson had knowingly lied about the nature of the incident. The outcome of the incident was the passage by Congress of the Southeast Asia Resolution. The resolution served as Johnson's legal justification for escalating American involvement in the Vietnam Conflict.

Certainly this is something Israel desires, and something the Bush administration has been trying to incite.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/27/2007: Israel, the Bush administration and those who worked to insert Bush and Cheney into the White House know they are losing the battle for the Middle East, and any more delays on an invasion or bombing of Iran will only lessen their chances of securing Iran's oil. They have tried to exhort the rest of the world into sanctions against Iran, but Russia and China refused. For the US to impose sanctions, alone, hardly punishes Iran as Iranians do business with Russia and with China in particular, and could frankly care less about American trade. Israel threatened that they will bomb Iran, and so Iran and Russia threatened back! Israel knows they cannot, alone, defend themselves. They are also aware that the US military is refusing to engage Iran. Should Israel attempt to bomb Iran, they would be left on their own to mop up the damage in their country, as it would be clear they had started the fracas. The approach, thus, has been to insult and accuse Iran and hope they react, which they have not and will not do as they are hardly fools. Israel and Bush are hoping that Iran will attack, make a move, as insults are the only weapon they have!

Days after the incident received urgent coverage in the US media, the Navy admitted they could not be certain the verbal threats coming over the radio were coming from the Iranian speedboats. The New York Times noted the voices did not have the background noices one would expect if the threats had come from the Iranian speedboats. Plus per experts, the voice did not even sound Iranian. And finally, the white boxes supposedly thrown into the water were nowhere in evidence in either the Navy or Iranian videos supplied to the media.

Official Version of Naval Incident Starts to Unravel
January 11, 2008
The new information that appears to contradict the original version of the incident includes the revelation that U.S. officials spliced the audio recording of an alleged Iranian threat onto to a videotape of the incident. Non-official chatter is common on the channel used to communicate with the Iranian boats. Furthermore, as the New York Times noted Thursday, the recording carries no ambient noise, such as the sounds of a motor, the sea or wind, which should have been audible if the broadcast had been made from one of the five small Iranian boats. Pentagon officials admitted to the Times that they could not rule out that the broadcast might have come from another source.

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